Outward signs that a curse may be in operation within your family:

Mental or emotional breakdown

Miscarriages or female problems

Breakdown of marriage and family alienation (where a family falls apart)

Financial deficiency, especially where income appears to be sufficient

Being accident prone

Suicides or unnatural deaths

Frustration at every turn

Repeated or chronic sickness that follows the generations

Lack of permanency (a wanderer, vagabondism)

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Mental or emotional breakdown.

I must take umbrage with this one. You have just moved into the realms of the cultish and the extreme.

Christians are the biggest abusers of mental health sufferers. Sufferers are rejected, prayed over to cast out demons or told to have pastoral counselling by the majority of evangelical and pentecostal churches. This is indeed a most horrific state of affairs and is caused either through complete ignorant, or false doctrine taught by the likes of pseudo - psychologist pastors (Dr Neil Anderson springs immediately to mind).

For anyone suffering or knows anyone suffering, please visit our Christian Mental Health website and forum, this website is a valuable resource of professional information and support to all Christians whose lives are impacted by mental illness. CMH is run and supported by Christian professionals and sufferers alike, including psychiatrists, psychologists and MH nurses and sufferers. We also have a forum, for support, and a prayer centre.

Caral (www.Christianmentalhealth.org.uk)
Excellent info Sis. Caral, thanks for sharing - I shall add this info to my collection of resources as a chaplain in outreach ministry.

Blessings to you
well, you are the biggest abuser of Christians, then. I didn't suck this info. out of my finger, but I've been ministering deliverance and healing to mental health sufferers for 16 years. I also have read many books and was educated by my church leaders in this area. I don't appreciate your harsh responce.


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