Persecution Is Coming to America But That’s the Good News

The brand of Christianity in America is so deformed it could never get anybody to heaven.
It is so watered down that it is nothing like the ‘Church’ started on the Day of Pentecost.

I read that Americans are more wealthy than most people in the world. We are wealthier than 95% of the world. --------> The sad news is wealth has never prospered the Church.
It has always been persecution that made the 'church' strong and made it grow.

Did you know: There will be some brothers tonight in places around the world on mission for God that will starve to death tonight because of their confession of Christ. There are others that will live in places you wouldn’t put your pigs for the sake of Christ, on mission for God.
How many missionaries or in our churches or evangelists of our churches are going through that?

But I bet there’s a whole bundle of saints in America that can tell you how the Lord has blessed them with fine foreign cars or lush furs or homes with cathedral ceilings because they LABORED in prayer for it or because these materials were blessings from the Lord because they have been faithful with their tithes. O well.

How much do American Christians suffer for God?
How much have we lost for the Lord? and Are we willing to lose everything?

Our testimonies are pathetic compared to many of these testimonies of Christians of foreign lands.
Why is that?
Because we are at ease in Zion.
Because we don’t do anything to upset the our surrounding society. We are just like our surrounding society.
We don’t even want to offend SODOMITES and I am not talking about Sodomites in our society - but Sodomites in the midst of our assemblies. We put them on the choir because they have a skill. And heavens to Betsy - if their skills arent used - well, the lost won't be drawn to Jesus.

How many times have we heard - 'God hates the sin but loves the sinner'. Really?

What about the scripture in Psalms?: ----> Thou hatest all WORKERS of iniquity. Homosexuality is iniquity and the Word says He hates those that commit (work) it.

But that’s OK - It is all good, because if we are not reprobate - the Lord will step in and treat us as a father would His children. He will step in and take American Christians to the ‘wood shed’.
We who are His will get the beat-down of our lives...It will be for our good.
You know - judgment begins AT the House of God. It would be better that we judge ourselves now so that we wont have to be judged with the world - when there wont be any mercy around.

Everyday we bask in our pleasure - it will be harder to handle our pain. And pain is much needed here.

Things are so upside down now - we debate about how much flesh we can show to one another before it becomes our own fault that they looked and stumbled......Wow. I mean double 'Wow'.

O that the men of God would start preaching about suffering and teach about 'doing without' and 'being radical for Jesus'. And I hope that they would actually BE examples to the flock of God so that the flock could SEE how to stand by looking at their leaders.

O that the pastors leading God's flocks would give up a couple pairs of allegator shoes to somebody thats coming to church in soles that are worn down and give at least one of their cars away to a poor saint sitting in the pew that goes to work everyday on public transportation.
How would that help? It would be a witness to the saints that dont know because they have never seen it done.

O that the pastors would hang in there and not trade in their old broke down wives for a newer and younger set of 'ribs'. This would help the saints stop running to the divorce courts.

The flock will follow - then they will see that we ALL can minister to one another for the Lord - No titles are needed to become ministers one to another.

O Lord dont treat the American Christians as reprobates that you wont even chastise any longer becuase we are so far gone. May you have mercy on the Church here and now because the summer is over and we are not saved.

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bless you, continue to cry loud ,spare not. we have yet to drink of the "cup" oh, but, we will seek HIM ,do HIS will for real,for real.

more than conquering HIS name
Very on time powerful message. So very true. Church, it's time to pay the piper. Will it be the Lord or have you been spit out. If you are spit out then Satan will be looking for his payment. Your Soul.
Most excellent!


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