Please explain the HISTORY OF THE BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITES in this country

Bro Pharoah, Bro Hez, Bro Zealot, Bro James, et al...,

Please share some specific history of the BHI here in this country.
I am interested in how your denomination came about and what branch of Christianity did it spring from - if it is a branch of Christianity. You may be a totally separate religion.
And since it is what your doctrines are based on (slavery) - please give me the timeline from 17th century (1600's) to now.

Maybe then I can see where you guys came up with what you are into.

Please share.

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The falasha came to Israel with Menelik who was the son of King Solomon and Sheba. It would be false to say they are the same people as west african because they differ in many ways(bone structure,degree of melanin,hair texture...ect).
you are mixing rastafarian beliefs with that of the lemba ,study to show thyself or lease show us where you get your information????
this is what the falasha believe of their history
sista zoey
show it where did you get this info
Zoey did you even read this link
let me read it slo with bold underline
Beta Israel (Hebrew: ביתא ישראל‎: Beta Israel, "House of Israel"; Ge'ez: ቤተ እስራኤል Bēta 'Isrā'ēl, modern Bēte 'Isrā'ēl) is the historical name of the Jewish community of Ethiopia, most of whom now live in Israel. They are also known as Falasha (Ge'ez for "Exiles" or "Strangers") by non-Jewish Ethiopians, but the Jews consider the term derogatory[7]. Other terms by which the community have been known include Kayla (an Agaw group and language spoken by some members) and the Hebrew Habashim, associated with the non-Jewish Habesha people.
The Ethiopian legend described in the Kebra Negast, or "Book of the Glory of Kings," relates that Ethiopians are descendants of Israelite tribes who came to Ethiopia with Menelik I, alleged to be the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (or Makeda, in the legend) (see 1 Kings 10:1-13 and 2 Chronicles 9:1-12). The legend relates that Menelik, as an adult, returned to his father in Jerusalem, and then resettled in Ethiopia, and that he took with him the Ark of the Covenant.

In the Bible there is no mention that the Queen of Sheba either married or had any sexual relations with King Solomon; rather, the narrative records that she was impressed with his wealth and wisdom, and they exchanged royal gifts, and then she returned to rule her people in Kush. However, the "royal gifts" are interpreted by some as sexual contact. The loss of the Ark is also not mentioned in the Bible.

Baby sista Zoey wiki pedia is not a good primary source because if i wanted to i could go in and change information ,so read slower and damnd strong primary sources
English language wikipedia is a great primary source, mainly because if you do not provide a source to what you put on their it will be labled with a huge red "Sources Needed" and it would be removed after a couple of days. Gone are the days in which you could put random things on english language wikipedia. You act as if I gave you a wikipedia link in Gurage or tigrinya where we are actually arguing if the earth is really round on the earth page.

Ive read the article, and I knew most of what it said before I read it.
Pharoah, did I read somewhere that you were Mexican?
Pat we all know their nationality.

Just because they wake up one morning,start dressing like star trek, and begin calling themselves jews or Israelites does not make it so. The true black jews(falasha) would never conduct themselves the way these star trek people do, and they would never cosign on their hate.

These guys are "nuwaubian-esque members of a cult.
Zoey . . .

LOL, LOL, LOL, ((((((Funny)))))

Just because they wake up one morning,start dressing like star trek, and begin calling themselves jews or Israelites does not make it so.

Tru Dat
This is really getting ridiculous. Those videos are of the


and their splinter factions.
You are not the first to call us cult members. What you all fell to realize is that the Word of God has not been taught so long, people don't have a clue. Did you know that in early AD times, you were considered a fool if you did not know who the God of Israel was, and what he asked of the people? Now the truth is considered a lie. That shows you how low we gotten. I take full responsibility as an Israelite because we should have done what our God said, and none of this would be the way it is. I apologize on behalf of our forefathers for not doing their jobs, so that you may know the true and living God of Israel.


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