I just gotten an email from Minister Denise Matthews' secretary and shejust been released frrom the hospital and was very ill.
Min.Matthews and I email each other from time to time and I try to encourage her as much as possible. She is a very wonderful person and gives me encouragement when I am feeling kinda of down.
And so,lift her up in prayer family she needs your prayers.

Thank you.

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Dear Man of God,

We are praying for Evangelist Denise Matthews and Pure Heart Ministries. I saw her on TBN a few days ago. She is truly a blessing and a miraculous testimony to the body of Christ. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord Jesus delivers us from them all. Know this brother, Jesus has your back and sister Denise's back. Now is the time for you as her friend to be strong and courageous in God. Proclaim her total healing for her when she is down just as she has done for you. You have it in you. God has anointed your heart with compassion for peoples souls. Let him use your gift to also be a tremendous blessing for Evangelist Denise. She does not know me but her testimony on TBN encouraged me in ways she will never know. Based on everything she has been through and her testimonies of healings, it is apparent she will rise as an endtime prophet to the nations with a powerful gift of healing. This is her preparation period. Let her know to be strong, courageous and DO NOT GIVE UP. God has much work for her to do.

Let us pray:

Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ restore health to Denise Matthews body, mind, soul and spirit. Completely heal her of all past wounds, hurts, discouragements etc. Restore everything to her that the canker worm stole from her in her youth. Thrust her into her destiny and grant her a triple portion of your anointing for the assignment you have chosen for her. Bless her book with favor. Bless her internet ministry with favor, open doors for her preaching ministry internationally and keep her strong in resisting the trickery of Satan. Cause her to increase in health and monetarily even as her soul prospers. Father you sent your word, and healed them and delivered them from their destructions (Psalm 107:20) Father your promises of healing belongs to Denise. Deliver her body from every affliction. Father Jesus you are her Jehovah Rapha, the Lord my God who heals. Now Lord, we agree in spirit as you cover her mind, her heart, her health, her family in the grace of your care. We decree that the man of God she desires for a spouse will be a man of valour, strong faith and holy, powerfully anointed, faithful, honest of Godly character and will treat her like a queen according to your word.

Father bless and deliver my dear brother for his standing in the gap for prayer for sister Denise. Let him know he too is precious in your sight and there is no respector of persons. Now Father, remove all fear and discouragement from him. Anoint him also for this hour and open doors for his ministry that no man can shut. Bless his going out and his coming in. Strengthen his mind, soul, body and spirit to resist the devil and ignite his faith to snatch souls out of the captivity.

Father God I praise you for these precious people of God in Jesus mighty name AMEN HALLELUJAH!!!

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases.. (Psalms 103: 2-3)

Stay Blessed!
Pastor Alecia Beam
Sound of Judah Faith Ministry
Memphis, Tennessee
Thank you Woman of God for thePraise Report concerning my friend Evang. Matthews and your prayers;they were needed. Now I can email her back in faith knowing she's goin' to be alright!


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