I'm lead to start this discussion to address this topic
of pornography in the church. We all battle with our past life as we go
from glory to glory, but when we keep secrets upon what we are doing
behind the doors of our homes and offices the spirit's that attached
themselves to these acts go fourth with you. There are many pastor's and
elders that battle with this Sin of pornography that feel like they
can't talk to anyone about it, what they fail to understand is it's
affecting everyone that is attached to them in a negative way, and if
it's a pastor it can affect his entire ministry. what is your view on

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Minister I understand your zeal to maintain the cleanliness of the mind but when we approach topic of porn we must delineate what is porn and what is not. WHat do you consider pornography?
The truth of the matter is this. We know as men and women of Christ if something is appropriate for us to watch. Now if we are on milk, yes you are right to ex plane what pron is and isn't.Light porn you find on television and every movie you see. There is either a sex seen or women walking around in undies, you also have internet sites with naked pictures and you also have sex sites on the internet, know you have your hard core porn that is dealing with kid's, and woman that aren't willing ect. the list goes on.But to define pornography it is any image or sexually graphic activity that is made and viewed for the purpose of stirring up inappropriate sexual arousal


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