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Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

Manning achieved some controversy in the 2008 presidential election after ATLAH posted several sermons of his that were harshly critical of Democratic candidate Barack Obama on the website YouTube. Among other accusations, he called Obama a "good house negro" in one sermon while in another he referred to Obama as "trash" due to his mixed race heritage and accused him of being a "pimp" and "long-legged macdaddy," He called Obama's mother "trash."

Manning defended his sermons in an interview on Fox News, saying that "we also have to talk about his character." He further stated that God told him that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic Primary and that Obama would not become the President.

Manning illustrated how God showed him Hillary would win by revealing her card in the light. After his prophecies didn't become true, he defended them by saying that it is what God said to him and he will continue to follow in his faith.

He also states that the Protestant church, founded by Martin Luther the Reformer, is ignorant of the place commonly referred to as "purgatory." The Catholic Church
on the other hand, has known about purgatory and the power given to the Priest to intercede on behalf of its inhabitants. Almighty God would not
have you ignorant of the place and purpose of purgatory.

As the "Priest for this generation," the Honorable James David Manning puts forth a teaching on the misconception and misgivings many people have regarding purgatory. However, he doesn't stop there, but offers concrete proof to the validity and purpose of purgatory.

This man is a fraud, who will lead the weak astray.

There is nothing! more beautiful than a man of God dancing praise to God. Men have danced to every beat imaginable , including this Manning creature, and he has the nerve to criticize one for dancing for the Lord?
Yeah ok, think we do more dancing or buck dancing in voodoo style 'cherch' than espository reading of God's Word. I"m not a follower of no man/woman, but of Jesus and His innerant word. I know nothing of Manning, only know of his many good works in NY that speaks for itself. At least he speaks boldy on many topics and subjects that most "pastors" are scerred to speak up about in warning our folx of our lack of character, integrity as to what is going on in our ravaged and out of control communities. Tell me where in God's Word does it say when the Holy Spirit comes upon us that we are to do a two step? If the Holy Spirit truly comes upon you, persecution, trials and sufferings will come with great sacrifice and obedience to His word in going to the harvest despite the many attacks on our very lives to preach the Gospel locally and globally where we are as black folx not doing so. Of course women love to see a negro dance like a clown. I did so many times in the club to advertise my wares in gaining attention of silly women to bed them down. Nothing new. A real woman of God would rather be impressed and drawn to a powerful anointed man of God who leads his family in prayer, devotions, holiness, sanctification and to be able to stand up and speak out against that which is attacking the family, community and nation despite the cost. Where are the real Kings, Priests, Holy Nation of our people who will take up the mantle with full body armour and willing to go to.....WAR!
Pastor Manning is a good man but very controversial and I agree that he does say alot of things that most black preachers shy away from. With that being said, dancing is nothing new for the black church. Slaves danced as an expression of praise and thanksgiving before there was an established black church. It was only after we established black denominations that dancing became to bougouir for blacks. When the holiness and pentecostal movements began in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, backwood sanctified blacks embraced dancing again. Now it isnt unusual to see dancing, bucking, shouting, twerping, and anything else in the black church (and believe me I've seen some stuff). LOL. I know it is scriptural to dance (outside of the reference of David dancing out of his clothes), but Jesus may have danced himself (implied in Luke 10:21 though not completely stating action).

I believe that sometimes people just want to be seen. Other times, its more of an emotional groove to a song or music and then there are times where it is just plain old fashion shouting. As a teenager, I would often practice my shout moves in the mirror and then when performance time came, I could slide down the aisle and get my good foot on and then when I was done, move on out of the way and let somebody else shine. LOL

I dont care what people say, but the best shouting and dancing I ever saw wasnt in church, but in the movie " Blues Brothers" with James Brown as the preacher, and an entire congregation of flipping, dancing, clapping, singing, and jumping black folk. LOL
2 Samuel 6:14

And David danced before the LORD with all his might; (and his wife talked about him too)

This Man ning, may have done some good works, but I am very cautious about ones stating God told them something and then they BUCK-DANCE around the truth that HE didn't when they are shown wrong.
And this is what happens when we don't go to churches that do espository preaching and teaching. Now we are to be like David.. So lets look at why David danced and yes it was to glorify God after David was found to be angry with God for what God had done in killing Uzzah, David's friend who was trying to protect the Ark but was not a Levite, those who were only ordained to move the ark. David was bringing the Ark back to Israel to reconcile the whole nation back to Jehovah. The celebratory dance was David's way of proclaiming that the Ark of God has been safely brought back to its rightful place and that no more bloodshed and suffering would continue while the Ark which was a symbol of God's presence and power. So they sacrificed an ox and a fat lamb as David who wore Priestly clothing and danced not for himself but for God's restoration of the entire nation of Israel. Michal was a bitter woman and in her unhappiness hated David for loving God and being obedient to His commands, laws and precepts as a mighty warrior and friend of God. Like too many women, she was jealous and envious of God's relationship with the natural order of man and tried to usurp man's authority with his relationship with His Holy Father. Michal used David's dancing as a smoke screen, not the real issue of him being perverted since David danced almost in the nude. Her main issue and love really was with her father, Saul whom Saul tried to use his own daughter to get close enough to David in order to kill him. He promised Michal's hand in marriage in exchange for David's success in the imossibl tastk of killing one hundrred Philistines.

Unlike her brother Jonathan, Michal did not have the kind of deep relationship with God which would have helped her come through the difficultues in her life. Instead she became bitter. She could not share David's joyful worship of God and for the nation of Israel in bringing God back to right standing with Him. David wasn't just dancing for self or for his self worth or for prideful and egotistical reasons. She could never share in David's joyful worship of God, so she hated it and hated him and ultimately hated God. As a result, she never bore David any children, her womb was closed and barren for it. That's what happens when we don't love God with all our hearts, mind, strength and soul...Doesn't say love Him solely with our arse. Michal didn't have the heart of God, she had the heart of Saul! A selfish Saul who never thought of others, but only of his own selfish and unrepentant heart! Lets not get it twisted shall we....

So what army and battle are we in as a church for us to dance and bring restoration back to our "israel" or hoods and communities?? What we dancing for? What have we done while the enemy laughs at us for not engaging the community to bring back restoration and reconciliation with God's laws, commandments and precepts to our out of control and reckless communities?? When have we confronted those who seek to kill our unborn black babies called abortionists? When have we decided to venture out past the gates of comforts to proclaim Jesus is Lord when to say that in most of the unreached world would mean death or imprisonment? When have we as black folk with our supposed light, salt and dancing behinds went to the hiways and biways and crack houses and danced ourselves in there to seek and to save and bring the Ark of the Covenant who is now known as Jesus the Christ to bring healing, deliverance and the free gift of salvation to those who are heavy laden, suffering and found dead in their sins? What are we dancing for? David killed Goliath the giant, who have we gone to war with and slew them by the blood of the lamb with the convicting Word of God??? What are we dancing for, when 80& of every black baby born is born into a fatherless home? What are we dancing for when 75% of every inmate in America is a black man between the ages of 18-28 years old who are in the belly of the beast with very few black 'cherches' fulfilling the command by Paul not to forget those who are in bonds and Jesus command to us to visit those who are in prisons? What are we dancing for when in America there are 3 black men being killed everyday by another black man? What are we dancing for when suicide rates for black teens are now higher than any group in the U.S. of A?? What are we dancing for when 50% of every black girl is being abused daily by the mothers "freak boyfriend of the week" or "baby daddy"?? What are we dancing for when the plaque of Aids has infected more black women in this country that mimicks the numbers of any third world country? What are we dancing for when still 95% of the rest of the unevangelized world who are people of color who have still not heard of the only one who can redeem their sins by the name of Jesus the Christ? What are we dancing for when black men are not coming to church to hear the Gospel of Christ since faith comes only by hearing and hearing by the Word of God? What are we dancing for when we are the most disenfranchised group in America and all that it entails? What are we dancing for as 50% of our young teenagers are dropping out of high school while America is fast becoming a more technological age where soon you will need a MBA to get a decent job? What are we dancing for when so many of our people are addicted to drugs, and a certain drug such as crack cocaine that the enemy finally invented to remove the black women from caring for her children which has never happened before in the history of the AFrican world?

So what are we dancing for again? I say, the day of the GEECHIE IS OVER!
Geechie? that was a sad movie about a sad man that hated himself.

Actually Michal was a woman scorned! She saw a man dancing, that she had betrayed her father and family and home for, she is the only woman the bible states LOVED a man instead of the man loving her

1Samuel 18:20 And Michal Saul's daughter loved David: and they told Saul, and the thing pleased him.

Yes, dancing to the glory of God, however through it all Michal had heard of his other exploits,

'Achino`am, who he married after Michal helped him flee for his life

Abigail, he went to battle to retrieve her back,

Ma`akah, Ma`akah represented the logical progression toward intimacy. David saw Mikal in Saul's castle and was attracted to her. They did not have meaningful conversations. They were young, passionate lovers without much soul compatibility

Chaggith, was a dancer, more than likely a belly dancer for that was the dance of the culture and time. Dancing is an expression of love and happiness. It should, therefore, be performed in the Filling of the Holy Spirit, (not in dancing around lies about what God told you)

'Abital,'Abital was the wife who readily responded to David by becoming aroused, David did not have to take her to a festival to get her in the mood. She was a natural responder.

Egelah She was his last wife in Hebron, where he reigned for seven and a half years before moving to Jerusalem

Bathsheba`, none of his seven wives were his Right Woman, David was a wild child who had to overcome many problems that hindered the Right Man - Right Woman relationship, Bathsheba his eighth wife, David married Bathsheba` through whom his inheritance was passed on through Solomon. Nevertheless, she was not his Right Woman

So Michal problem was truly idolizing a man and not having a relationship with God, a problem a lot of women have not just black women that leaves them barren.
Continue?? You are ASSuming that we are out there in the harvest fascilitating God's COMMAND to "Go Ye Therefore...." trust we ain't as a whole and as a collective. Here are the latest missionary numbers concerning our 'continuing' involvement in global outreach. There are only 249 black american missionaries serving long term in the unreached and unevangelized nations and I know personally about 100 of them. So out of close to 40 million confessed and professed black christians living in america only 249 of them are sent to the world to serve mainly people of color? Considering 50,000 white missionaries who are...China sends more missionaries cross culturally today than any other ethnic group in the world through being persecuted in China. Its amazing what happens when God dries up the brook like He did to Elijah. The only way He could get Elijah to move out of his comfort zone from snacking on what the ravens brought him just to strengthen him as he journeyed to meet a certain widow who set in her mind in a FAMINE that she was going to cook just one more meal for her and her son before they starved to death!
Rev. Luckett, God is not going to send someone to the utter most parts of the world until we first start right here in Jerusalem. This is how it is started. The chinese christian pastors before they even think getting behind a pulpit first must stand on a designated persecuted corner and win a certain amount of souls for years while their in training for the ministry. After their street witnessing, they are then charged by the elders to go out and actually build a church, organize and disciple those members personally for another 5-7 years. Then after much persecution since China is still a communist country but becoming more open to the Gospel than ever before only because of the hard work of those pioneers who laid the necessary ground work in developing the church. My PA (Personal Administrator) at Wycliffe spent over 30 years in communist China building under ground churches and translating the Gospels in 2 different chinese dialects, her and her husband and had over 4 children born in China while serving in fear for their very lives. And if you ask her what her title is, she'll tell you her name is Myrle. Trust I'm not worthy to latch up her shoes. And this woman now is in her 70's who is continuing to encourage me in building my support, financial support in order for me and my family to go long term to the nations, in particular to PNG for the next 10 years or so or until my children leave the field for college.

I have to call sister Myrle a white lady weekly about my support. Do you know who supports me? Other missionaries. Other churches who are mainly white and methodist, southern baptists, orthodox white conservative churches, etc...I have one black church that supports us in everyway for the pastor has a real burden for those who are perishing in the unreached worlds where we are the least represented. Are you aware how ambarrassing it is when sister Myrle and others who are mainly white ask me, "So Scott how about all the other black churches you know and that you've tithe too and was involved with who promised and committed in supporting you as an advocate for the Bibleless?" And I have to say truthfully, "None are", not even my black family members who are 'sanctified" "holy ghost filled" , "dresses past their knees", etc. Not only are they not supporting the only missionary they know but won't even call just to see if I"m still among the breathing. They are too busy 'step and fetchin'. And I"m not the only one, out of the many AFAM missionaries I know they all say the same things. I know of one sister who matter of fact is on BPN who is on her way to spend the next 20 years in Mali Africa and she is in her late 40's with breast cancer in remission and a very low support from the black church. We feel we have to be almost like 'hoes' or salespeople to almost have to beg 'saved' folx for a church to sow outside their church. I have a white missionary family who has taken my family under their wing who know of the many strongholds that hinder the African American church in supporting missions who are sending us $500 to help in our support to go. And they are missionaries themselves. How ambarrassing! I've been told by the executives of Wycliffe, even from the president himself to stop going and speaking at black churches Scott because the main thing for you to do is to build your support from churches who already are burdened and convicted to support missionaries and right now the AFAM church are not prepared and ready. How ambarrassing. We should be ashamed of ourselves. If it wasn't for the white, conservative, McCain voting christians, my black children would starve to death!

Acts 1:8 says we are to be witnesses in BOTH Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the utter most parts of the world. Those, again those who are not called to go are called to support those who do go. I will continue to say this until this sinks in! There is no excuse.
"Manning is out there bit."

He is in purgatory(rolleyes)
At least he says the things that are hard to say with great persecution. At least he's bold. I don't agree with everything anyone says fully,not even my mother...LOL But I bet his church has a sizable amount of real men in attendance not like most of the negro 'cherch' who has no problems with the female makeup of the lukewarm church who is too scared to speak on the much more harder verses in dealing with our people that would seek to gain their freedom, but instead would rather seek the pleasure of women and not seek to gain acceptance from God.

Thought we were soldiers? Yeah ok...*rolling my eyes*
Yes and we are taking the dancing from the club and now were getting our freak, I mean dancing on in the church. Where is it commanded in the New testament for all this dancing? What are we dancing so much more than the reading and teaching and following the dictates and commands of God? We take one verse back in David's day and make it a whole religion. If you want to do everything David did as our example of how we should live (thought Christ was our example to follow), then lets not stop there. Lets go to war and confront God's enemies, be persecuted so much we must be chased for over 20 years and live in caves, hungered, thirsty, have your son set out to kill you, have two of your sons die, one in battle and one who died from your disobedience in adultery. Stand up to a Goliath (giant) while you kill him with a smoove pebble and if you lose the bet was that the Philistines will enslave your people. So lets not take just one verse out of the Bible where He danced to justify our collective passivitiveness and lukewarmness to fulfill the real and true work of Christl


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