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Their is nothing in the New Testment Bro. Scott that says YOU HAVE to dance, show me where there is something that says WE SHOULDN'T?

If you don't have nothing to dance about, fine! just watch me, as in days of old they sent out a praise team before the warriors, celebrating in faith their victory.

See eyes in the natural see a dance, you don't see the war that ones are dancing a victory dance over
Ok, I guess your going to just ignore everything I said in the previous posts regarding dance and why we love to dance in the safety net of our lukewarm churches when the real charge is to dance in the streets next to a prostitute, drug addict, drug dealer so they can see your worship and praise and dance like David dance who danced in the harvest place not in a monastery. Again you and others have eyes but can't see...
All are not chosen to go into the hiways and biways, this is a lesson that ones will learn, I could not understand why everybody in my church, didn't want to minister with me in the jails, prisons? There is a harvest there!

however it was my calling, and my chosen position, others were in hospitals, orphanages, and in the church.

We can't get mad at others for not doing what God has chose for us to do. We need to obey God and let others as the scriptures state "work out their own soul's salvation"

Psalms 150:4 Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.

I dance in the prisons, at home, at work (in the restrooms) whereever and whenever, I dance a victory dance
Oh hear we go....The atypical response when the commands of Christ are illuminated. Lets all say it together, matter of fact lets all get our 'gators on while we dance to this new tune and gospel recording when those who are comfortable in their slack always revert too when convicted...And the song title is: WE ALL AREN'T CALLED!

What a complete and unadulterated other Gospel that is starting to be taught. Let me explain it this way to those who always say that when mentioning the real work and the real continuing work of Christ that speaks about what true sacrifice and the true Gospel of Christ really is. The whole Bible was speaking about Gods purpose to and by reconciling every nation to know of the one and true living God is that ALL ARE CALLED to be included in the COMMAND to GO TO THE NATIONS of the UNREACHED in our hoods and in the global marketplace. How else would He even come back as He said He will once every creature has heard of His first coming. Do we really want Jesus to be our Lord on Earth, or are we just satisfied to have Obama?

I was in the Air Force and when I tell people I was in the A.F. they all asked me if I was a pilot. I would say of course not, only 4% of those who are in the A.F. are actual fighter pilots those who are CALLED to go into enemy territories to seek to kill the enemy. So what are the other 96% of those left in the AF role? Their role is to SUPPORT those who are willing to die if need be to PROTECT and to DEFEND the interestes of the America kingdom. But we who are a different and peculiar soldier are also called and chosen as Ambassadors who represent another Kingdom, a heavenly Kingdom to preach and teach Him crucified and resurrected. Have you ever looked at the book of ACTION called ACTS? If it was us black folk in Acts we would've stayed at Pentecost and set up camp and the whole book of Acts would have ended at Acts chapter 2. We love to stay in a state of high, whether it be weed, drink or 'holy' ghost filled...

Some are CHOSEN to go while others are CALLED to support those who do go, by finances, prayer and encouragement. One Faith, One Baptism and One God! and One church!

I bet if you ask your average church goer and belly dancer in these churches of insanity if they were CALLED to go to an all expense paid trip to JAMAICA, I bet you would have 100% of them saying they are not only called but CHOSEN to go to have their flesh stimulated. Puhleeeeeze.

I bet if you said to your many congregants who are warming up the pews with fancy hats, with dresses coming past their knees (and I know they can go farther down past their ankles) and the men with 'gators and their purple pinstripe zoot suits that the church will pay a $1,000 for any member who goes to a crack house and to a prostitute and win them to Christ. I will, if it wasn't a sin, would bet you there wouldn't be a crack head or hoe in sight that wasn't saved and would dance next to you in praise and worship.

So who do we really serve, GOD OR MAMMON?
Exactly, its all about me, myself and I......We roll and 'holy' rolly for self only and not for those who are perishing as we speak while we frolick and roll on the threshing floor......I thank God for Jesus who could've stayed in heaven being worshipped for all eternity to love me and you and us enough to leave the comforts of heaven to come to this earth to be mocked, threatened, tortured, hated, spat upon, beard ripped from His face, whipped with 40 lashes, beatened, forced to wear a crown of thorns, walked 2 miles with a 120 lb cross on His already weakened and bloodied back to His ultimate cruxification to take away our sins when He was INNOCENT and GOD IN FLESH?

Ok, I hear ya'. So after you finish your 'private' and 'personal' praise which is great, and after reviewing this video, once you finish getting your 'step' on......

Can this 5 year old get her STEP ON too?
yeah alright........*and we wonder why the mosques are filled with black men*
The Mosque are filled with individuals, black, brown and white because the enemy is still doing his job.

I don't think anyone here is lacking in Christian love for those you present, but not all here are called to minister to them. Again if you are? go forth, do what God has called YOU to do. You won't be by yourself. Don't be fearful, do what God has called you to do!

This is Chelsea the youngest woman on deathrow in TX, she will prick your heart too!

the harvest is plenty, Do what God has called you to do and let others follow their calling.
"The harvest is plenty, Do what God has called you to do and let others follow their calling."

I agree.
I agree.
I agree.
God has NOT called everyone to do the same work so whatever God has called you to do then you should do that until God sends your help.
You can't convict people or make them feel like something is wrong with their salvation because they are not called to do the work you have been called to do.
I may not be called to bring in the "harvest" however I will do what I can to help someone who is as much as I can but I MUST do the work I am called to do.
Oh, and yes I will get my praise on because I had no problem dancing in the club until 4 or 5 in the morning so why should I not give God his due in a dance???
I haven't stopped dancing I just changed partners lol!!!
hmmmmmmm another cussing preacher... so it alright to spell it out then to actually saying the word.................

oops that goes with the other topic...LOL

but any way... there are many ways to praise's just expression of Joy we feel down on the inside..!!! so if I want to jump up and down and shout Thank you's between me and God.. let me be!!! But on the other hand there are some that dance like they are in a club.. acting like they are going down the Soul Train Lines.. some of them need to be seated!!

I love this clip below

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, are those mothers on the Mother's Board in white? go head on!!!!!!
Churchtainment at its finest...LOL


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