The spirit of worship enables us to praise, bringing new songs into our wandering place; tranquil waters into our dry place, and revelation feeding to our under-developed soul.
Praise Him from within your spirit, not from rituals of man.
Praise Him as a partaker of the covenant promise only He can uphold.

Praise Him in the worship dance, releasing oppressive spiritual yokes.
Praise Him in the worship with a new song, even in a strange land, before unknown.
For the spirit of worship opens doors for deliverance and healing that only He can ensure.
Praise Him from within your spirit, not from traditions of old.

Praise Him when your soul is not in it because you are bearing a load.
Praise Him, for the spirit of worship heals and lightens your woes.
Praise Him, all children living, both young and old.
Praise Him from within your spirit, not from traditions of old.

Conversations of the Heart: From Pain to Promise Copyrighted 2008
Created by Carmen Sullemun

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Good Morning,

Very Nice it is a beautiful poem Praise Him from Within. Very nice I like it.

Thank you bridgette for reading my poem and the comment. I have also posted "My Valentine"...let me know what you think.
Dear Sister in Christ, I really enjoyed and was blessed by your poem. Wow imagine, if more of us were to "praise Him from within our spirit, and not from traditions of old". Satan would suffer much damage, souls would go free! Thank you.

Stay blessed in His care,
Sister Vernah RueLae
Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. May the blessings of the Most High God overtake you; may you live in the overflowing having more than enough to meet your needs. God Bless


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