Margie S. is a member of another site.She is requesting prayer for a brother.I have been praying for her, but I decided to get more prayers to be alot stronger for her brother.Here is the letter she wrote me."Hello, My friend ... about my brother,

Well the good news is that he is no longer in I.C.Unit....they have told him that his illness is terminal and they can't give him a time limit , it may be days, week, months. They asked him if he'd rather be at home or in a rehab center to help him get around ,etc ...he told them home. so... if and when he leave the hospital ,he wil be going home.

I just think that maybe he, my brother, and the rest of the family is just not using their faith to the fullest...I do know God is a good God, a powerful God, and a healing God....but when the doctor says their is nothing else to do then it seem as if everyone else in the family is willing to accept that. I'm not...i am going to pray and believe in a miracle until I know that a miracle is just not there to be receive. I have to belive that for myself and my brother. I know God will do what is best for my brother and I do know God loves him and I do know God is in control. I just need a few prayer warriors to still stand with ME !!!

luv ya,


Please let's all pray for brother to make it, in the name of Jesus.

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