BPN family,

Asking your prayers today, for a healing to divine health. Want release from 3 yrs of cancer. Today, just feel like quitting for good...


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Rev Anthony,

Thank you so kindly from my heart for that prayer. Am moving more today. It is by the grace of God.. Yes have many to do for Him.. and am encouraged more today, as yesterday... was the complete opposite. The body of Christ sure needs one another..

thank you. God bless you too...
God we know that you are the maker of our bodies and the healer of the same. We know that you gave us the authority to speak life into decaying situations on earth. We stand on that authority given to us by the shedding of the blood of the Lamb. We speak healing, life and wholeness into MiriDeb’s life. We are beg your ministering angels to hasten to her side to strengthen her back to the wholeness you created her in if it be your holy will. Be her strength in her weak moments, be her refuge from pain, be her hiding place of rest when she is weary and be her HEALER!

We rebuke the devourer and cancel his assignment against the life of MiriDeb. We cut off the disease off at the root and, and scorch the source from which it came. We smother this Sister in the blood of the lamb and cover her being in the healing light of Christ. Rain down upon her in the name of Jesus, Rain down upon the hands, minds and lips of those skilled and trained doctors you have sent to do your healing work on earth. Give them supernatural compassion and wisdom to address her particular circumstance. If it be your will to call her to your presence, God, we submit to your perfect and divine will for we wholly trust in you.

We will forever give you the praise glory and honor that you alone the Lord of Hosts, Jehovah, God Almighty are due. In the name of him who is with us..JESUS!!!! Emmanuel even GOD with us…the Holy one!! Jehovah Rophe the Healer AMEN!!
Ree Ree,
Thank your dear sister too for your prayers.. Sometimes we need backup... by others of His own to pray. I have work to do yet for His Kingdom, and will yet go forward..
Thanks sister... from my heart...

MiriDeb,We pray for total and complete healing for you. We decree you will live and not die and decree the works of the Lord. We stand in agreement for complete healing for you.
DR. Marietta Brown
Restoring Americas Families Ministries
Heavenly Father, I come boldly before your thrown of grace and mercy to give you praise and glorify your Holy name for your dear sevant and my sister in the faith MiriDeb. I thank you for giving her a heart and a mind to cry out unto the people of God for prayer in the midst of her storm. I pray and ask that you will strengthen her spirit and her mind. Give her the determination to run on inspite of how she feels. Give her the wisdom of Job and the revelation of David that she might stand strong inspite of the condition of her natural body and circumstances. Touch her in a mighty way like only you can God. You said in Your word that if ANY two shall touch and agree asking anything in the name of Your Only Begotten Son Christ Jesus that it would be done of You in Heaven. I ask that You will speak unto the cancer in Sister MiriDeb's body and command it to move, right now, in the name of Christ Jesus who became the curse that we might be blessed. It is by his stripes that Sister MiriDeb is healed and made whole. She is dipped in the blood of Christ Jesus and cancer cannot stay. It MUST move in the name of Jesus. Send a host of Your Heavenly angels to minister unto her spirit, right now, in the name of Jesus. Strengthen her in Spirit to run on and see what the end might bring, and we will forever be careful and CERTAIN to give YOU the glory, the honor and the praise for it is CERTAINLY Yours.
For answer the petition of Your children, Father, I thank You. I glorify You and give You praise. I thank You for what You have ALREADY done and what You are doing, right now. I even thank You for that that You are YET going to do, in the Mighty, Matchless name of Thy Son Christ Jesus. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen and thank Your Father God. Hallelujah to Your will, Your way, Your healing virtue, Your power, and Your Most Holy and High name for You are Alpha and Omega-our beginning and our end, and that means that You ARE our everything in between. Thank You, Father, in Jesus name.

Father i thank you that you are with this sister right now who feels like quitting i know jesus has all power and glory and i know you have given that same power to your daughter right now i speak the power of the living god to come upon her mind soul and spirit i speak healing over her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet lord i thank you that no weapon formed against her shall prosper and that strength will come to her body god i know that you are a healer and just as you have healed others from this sickness i know you are going to heal her as well so i thank you satan has no power over her i thank you that his demons are bound against her i know when jesus died on that cross he said it was finished and lord i declare it is finished and she will regain her confidence for greater is he that is in her than he that is in this world lord help her to pull on what you have already given her to see each day through also god send your labors to her to help and pray and encourage her through this for jesus is her help in this time of trouble i also thank you for your grace and mercy and love in jesus name. be blessed my sister i love you and i am here for you and stay strong.
Dear sisters, Tara, Ann, Marrietaa,
I am crying as I write this. Thank you for your precious prayers, thank you... from my heart. And thank you Ann for those roses, and you did not know, those are my favorite flower. Thank you, from my heart..
Love in Christ
Sister MiriDeb, No matter how far apart we are, we ALL have a divine connection. That connection is God. What we do not know, He knows. When we allow Him to speak through us and use us, He puts just what is needed where it is needed when it is needed. You see, I was simply going to send the prayer. The roses and the messages contained therein were ordered by God in that very order. It is His glory. I cannot share it for He said that He will not share His glory with another. You see, God knows what you need at ALL times. This was His gift to you.
I thank you for verifying the voice of the Lord. When we go through like Job, we need to know that we can still hear and recognize His voice. No matter what I go through, I will not deny Him.
Continue to glorify God for He loves and cares for YOU.
God's Anointed
Missionary Ann
oh lord we come to you as humble as we know how,first to give you thanks for waking us up early this morning in our right mind and with a portion of our health and strength, i ask a special blessing from you lord,to look upon sis mirideb,father you know her situation i ask that you put your loving arms around her lord and build her up where she's torn down,strenghten her where she's weak we know that you have all power in your hands lord,i ask that you bind the cancer thats ailing her body in the name of jesus,father i ask that you go with her family lord, i ask this and all blessings in the precious name of jesus
Please my sister whatever you do don't quit. I beseach you my sister your time is not up unless you give up. I don't know where you are in your fight for your life but I do know for sure that it is the prayer of FAITH that heals the sick. I am an intercessor and I commit to you this day to the Father that I will stand in the gap and pray for your healing. I have but one request and that is that you submit a few facts regarding your fight and I will pray the TRUTH of God regarding those facts and together we will see God fulfill the word as He has promised through His darling Son Jesus. Christ took those stripes for 31 categories of sickness as well as sin. So you need not give up you just need a sister to hold your hand and help you kick the devil's but. I am praying now:
Father God in the name of Jesus, I pray for the peace of God to overcome my sister and give her rest from the spirit of anxiousness. Please Father, this is my petition to you. Allow the Holy Spirit to stir her FAITH for the next round of Victory. Father I plead the blood of my brother Jesus the Christ and His anointing to arrest the disease that would attempt to take ownership over and within my sisters body. Devil you are trust passing and illegal act in the Kingdom of God. Her body is the temple of the Holy Ghost so I loose your hold and I loose your power and I loose every effect of disease in her mortal body. I speak life into your body life that is in the blood that flows through your veins. The blood of Christ that gives sight to the blind, heals all hurts and each and every type of disease. I curse the cancerous cells to die with in her immediately. I curse all pain and discomfort to cease immediately. Father I thank you for your healing virtue flowing right now. Holy Spirit the 7 characteristics that are mentioned in Isaiah 11:2 be lent to my sister even now, that she might possess a greater power in which to fight and maintain and reclaim all that has her in a state of letting go. I thank you Father for her strength and her courage as she awaits your glory over taking her and reviving her joy as well as her hope in glory. In Jesus Name I pray and receive the healing answer we seek for the Glory of God and the uplifting of the Kingdom!
Dear Victoria,

Thank you, you can reach me at rosinpak@yahoo.com to further tell you how to pray for me. Your prayers are powerful as I read your post here. Thank you sister... and can only say a few things on here..... I am a demon slayer, therefore, I live a danagerous life.. My life is to be for the glory of God.... and that is why He calls me MiriDebBekah222... I look forward to your mail... when you can.. Thank you so much for your intercession on my behalf...



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