Recently there was a Women's Conference at my church, we invited an out-of-state minister to speak; he accepted the engagement. We made and paid for his travel arrangements for the conference, It was not until the hour of the engagement that we discovered that he would not be there. The next morning I discovered that he did not attend because he wanted $1,500.00 before stepping into the pulpit. My question is where did this come from that, "Preachers get paid to preach before preaching?"

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Thank you for your comments. As for me I know that God is great and greatly to be praised, for I will bless the LORD at all times and His praises shall continually be in my mouth, Oh magnify the LORD with me and let us exalt His Name together. I think that it's high time for the church, the people of God to get back to seeking God for ourselves and know for ourselves that God is God and that He alone is worthy of our praise, it's time for us to fall on our knees and worship Him, and ask Him for guidance in all things, and in every area of our lives.
We talk about the enemy coming in to our churches, but we are the ones that let him in, like you said in the name of JESUS. Have we forgotten what the Word said about being aware of wolves in sheeps clothing? We've got to take authority and reclaim our territory and stand on the Word, because the Word works. God is pouring out His blessings upon His people, but we've got to watch as well as pray that we enter not into temptation. I do believe that a workman is worthy of his hire, but for a reasonable fee. Let's be real we cannot walk into our workplace and tell the employer that they must pay us two weeks wages before we start our job, we will be escorted off the premises. Let's get back to doing things decently and in order, let's start an all out prayer chain, praying for those in authority over us, praying one for another, praying for pastors and all who preach God's Word that we preach not for filthy lucre. Look for my upcoming challenge.


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