Should preachers be able to continue to preach in sin? Should we continue to support preachers in their adulterous relationship?

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What is sin? And what is the penalty?
What then do we say about Pastor Jamal Bryant? (yes, I am calling out names) The things he has done and is still doing and still preaching and people still follow him, follow him and invite him. WOW! Why?
Yes, you called his name and so did God. I understand why his followers still support him, because they have forgiven him and he has repented as though it seem. We are responsible for who we allow to lead us, so I know that some left his church, but a great amount has stayed and that is their choice. Dr. Bryant will have to face God in the day of judgement just like Moses....Martin L. King etals. Many will not see the kingdom of heaven, and perhaps including myself, because of sin. But when we think of Jesus and Him dying for ALL sin, then we can be assured that we have an opportunity to repent and turn from our ways and God will keep His promise of forgiveness for us ALL. I pray that Dr. Bryant has truly repented and will NEVER stray again, but if he does, then wow to that man.

Dr. Bryant has been gifted in a area that reaches young people and bring them to Christ and it is Christ that cleanses us, so I do applaud him for his work in the ministry of bringing people to the knowledge of Christ. I was very sorry to see his backsliding, it affected me perhaps more than he could imagine, and one day I hope to let him know that. I do forgive him, but I was terribly disappointed in his weakness, because he is such a great leader, I know, because I was a faithful member of his church for three years and I saw the young people being delivered from homosexuality and partying, even their dress. I saw first hand their faithfulness to God and the church. So, I do understand how God has used him in a beautiful way and still continue to use him. He himself might not see glory, but he will be responsible for alot of saved souls and I can't help but thank God for that, because our young people don't have anything now a days to look too for guidance and those young people in his church seek God with a passion.

But, I believe in the Word of God and we know what God say about sin and I also know that in Ezekiel God speaks on how they have polluted His sanctuary and the punishment for it.

In Love Sis. Denise
No we should not support these kind of preacher

That's why we must deal with sexual immorality in the church because its our teens and this younger generation that is effected.  These generational curses being passed down from pastors, parents, single adults, or the choir.  The prosperity message is safe but when are we going to deal with sexual immorallity.  We must clean house in the church.  These sexual immoral demons will destroy a Pastor and the church sooner or later unless the are identified and rebuked in the name of Jesus.  I'm speaking on this issue with a presentation called the "Art of Loving Yourself"  This session teach people  how to identify Sexual Immorality and stop it before it affects the younger generation.  Contact me and I will come to your church or city. 


How can the blind lead the blind less they both fall into a ditch. If you don't have what it takes to get to heaven, how are you going to preach and show someone else how to get there? We as leaders in the church must set an example. Sinners think if they see us doing wrong, they can do wrong.  Even though it is WRONG! Granted, sinners and new converst shouldn't use that as an excuse because the bible says that every man must be persuaded by there own mind. Everyone must stand before the judgement seat of christ. Poeple of God it starts with us. For the bible says that judgement will start in the house of god. And for every person claiming to be saved sanctified and filled with the holyghost that has led somone the wrong way has to give account for the life.

God is calling the church out of this comprimising doctrine. He said lay aside evry sin and weight that so easily beset us. Every sin must have its part in the lake of fire. What God says to one he says to all. He has no respect of persons. The scriptures are there and there is no excuse and excused! Pastors, overseers, bishops, apostles, ambassadors, preachers, deacons, mothers, laity, new converts and even sinners. Come out Come out Come out....No exceptions! 


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