Why is it so hard for an Associate Minister to preach at the church he attend in Texas?

 I observe the Pastor wants to license you but don't allow you to utilize what God has birth in you.

It appears when I go home to Louisiana,preaching opportunities is always there and its good to sharpen your skills

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You made me laugh...There is a right of passage in Church just as there is in your family. You don't sit at the head of your Daddy's table until the time is right and the pulpit is the same. I often think the same way you do but then I know my Bishop trust me because while I don't preach I do teach in his stead but I have never ministered on a Sunday Morning and I used to feel funny but then I'm not a pulpit preacher but more a teacher and I think my Bishop knows my skills and gifts. If opportunities are being availed it could also be a swagger on the part of the associate. "To EVERYTHING there is a SEASON and a TIME" sometime you have to wait your turn. The test from God is CAN YOU WAIT? We put folks up too fast sometimes and ego and pride get in the way and they fall as fast as they rose. Ministry in serious and too often our anointing and egos mesh and we think we oh so suchy much and don't have all the where with all to be effective. Oh, they got a gift but sometimes mentoring positions you for your purpose and when you do get up...You are equipped to stand in that Ministry and do it because it's God's work and not your Humanity at work. Trust the Pastor to know when the time is right.


Leadership is different in different places. Don't compare one place to another. Some folks launch you to let you make mistakes but can we in this day and age afford folks to play in the pulpit? I don't think so and just like a student teacher is matched with a veteran to see the best so should we in the church.


Great question.


I agree with everything you stated.

People these days get those license on Friday night and ready to pastor by Sunday.

A mess- a complete mess.


Where is the process?

Some of these people don't even know their place in ministry all they want to do is get up and preach.

Prisons need a minister- go there and preach.

Corners need preachers- go there and preach.



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