I've been seeking God regarding marriage and he has been working on me for years. One of my main goals before marriage is to have premarital counseling. I've mentioned it to a christian male friend that says there is no need for it if you are being led by God! I've asked my fiance' to let's have premarital counseling and he said there is no need for all of that if we love each other. I believe this is another way that I am being tested regarding learning to submit in my fiance's case (smile). But I strongly believe that there are issues that may arise that We (my fiance' and I) need to have addressed (especially on my part). My reason for saying that is I'm a single mom who raised 5 kids without a father. Never received child support and God always saw us thru. When I was seeking God for a husband when they were young he told me that he wanted me to know that he was my source in every area. I've been abused physically, sexually, and mentally. I have an independent mentality and am used to doing things my own way. I do not want to go into a marriage with all of this me, me, me,....... What should I do to convince my fiance' that premarital counseling is the best thing that we can do before even planning the wedding?

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Sister you are very right,as you seek the advice it is important but who advices you must be the right person to do it,
people will always want to use their experiences to advice u but that is not all that is need,
please keep this in prayer and ask God who should advice you, sometimes God will use different ways to councel u and your fiance, but let pray that he too will welcome it, it is not a must that u both can go for advice when he is against it,
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