You know the problem that we have in this world today is that the governments of today have lost touch with the minset of yesterday's government who knew that it is quite impossible to rightly govern this world without God and His word

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Judgment starts at the house of God. The problem and of Christless the society starts with a Christless church. Beginning with the fact that disciples are confessing, or more appropriately, PROFESSING, that they are CHRISTIANS, we have the start of a Christless society. We have people who say they believe in the one true living God trying to get to him through a man-made religion.

Then take the reality that, the same individuals of the same religion, have accepted that the name of the only true son of God is that of a Roman pagan God called Jesus, and you most definitely end up with a Christless society.

The Council of Necea, which was pulled together through the Roman Emperor Constanople Constantine, who had a true born-again experience. Though the naïveté of his understanding of Christianity, he ordered that all of Christianity would be under one universal church. The word it universal in Latin is Catholic.


So he comprised 300 Roman men, no doubt noblemen of Rome, and gave them the responsibility of canonizing all the letters or epistles and scrolls into one Bible. To make a long story short, and again if you study information on and about the Council of Necea, you will find that the tradition and nature of these Romans kicked in, and they did would Romans always did; they decided to improve on what they had found.


In so doing, they decided that the son of God could not be Jewish, so the first thing they did was to eliminate, not translate, the name of the son of God. They took the Greek word, (many of us mistake this word as a name and not just the word), IESOUS, which means, “Jehovah is salvation”. This is the Greek word for the meaning of Yeshua, which is, SALVATION. They took this Greek word, and did what is known as a TRANSLITERATION. A TRANSLITERATION is not a TRANSLATION. It is not an interpretation, nor is it an Anglicized version of the name of Yeshua. They took a Latin “J” and replace the letter “I”, they then removed the letter whole and literally the name JESUS. This is how the name Jesus came to be, and because they canonize the first known Bible, all and Latin I might add, it simply became accepted that the name of the son of God was Jesus. But this is not true, by any stretch of the imagination, and certainly not true as it relates to CONFESSING or AGREEING with God, that he raised Jesus from the dead. Because God did not raise Jesus from the dead, he raised YESHUA from the dead.

So there you have it, Christianity is of the devil and Jesus does not exist. It's no wonder we have a Christless society.


There is one thing that will always stand out to be true which is: "Since the fall of Adam because of disobedience there has always been and always will be a godless world. God in different times and different manners has since the fall tried to deal with a godless society. The trouble as in times past sets true today. When the "WICKED" rule the righteous suffer. In every case when the wickedness of man affects the righteous then the world goes further away from God and making their own decisions as how to worship God. Something else for sure THIS WORLD WILL NEVER GET ANY BETTER BUT WORSE.


As in times past when man turns around and repents, then God will send a revival. then as usual and as expected man after being delivered WILL drift back into unrighteousness. The only difference today is: "this is the ending of the last day and God is getting ready to take His church out of this world.

There is only ONE GOD! He took on a NAME which is above every NAME. At that NAME every knee SHALL bow and EVERY tongue SHALL confess. He that CALLETH upon that NAME shall be saved. The reason I KNOW this is a fact is because I got first hand information that GOD (Jesus) is real. I found out about JESUS according to Mark 16:16; I don't and haven't went entirely by what someone else says but by experiencing the infilling of the Holy Ghost myself according to Acts 2:4. JESUS is real. NOBODY can disrupt, eradicate, stupify or disqualify what JESUS did because He is real and works and dwells in real people. YES I was not sure one day, but found out for myself that He is real. Sure it's a fact that where there is a real there is a false. If a person does not demonstrate the power of God himself/herself then that person is not real.


We have to deal with facts and not entirely on what man says or does. Out of all the things that has transpired is because of the wickedness of MAN and not the slothfulness of GOD.

There is one thing I must agree with which is: "The reason this world is so wicked and without Christ is solely because of the sin that has crept into the CHURCH, and the CHURCH has become more worldly, and less CHRISTLIKE. This is what brings on the escalation of sin: The CHURCH has become like the world rather than the WORLD becoming more like the CHURCH.

St. Matt. Chptr 24 speaks about false PROPHETS, and false CHRISTS which shall deceive MANY, and that is what is happening right today!


People can talk, surmise, speculate, eradicate, or whatever, but the truth is JESUS IS REAL and is still demonstrating and REVEALING HIMSELF by filling people with the HOLY GHOST. YES! everyone that says they have the HOLY GHOST DOES NOT HAVE IT, but does that mean that there is no HOLY GHOST? NO! NO! NO!. When anyone receive the holy Ghost it is the POWER OF GOD!

I can agree Bishop JLary that this world is set to get worst and I can also agree that the church has become worldly in its attempt to have a peaceful life instead of the one Christ told us to expect, the church has certainly dropped its standard by moving away from the teachings of Christ. The church has certainly forgotten that although we are in this world we are not of this world, it has also forgotten that just as Christ suffered we too must suffer. And because the church has dropped it's standard it failed to recognised that its authority has been diminished somewhat. 

Now sin in the church is not a new thing in fact sin has always been evident within the church and sin has always been expected within the church after all was it not sinners that Christ came to call so the fact that sin has entered the church should not be a surprise because each and everyone of us brought sin in with us. So it is not the fact of sin coming in that is the problem, the problem is the failure of the church to eradicate the sin.

Now let us not forget that the church is the place for sinners, therefore it is where sin must come in order to be erase. I distinctly remember that the healthy have no need for the hospital and it's doctors but the sick the unhealthy certainly have such a need so it is with the church, those that are righteous and without sin have no need for the church but those that are sinners and unrighteous have every need and belongs in the church so they can be nurse to righteousness, would you not agree.

Now back to the discussion which is the Christless society that we find ourselves in with the governments eroding everything that bears the signs of Christ from the schools, the justice system and from the work place, the changes in marriages.  Those are the things that are happenning with the attempts of the government to have a Christless society.  Now of course these are the things that are being tried, and although the governments will tried all these things I believe that Christ words will forever prevail when He stated 'upon this rock I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail'

"There is one thing that will always stand out to be true which is: "Since the fall of Adam because of disobedience there has always been and always will be a godless world."


I pray you are not speaking for either God, the Holy Spirit or Jesus who paid a price beyond my comprehension so we His children could change just that. Satan is the god of this world, but Jesus not only in His death, but more importantly in His Resurrection took all power and authority away from Satan and gave it to bride to bring the change that He started, a place not focused on the world, but a planet focused on God and His love and will, which can override anything the devil has created. What has not happened is that the church has not taught in general that we are here to destroy the works of the devil instead of just getting in bed with him in an effort to get along?


We are not to live with defeat, we are to live by faith to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony or by the words we speak or write, because we eat from the fruit of our lips, which means when we speak words of defeat saying that it will always be a godless world, we praise Satan as we all bring increase with our words that we speak or write.


God created the heavens and the earth not with His hands, but His words and we as His children create the future by the words we speak today. The challenge is to get rid of the division in the church created by religion, which due in part because of the condition of the heart to do little or nothing, when we should be standing in love and unity or agreement against what is happening on earth.


Granted the church has become like the world, but that was because of the leadership focusing on evangelical efforts instead of focusing on bringing each one in the body to maturity to stand against what is happening. It has happened because the church has taught that what happens in Revelations is the will of God and that Jesus will rapture the church before the problems start, where the message sent is not always the message received. Why do anything if if the church is going to be raptured out? It was the leadership that instead of accept the words written in scripture have created a new scripture eliminating the need for the five fold gift ministry and if it was accepted many in the five fold gift ministry rule over the body spreading fear and failure by the words they speak, being a servant unto themselves. 


False prophets and false teachers can only come in if they are allowed to come in as the messages is based on milk toast instead of the meat, because the belief is instead of exhorting one another daily in their holy calling and purpose many have figured that it is more profitable if they keep the church as babies so they do not wander to far from paying the mortgage. The church has bound the body of Christ making it a prison and when someone actually is seen with the gifts of the Holy Spirit they are told that one needs to go to seminary to be a minister of the Gospel, when in fact if we were the Gospel as it was meant then there is not much need to theological seminaries? No where in scripture does it say that one needs to go to seminary to be a minister, but in Christianity it is taught that one needs to go to seminary. 


Where the problem comes in is in asking for the heart of God and then binding the heart of God to a particular church or building promoting the church or denomination. The Holy Spirit will not allow that. If we want the truth then we must walk in the truth and to do that we must repent which is not just saying we are sorry with what we have done with the body of Christ, but actually go in a different direction, a direction of love to care for the needs of the people, not after the a church building is built, but before the church building is built because afterwords it becomes a part of the problem where governments instead of God determines what is a church and what is not a church and in order to have a church one needs articles of incorporation which is a covenant with the government and to pay for the building at least in the US people get a 501c3 in order to pay for the building, but with that in order to receive the 501c3 one must agree with all the laws of the land over the laws of God, His commandments, statutes, covenants, ordnance's, which is His ways. 


Are we willing to give up our monuments of stupidity doing things our own way and really be and act like the body of Christ where all is family and all is equal. You see we have prayed and asked for His blessings and He has given to us freely so we can give to others, but instead we like to build buildings telling ourselves that is the way to reach out to a community instead of getting out in love and getting to know people where they live. The message is we care about you, but you have to come to our building for us to tell you that? Not sure if that is working to well. It is why on a street corner you can find three churches and  one a vacant lot. Which church do you think the Holy Spirit is visiting when a family comes to a church for help and no one is even there to care for them except maybe to pray for them because there are not enough funds because of the mortgage and all of the salaries?


Ok this was rather condemning, but it its probably worth some self examination before the end comes, because at that point it is all too late. Today is the day we should look at what we really believe in and what we are doing instead of what we could and should be doing, repent and go in a far better direction. God has already given us all the spiritual blessings there are or we are going to get, but it is up to us to walk in them by faith, yet many preachers today are still looking for a fresh anointing? What insult is left to throw at God? His heart, His very Spirit was not good enough so we need a better anointing or is it that we just need to learn to walk in what we have already been given.


A Christless society can only happen as a result of a Christless church, not because of the world.

Sarah it one breath you suggest that a Christless society means the church and in the other breath you talk about it being in the community. Not quite sure where you are at with this. In one hand you seem to want to contain Christ to the church building and in the other hand you are saying it should not be in a church building. Not quite sure what your object is to what I am saying as I am saying Christ needs to be everywhere in our schools, justice system our life as well as the church. Now if you keep Christ within the walls of a building how is the message to get out. My dear Sarah, Christ needs to be part of Society, He needs to be in every area of our lives as in the days of old when the laws was established by the word of God, when Schools was founded through and by the church, now we have the Governments attempting to remove Christ from Schools, there would have been no schools if the church never set it up in the first place. There would be no law if it was not for the commandments of God so yes I am speaking of a Christless society outside of the confounds of a church building

Because it is the body of Christ, the bride of Christ that has all power and authority in heaven and earth, which means that the responsibility is in the hands of the body of Christ and it is the body that needs to fix it, because the body is the only one with the power and authority to fix it. Jesus was given all power and authority, which is passed the bride in His absence. 

The body of Christ has contained it's self to buildings and one cannot say all of the body but much of the body really believes the way to reach out to the community is to build a building. Have no idea where that came from, but we have had enough money to end starvation and homelessness globally, but what we did with the blessing was up to us and we all did what we did. 

Sure Christ needs to be a HUGE part of society, but it is up to the body to get that message across? 

So you believe that governments are over the body of Christ? It is if we entered covenant with them in accepting their 501c3 and articles of incorporation. But I am not sure that the church should be in schools anyway. You see it is a power play where parents want the government to raise the kids we created? If religion of any kind is allowed in public schools then because of the concept of equality, witchcraft and Islam would have to be equally welcomed, which obviously is not a good thing? 

The argument that the ten commandments should be in the courts and public places is close to blasphemy, which is not a popular view point and it sounds really good to say we believe in the ten commandments until we get to the one of honor the Sabbath and keep it holy, which is now the last day of the week and always has been the last day of the week as it is the 7th day. It also says in scripture that if we do not keep the commandments we do not love God and I understand everyone will agree that is in scripture but no one believes they are breaking the commandments for not keeping the Sabbath except for a few. 

If we end up with a Christless society it is because we have not honored the commandments, His will, Statutes, ordnance's and covenants. 


Sarah I am not sure what you are reading but I would ask you not to presume what I said or to put words in my mouth.

Now listen carefully to the statements that I have made, the justice of the land came from Gods commandment which the government of today seek to erode from the justice system. The schools of the land was founded and set up by the church which again the government of today seek to remove all traces and evidence of Christ from. The commandments was a way of life for the people of the land which the government choose to erode from the life of people.  And Sarah most of those very government people profess to be Christians. Now Sarah if you believe you are able to overrule the government of the land then maybe you would tell us how because Christ recognised the authority of circular goverments the Bible further say such Governments should use wisdom and laws to rule and until recently most of the time the governments was doing that Proverbs 8:15-16; 17:7; 20:26; 28:2-4; 29:4.

The Bible further states that government officials whether ministers are not are servants of God so how are you able to remove their authority when God recognise their authority Romans 13:3-6; 1Peter 2:13-15

What I don't understand Sarah is why you are speaking contrary to what the Bible says, it did not tell us to overthrow the government, it did not tell us to ignore the government. 

Now the governments opted to remove Religious Education from Schools, School assemblies and prayers from Schools, the Government has opted to remove mention of christ from the work place, the government now seek to remove God's name from the Justice system, the Government make laws that prevent people from going to hospital to pray for someone, and the goverment seek to abolish the institution of Biblical marriages.

Sarah show me where Christ has told us not to take any notice of government rule.

Hitler could not do what he did except that he entered covenant with the church. That is how the enemy works. He gets God's people to enter covenant with him through either Rome or Hitler and today in the US with the articles of Incorporation and the 501c3. 

So to end that the church needs to separate itself from the government, that is if it wants to. The US was not set up with the concept of freedom of religion, that is what it teaches in the schools, but fact is that it was set up with a Christian concept to control other religions including the American Indian and their beliefs of having a Father Creator. 

Maybe I am going a little fast. Rome surrounded Israel and Israel entered covenant with  Rome and even built their own temple. Then Jesus arrives the first time and wonders how and why everyone has lost almost all of their faith, because Israel, God's people was the authority of God on earth, BUT and it is a big BUT, Israel was to represent the love and will of God to all people on earth and what happened as we know they took at as they were special and had the real God and it was for them and not others. 

OK enters the New Covenant which is not necessarily Christianity or Judaism, but bringing it back through Christ having the ability that Adam had with God being able to walk with Him. In other words we through Christ are able to walk with God if that is the path we take, but do do that we have to loose self everything and put on Christ, not Christianity which is something different. Christianity is like Judaism and gets into religion and the more religious anything becomes the less power there is.

Here is the big question and the big argument. There are two sides however one side is  far smaller than the larger side. The question is did Jesus come to start a new religion called Christianity or did He come and give is life so that all could be grafted into the promise. Christianity teaches he came to start a new religion called Christianity, but if we look at Acts chapter two we find the first born again believers that rocked the earth. That is what it is like being born again. There are a lot of believers, but few born again believers and what is needed is born again believers, where our Father sends us and we gratefully die of self to even be close to Him. Seriously it brings tears to me to even think of it and the experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit, the very heart of God is worth more than gold or silver or anything else. 

And the government shall be on His shoulders. Now we go back to Isaiah and we find it talking about Christ, where Jesus is the head and we are the body of Christ and the government will be on His shoulders that is if we have understood it, but there are two governments today. There are the governments of the flesh, which everyone knows about and there is the government of God, which is the five fold gift ministry. However having said that most of the church does not accept the five fold gift ministry and I have  to admit with sadness that there are many of the false. The real is the servant even to the servant as God is the servant even to the servant so must His government or servants be. It is the example where the least is the greatest and the greatest is the least and that is how the kingdom of God is set up. With man's government man puts himself or herself over others.

Why we should not go against the government is that when we do something, God steps back in all cases because that is our choice as His children. Jesus could have come sent multitudes of angels to destroy Rome, He didn't He yielded to His Father and if we are of Christ we must do the same thing. 

Should religion be taught in schools? Absolutely NOT and the reason is that at least the US is supposed to be based on equality, which also means that Islam and witchcraft also religions would have fair opportunity at our children, but besides that it is up to the parents to teach the children that we all as God's children have been called to do something and each of us needs to find that and walk in it, which is really what salvation is. Following the path God has for a person. It isn't just believing there is a path and then go do your own things so to speak? It is seeking God for His will in our lives and then learning to walk with Him, but part of that will is His love, ways, commandments, covenants, statutes and ordnance's.

Now back to the authority parts, but with the authority ALSO comes the responsibility of what is happening and if we are not will to accept the responsibility we cannot get to the authority parts. It is like the subject of abortion. Every one knows its not right, but no one wants to be responsible for the children, Christianity wants the people of the world to be responsible for the children they create. Sounds good, but if we are honest with ourselves and its not easy, "how many parents in Christianity actually teach their children that not only does God have a plan for their lives, but really we are supposed to walk in that plan to be one of God's people?" It is not an easy answer to look at. 

Yes we tell people they should go to church, read their Bible, pray and maybe if we are doing really good tithe let alone give which is in addition to the tithe. Children run from it because they know there is more and the more part is the love that is is missing because it has turned into religion. You see we are supposed to put off the false things that bind us and not just continue in the nonsense? Easter vs Passover, Christmas? Find that in scripture anywhere or find a Christmas Tree or a wreath which are fertility symbols from paganism. Are we willing to give up our buildings and property and put the needs of people first? Jesus said, "ye must be born again." That takes as Jesus did laying down His will and life for the life of the Father. Do you think Jesus has a Christmas tree or celebrates easter a pagan holiday?

Now here is a big one. It was pagans that mocked the first believers in Antioch calling them Christians. Do you think God wants Satan's people creating a name for them when the name we are to carry is the name of Christ? We are supposed to be in Christ or of Christ. We are supposed to be peacemakers as they are the children of God and be led by the Spirit of God, not governments. 

Governments are of the world and Satan is the god of this world and that is clearly mentioned in scripture. 

Secondly we have to understand a little of the past. It somewhat started with Abraham and Sarah (familiar name). We were all princes and princesses meaning not better than others, but the children or offspring of God. What did we do? We wanted a king. God said your not going to want a king. We said we do, so we got a king called Saul. It was a king of the people. The government today is a government of the people and of the world not of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy peace, etc against such there is no law. 

It is our hearts that allow government to be over the body of Christ and how it can be ended is for the body of Christ to stand together in love and unity or agreement, face God and seek Him for the answers of how to deal with it all. That was the answer way back when and that is still the answer today, but what we have is a thing called division and division does not start from the outside in, but the inside out.It comes from not fully yielding or being dead in Christ and is one reason why in Christianity (were the word Christianity does not appear in any scripture, only the word Christian and that is only three times and no apostle or even Jesus said to call ourselves a Christian), as there are more than 20,000 different sects in Christianity and most would call that the very definition of division, yet Christianity calls it standing in faith. 

If you really want a shocker the only true Christian church is the Catholic church and most all churches today broke away from the Catholic church, but took their practices of property and possessions, because we find in Acts the people gave all of their possessions away and gave to everyone that was in need and as a result the Holy Spirit was with them and added to them daily. You see we have always had the answer, but what stands in front of the answer is what I call the Cain and Able schools of theology. We all do it our way or His way. One is salvation and the other? 

OK sorry this was long, but it covered a lot of ground. 

While we tend to view whats happening on earth as all a bad thing, what I see is that it is a test for us to either learn to walk in the power and authority we have been given or we just blowing smoke? 

It is like praise. It is really easy to praise God when the cupboards are full, but do we praise God when they are empty? We all say we would, but the proof is when we get there, what do we do then. 

All the thing happening gives us the opportunity to fix it. We can only fix it through the Holy Spirit and can only fix it through love as the gifts flow through love. Do we work to really fix it or do we talk about it or do we pass it off to God and do little? We are here to prove our faith. We are here to prove what we are made of. 

It is a challenge no doubt. Israel was in the same situation with Rome the first time Jesus showed up. What have we learned when Jesus was dealing with the so called people of faith? Did we learn? Did we get the lesson? He wants us to fix it and by faith we can through love if we stand together. If we stand separate we fall like the Jews in WW2. We are dependent on Christ, which is in two parts, the head which we all know is Jesus, but see we like to think of Christ as just being Jesus, but the problem is we are the body of Christ and that is the test for us.

We are all proving exactly what we believe in this very hour. Do we run around saying the end is near and let Jesus or the Messiah to come and save us from the bad Romans or do we stand as the body of Christ and overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony, which is what we have experienced. What is our testimony is it just a bunch of words or have we like Daniel met the Lions? 

Paul wrote at one time that there was nothing good in him except for Him, to which I fully agree. A Christless society would be hell on earth. It happens after the great falling away and that can only happen is if we the church did not raise the children the right way. The great commission everyone thinks they know and in fact evangelical Christianity is based on it if we leave out the part where it says "teaching them to observe all things," and the promise is that if we do that then He will be with us always even unto the end of this age. So in the church we reflect what is working and not working and if we are wondering where Jesus is it is because we have not done the second part which is teaching them to observe all things that He has commanded. 

The great tribulation is not what God wants or desires. It happens because we have turned away from God, His will, His love, His commandments, His statutes and ordnance's. 


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