If None of the men commissioned by king james to write the english bible were filled with the holy ghost---could they honestly write the words of god? If yes how...

explain if u can..


and please dont dump a pile of scripture reference on us---with out ur spirit helping u define the meaning of those scriptures there are meaningless to the mass.


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curiously no answer---
all these bible thumpers and book quoters but no answer?

a. if u say yes then that means anyone can write down a stroy and call it gods word
b. if u say no then the bible is libel...
moving on up...
Well 1st of all, the men commissioned by King James didnt write the Bible - they translted it. It sounds like you put too much stock in man -- if you dont even have faith that God has the ability to translate the Word, I dont see why you are here...do you believe in God? What Bible do you read? I have caught a few of your posts - you sound like OG Bobby Johnson or someone with all this Deus stuff. Not quite sure where you are coming from.......
the men whom wrote ur english bible ---
whether i translate or not---i still write ---i still mispell----translate does not mean copy---
thus my question is valid.
God didnt translate the book in question King James did and he was a mason?
nere is my social

kenneth lee council
prison numbers

darkhebrews dont had behide the squirts of the englishman...or scots for that matter...
u sound like an undercover mason BOY...
or goy...
Tynged yr Iaith" (meaning "The fate of the language") was a radio lecture delivered in Welsh by Saunders Lewis on February 13, 1962. Reaction to it brought about a major change in the politics of Wales. Historian John Davies has said that the lecture was "the catalyst" for the formation of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, and the start of a period of direct-action agitation to enhance the status of the Welsh language.[1] Its direct effect on the formation of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg is described in a history of that society[2]. It has been said[3] that "of all the memorable phrases coined in the twentieth century none has greater resonance for the Welsh speaker than 'Tynged yr Iaith' . . . which still haunts or inspires champions of the native tongue on the cusp of the new millennium". It had the unintended effect[4] of establishing language agitation as a movement separate from the mainstream of nationalist politics. The burgeoning effects from the initial stimulus of "Tynged yr Iaith" were listed by Gwyn Williams[5]:

Formation of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg
Direct action against offices, roadsigns, TV masts: sit-ins and demonstrations
Drive to create Welsh-language schools
Positive discrimination in favour of Welsh
Use of the Israeli model to encourage take-up of the language by adults
Secretary of State for Wales 1964
Welsh Language Act 1967
Creation of S4C
Mushrooming of Welsh language publishing, film production, pop and rock, youth and urban music.
most people who follow the english bible in america every other free nation has had the bible converted from latin to their native tongue---how long will it take the america negro to do this?
@ KL - so because of someones radio lecture, it has screwed up the language in America? so what language should the Bible be translated in for you? & how many languages do we need to learn to understand the Bible? -- & again, what Bible do you follow? i mean, the thread question sounds like an Athiest question..... you obviously have to have enough faith to know that God at least has the power to translate his own Word to believe his word, right?
not the bible loafer---ur on tongue...
what tongue did ur forefather speak...
o u dont know...
then u dont no ur god...thats what welsh people and the irish people fought the english so hard about---
to control the tongue of a people is to control a people...

the irish and the welsh as did the seminoles refused to allow the englishman to control how they worshipped their gods...
the slave in maryland and philly and richmond etc.. did not fair so well.
on ur native tongue as has every other people on earth but the negro slave descendants---the negro slave out right claims to be the english slave---or the slaiva of the british...
this is an untenable point of exitence for the dark hebrew.
maybe i am missing you - please explain if possible... this guys lecture in Welsh hasnt quite done it for me.


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