I am part of a support group that helps people who have had run ins with substance abuse, alcohol, and many other abuses. After going to several treatment facilities, and rehab institutes many say upon introducing themselves that they are recovering what evers, and they give refernce to some of these programs out here that have moved them into the stage of recovery. However I believe that abstinence is not deliverance, in other words just because you are not doing something doesn't mean you are delivered from it. In fact all it takes is the right moment, with the right people, and the right place, and what has been dormant will once again surface. Deliverance on the other hand is the opposite. The Bibe says whom the Son (Jesus) sets free is free indeed. What are some of your takes on recovering addicts, and deliverance? How much does words really play on the mind of a person who makes the claim of recovering, and the person who knows they are delivered?

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