In a few more days we will be celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the past for a long time, many churches called the Sunday of celebrating Christ’s resurrection “Easter”. But after having learned that the name Easter was translated from the name Astarte, one of the titles of a Chaldean goddess, who was also referred to as the “Queen of heaven”; and after having learned that Easter was also derived from the Anglo-Saxon name “Eastre or Ostora “– which means goddess of spring, they found it more fitting to recognize Christ’s resurrection celebration as “Resurrection Sunday”.

So this Resurrection Sunday, let’s be mindful of the sacrificial life and death that Jesus
suffered so we could be sin free, sickness and disease free, habit free, worry, anxiety and torment free, debt free, fear free, and so many other things, as well as eternal damnation free. Every day is a good day to celebrate Jesus Christ and all that He has done and continues to do for us as our Intercession that sits at the right hand of the Father. Every day is a good day to thank God for giving us His only begotten Son, and allowing us to have access to Him and Jesus Christ any day and any time that we want or need to.

Most recently we have been hearing the words “transformation, restoration, acceleration” and many other words that describe how and what is taking place in the body of Christ in this time and season. “Resurrection” the word the Lord spoke to me this morning, is also another word added to the list of what the Lord will be doing in the church and in our personal lives.

For many we need our love to be resurrected in our marriage, families and relationships.
For many we need faith resurrected in us for situations and things that have long been dead or buried. We need hope resurrected for our future and our tomorrow. And for so many things, we need a supernatural divine miraculous resurrection. And hallelujah, there is a resurrection coming for us, hallelujah!!!!


Resurrection power is found in the word of God.
Resurrection power is found in confessing and declaring the word of God and His promises into your life.
Resurrection power is found in calling those things that be not as thought they were.
Resurrection power is found in believing possibilities against all impossibilities or opposition that you may be facing.
Resurrection power is found in the Blood of Jesus.
Resurrection power is declaring life into situations and people that may dead.
Resurrection power is found in the Holy Spirit leading, governing and guiding your life.

For many you have gotten to a point in your life, that time, circumstances, the enemy of your soul and other things have zapped, depleted or robbed you of energy, strength, faith, love and hope for any thing.


But God’s word to you is “Be not dismayed, for I will cause My word to rise up in you and live in you mightily. And I will cause it to perform those things which I have spoken with My mouth says the Lord. And suddenly I will cause to bring forth and birth forth the life of My word and the life of My seed in you. And I will be glorified in you, with you and through you says the Lord. Say not that there is no use; say not that there is no way or no hope. For I the Resurrected One will cause all things to rise and live again according to My will and My good plans and purposes for your life.
And look up, look to Me and turn to Me with your whole heart, for your Redemption is nearer than was before. Prepare your selves and make your self ready as My bride, for quickly I shall come. Quickly I am working and quickly you shall spring forth, you and your seed says the Lord.

Apostle Dr.Melody Barclay, Overseer


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everything that you said is TRUE about Easter..BUT he was crucified on a WEDNESDAY not friday ,,therefore he rose on a Saturday,,not Sunday..

and good to see and hear from you Prophet John
Perhaps someone miscounted the days!
WELL we know that it was not you..LOL your a GREAT Woman of God,,here is some teaching on the matter

The day Jesus crucified was a Wednesday
Christians from all over the world unanimously accept that Jesus, the Son of Man, was crucified, died, and was buried on a Friday and call that day of the year as Good Friday. It is alright. However, Jesus Christ said that he will be on the heart of earth for three days and three nights. "Matt 12:40 as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth." It does not match if Jesus was buried at the sunset of Friday and resurrected at the dawn of Sunday that makes only two nights and one day, which is just half the time. Just to know the truth, let us look into the Bible.

Three Days and Three Nights

In order to point out the time of resurrection from his burial, the Bible uses four phrases. Since the word of God has no contradictions in its doctrines, the four phrases must denote one thing. What is that thing? The four phrases are: three days and three nights, the third day, in three days, and after three days. Even though they appear to be different, they all say the same thing. In common use; one day is a package of a day and a night. Let us see the four phrases. First one is: three days and three nights- it is as is. The second phrase is: the third day- The very end of the third day will give three days and three nights. So, it is the same as the first. The third phrase is: in three days- Here also if we give the full third day, it will give three days and three nights. The fourth phrase is: after three days- Here, if we are cautious not to go into the fourth day but give the full third day, it means the phrase three days and three nights. The word of God requires from us the understanding of the wholesome word to teach the word. If we look into the wholesome word in this context, the phrase means three days and three nights.

The scripture Reference follows:

In three days: John 2:19 Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. 20 Then said the Jews, Forty and six years was this temple in building, and wilt thou rear it up in three days? 21 But he spake of the temple of his body.

The third day: Matt 16:21 From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.

Matt 17:22 … Jesus said unto them, The Son of man shall be betrayed into the hands of men: 23 And they shall kill him, and the third day he shall be raised again. …

Matt 20:19 And shall deliver him to the Gentiles to mock, and to scourge, and to crucify him: and the third day he shall rise again.

Mark 9:31 … and said unto them, The Son of man is delivered into the hands of men, and they shall kill him; and after that he is killed, he shall rise the third day.

Luke 24:7 Saying, The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.

1 Cor 15:4. he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

After three days: Matt 27:63 Saying, Sir, we remember that that deceiver said, while he was yet alive, After three days I will rise again.

Mark 8:31 … the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.

3 days and 3 nights: Matt 12:40 as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Crucified on Passover day

Jesus Christ was crucified on a Passover day. The next day to Passover day is the first day of the feast of the unleavened bread, which is a Sabbath day. In other words, the Passover day is a day of preparation for the Sabbath day, which is the first day of the feast of the unleavened bread. Somehow being ignorant, the top council decided that this Sabbath was a seventh day Sabbath, which made them think that Jesus was crucified on a Friday, in spite of the fact this Sabbath day is differentiated as a high day, but not as the seventh day. "1 Cor 5:7 … Christ our passover is sacrificed for us: John 19:31 … because it was the preparation, that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the sabbath day, for that sabbath day was an high day, Lev 23:3 Six days shall work be done: but the seventh day is the sabbath of rest, an holy convocation; ye shall do no work therein: it is the sabbath of the LORD in all your dwellings …… 5 In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is the LORD'S passover. 6 And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of unleavened bread unto the LORD: seven days ye must eat unleavened bread. 7 In the first day ye shall have an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein."

Crucified, Dead, Buried

Jesus Christ, being the Passover Lamb, was crucified on the Passover day at 9:00 am. The land was covered with darkness from 12:00 am to 3:00 pm. Jesus Christ died at 3:00 pm. "Mark 15:25 And it was the third hour, and they crucified him. 33 And when the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. 34 And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? … 37 And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost."

A Jewish day starts at the sunset and ends at the sunset. The Passover day ends at sunset and the Sabbath for the feast of the unleavened bread starts at the sunset. So, they were in a hurry to bury the body before the Sabbath that is the sunset. "Luke 23:54.. that day was the preparation, and the sabbath drew on. Matt 27:57 When the even was come, there came a rich man of Arimathaea, … 58 He went to Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded the body to be delivered. John 19:41. in the place where he was crucified there was a garden; and in the garden a new sepulchre, wherein was never man yet laid. 42 There laid they Jesus therefore because of the Jews' preparation day; for the sepulchre was nigh at hand." Jesus was buried on the Passover day at sunset.

Between Burial and Resurrection

They gave him a quick burial since at sunset begins a Sabbath day. They can do nothing on that day since that was a Sabbath day, now one day is gone. Then they prepared spices and ointments on the second day. Then they had to rest one more day since it was also a Sabbath day, which was the seventh day Sabbath. This is the third day that ends at sunset. At night the women cannot embalm the body and so they came early in the morning even before sunrise. "Luke 23:55 women also, ... and beheld the sepulcher, and how his body was laid. 56 And they returned, and prepared spices and ointments; and rested the sabbath day according to the commandment. Luke 24:1 Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them. 2 And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulchre. 3 And they entered in, and found not the body of the Lord Jesus." The body of Jesus was not there even before the day was dawn that is; even at the night the body was not there. That is, Jesus Christ was raised from the dead at the end of the seventh day Sabbath. That is, he was raised at the sunset of Saturday and the people found that out at the early morning before the dawn of Sunday. So, he was in the tomb, at the heart of the earth, only for three days and three nights.

So, Crucified on a Wednesday

Jesus was crucified on a Passover day, which was the preparation day, and was buried at the sunset. Then, there were an unleavened feast Sabbath day, a regular day and a seventh day Sabbath before resurrection. The seventh day Sabbath was Saturday, the regular day must have been Friday, the unleavened feast Sabbath must have been on Thursday, and Wednesday must have been the day that Jesus was crucified. In the same way we can also see that his resurrection was also immediately after the sunset on Saturday Sabbath, even though people found that out before early dawn, which was still night.

The purpose of this article is not to revoke the long held tradition of Good Friday. But, if someone ask a question because of curiosity, we may be able to answer. Further, to know the truth is always better than ignorance.
and roman followers of jesus and all european followers of jesus ---
know that jesus and all of the circle of 8 were black african why isnt this truism taught in the black church?
IT Is in some Bible Mainly the African Heritage Bible,,,I use to teach in the Prisons and thats all they pretty much was reading,,,we know that Blacks played a MAJOR role in the Bible,,and we know that Simon who help carry the Cross for Jesus was Black,we know that David ,Solomon and the rest of the pilgrims of the Bible was People of Color,as well as ENOCH was Ethiopian and so was MOSES wife..People often wonder WHY is that Jesus looks likes the Guitarist of ZZ top band.People must relize that when converting,or taking over ,,Everything must change in order to convert the People,,this is why I dont get into HOLIDAYS,,at the same time we cant attack the innocent peopel that is not of Color Because some may feel the way you do,,,we must come to a point where we are trying to get into the kingdom and not into debate,,Listen God knows the trickery that was done,,jesus spoke on wolves in sheep clothing,Jesus will take care of the Wolves ,,,,we must make sure that we're SHEEP
I know that you will do a GREAT JOB,,,your a Excellent Teacher
WE WILL,If Not then I will see you in GLORY
So this Resurrection Sunday, let’s be mindful of the sacrificial life and death that Jesus
suffered so we could be sin free, sickness and disease free, habit free, worry, anxiety and torment free, debt free, fear free, and so many other things, as well as eternal damnation free.

What is sin? and how are we free from it?
Hezekiah Ben Israel
Blessings to you and it is great to hear from you..Before I answere your question I have a question,I have learned that the eithipian JEWS are trying to Leave CUSH wich is now called Eithopia to get back to Isreal and they need money for transportation by plane ,,they're advertising this on the word network,,these Jews look like Eithopians BLACK PEOPLE they went into CUSH/EITHOPIA through SOLOMON'S affair with Quessn Sheba they had a Child together Now the Bible dont talk about this

Isaiah 43
Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.
I will say to the north, `Give them up!’ and to the south, `Do not hold them back.’ Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth-

In Isaiah 43:5-6, the prophet said that the people of Israel would return to their homeland from the east, the west, the north and the south. Isaiah lived 2700 years ago. Beginning at that time, a succession of empires conquered the land of Israel and forced many into exile. This led to a worldwide scattering of Jews. But, during the past century, millions have returned to Israel
The Bible Definition
Many religious leaders teach that Christ died for our sins. They teach that His shed blood cleanses us from sin. They preach about being set free from bondage to sin. They preach about freedom from keeping God’s law. But have you noticed that they never define what sin is—that they never challenge people to look into their Bibles to see how God defines sin?

If they did, they would have to tell you to read I John 3:4, where the Apostle John wrote, “Whosoever commits sin transgresses [breaks] also the law: for sin is the transgression [breaking] of the law.” When you sin, you break the law.

But what law?

The Apostle Paul wrote, “What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law” (Rom. 7:7). God’s law reveals sin.

But what law was Paul writing about?

“…for I had not known lust, except the law had said, You shall not covet” (same verse). This is the Tenth Commandment, found in Exodus 20:17 and Deuteronomy 5:21. The law that Paul and John referred to was the Ten Commandments. Both apostles taught that when you break them, you sin.
John also wrote, in I John 5:17, “All unrighteousness is sin.” Since God’s commandments are righteousness (Psa. 119:172), then unrighteousness—sin—must be the opposite. It is breaking God’s commandments.

The Apostle James expanded upon this. He taught that “whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend [sin] in one point, he is guilty of all. For He that said, Do not commit adultery, said also, Do not kill. Now if you commit no adultery, yet if you kill, you are become a transgressor of the law [a lawbreaker]” (James 2:10-11). James was referring to the Ten Commandments.

Even though it is possible for people to go through life without ever physically committing a murder or adultery, or stealing or lying, nevertheless, all have sinned. How can this be? Because even though we obey the letter of the law, we can still break the spirit of the law—and this is also sin.

Paul, calling the law “holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good,” also taught “that the law is spiritual” (Rom. 7:12, 14).

Christ magnified and expanded the letter of the law, revealing its spiritual intent. “You have heard that it was said by them of old time, You shall not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart” (Matt. 5:27-28).

Sin begins in the mind. What you think eventually becomes what you do (Prov. 23:7)! “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart [mind]; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders [Sixth Commandment], adulteries [Seventh Commandment], fornications, thefts [Eighth Commandment], false witness [Ninth Commandment], blasphemies [Third Commandment]: These are the things which defile a man” (Matt. 15:18-20).
This is how I try to stay free

Grace- God to be kind toward you and give you many undeserved favours and the power to resist sin.
Mercy - for God to deliver you from the messes you get yourself into especially when we are ignorant/foolish.
Peace - the integration of your life under the blessings of God so that sin has no foothold in you.
Understanding - of what God has done for in Christ and the power over sin that is within you.
Wisdom & Discernment - so you can apply your understanding to real life situations.
To Be Filled With The Love of God - which takes over our hearts and makes thinking spiritual thoughts easy.
To Be Filled With The Spirit - and able to see and perceive the things of God so that we are bold and joyful.


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