In a few more days we will be celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the past for a long time, many churches called the Sunday of celebrating Christ’s resurrection “Easter”. But after having learned that the name Easter was translated from the name Astarte, one of the titles of a Chaldean goddess, who was also referred to as the “Queen of heaven”; and after having learned that Easter was also derived from the Anglo-Saxon name “Eastre or Ostora “– which means goddess of spring, they found it more fitting to recognize Christ’s resurrection celebration as “Resurrection Sunday”.

So this Resurrection Sunday, let’s be mindful of the sacrificial life and death that Jesus
suffered so we could be sin free, sickness and disease free, habit free, worry, anxiety and torment free, debt free, fear free, and so many other things, as well as eternal damnation free. Every day is a good day to celebrate Jesus Christ and all that He has done and continues to do for us as our Intercession that sits at the right hand of the Father. Every day is a good day to thank God for giving us His only begotten Son, and allowing us to have access to Him and Jesus Christ any day and any time that we want or need to.

Most recently we have been hearing the words “transformation, restoration, acceleration” and many other words that describe how and what is taking place in the body of Christ in this time and season. “Resurrection” the word the Lord spoke to me this morning, is also another word added to the list of what the Lord will be doing in the church and in our personal lives.

For many we need our love to be resurrected in our marriage, families and relationships.
For many we need faith resurrected in us for situations and things that have long been dead or buried. We need hope resurrected for our future and our tomorrow. And for so many things, we need a supernatural divine miraculous resurrection. And hallelujah, there is a resurrection coming for us, hallelujah!!!!


Resurrection power is found in the word of God.
Resurrection power is found in confessing and declaring the word of God and His promises into your life.
Resurrection power is found in calling those things that be not as thought they were.
Resurrection power is found in believing possibilities against all impossibilities or opposition that you may be facing.
Resurrection power is found in the Blood of Jesus.
Resurrection power is declaring life into situations and people that may dead.
Resurrection power is found in the Holy Spirit leading, governing and guiding your life.

For many you have gotten to a point in your life, that time, circumstances, the enemy of your soul and other things have zapped, depleted or robbed you of energy, strength, faith, love and hope for any thing.


But God’s word to you is “Be not dismayed, for I will cause My word to rise up in you and live in you mightily. And I will cause it to perform those things which I have spoken with My mouth says the Lord. And suddenly I will cause to bring forth and birth forth the life of My word and the life of My seed in you. And I will be glorified in you, with you and through you says the Lord. Say not that there is no use; say not that there is no way or no hope. For I the Resurrected One will cause all things to rise and live again according to My will and My good plans and purposes for your life.
And look up, look to Me and turn to Me with your whole heart, for your Redemption is nearer than was before. Prepare your selves and make your self ready as My bride, for quickly I shall come. Quickly I am working and quickly you shall spring forth, you and your seed says the Lord.

Apostle Dr.Melody Barclay, Overseer


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I love this Eric. Beautiful as you are. Thanks again for sharing.
Amen. Thank you for sharing in love and truth.
Good Teaching Elder Hancock of Levi....

I hope people hear your words because they are the words of the Most High..
that means alot comming from you both
You are a good Brother, Elder Hancock
So are you all..I as everyone hear, only want the father in Heaven to be pleased


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