what do you think. can a preachers actually retire from ministry I have been hearing alot aboutpastors and bishops and ministers that retire from ministry or preaching. some would say you cant retire from a calling. is it bibical ? What do you think?

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Of course preachers should retire there is absolutely nothing biblical about it. If pastoring is a vocation (which it is for many), then retirement and annuity plans should be available. One must remember that there was no such concept as retirement in biblical times. That in no way negates ministers retiring. It is simply a matter of being able to reasonably, rationally, and realistically serve God's people.

In methodism, ALL ministers must retire at age 75. This is mandatory for every ordained minister including bishops. We pay into a retirement, life insurance and annuity plan twice a year. This assures pay for us and our families should our ministry end unexpectedly because of health or age.
It is true that in the past, a person would preach until death (and I have witnessed a few men of God die either in the process of preaching their sermon or shortly after completing it). This was because the people of the church did not support the preacher enough for the pastor to live as a true professional. As a matter of fact, the main argument I still get concerning my salary and benefits is that the preacher don't need all that. Most members forget that ministry is a calling and a vocation that requires training and prayer.
The prosperity gospel has not helped the matter also. With preachers proclaiming a gospel of wealth for here and now the government losing social security for persons under the age of 50, many preachers and their congregants are not adequately preparing for retirement or sudden illness or death. This leaves a major void that needs to be addressed. Congregations are content seeing their pastors drive Bentleys and live in multi-million dollar homes while at the same time thinking that their ministry will continue almost forever. Retirement is about future. No man lives eternally (we must all pass the way of death until Christ returns). It is the responsibility of the pastor/minister to prepare for that time.

I hope this helps some. Blessings
wow I realy never looked at it like that.

Yes its a  calling....


I wish the black Pentecostal church would take this and run with it.


All they care about is "right now living" building their "brand" and nothing it left when the man gets sick or dies.



First, everything doesn't need to be found in scripture when it has to do with common sense- which is basically what the Bible is- common sense


Common sense should tell us that a man should not be leading a church if he is of that age and he can't even remember his own name or function as a leader anymore because of health.


Let's be real here.


We have all these old men sitting up there unable to function mentally and we still holding them up.


RETIRE fro pastoring and rest yourself.


Just because a man retires from pastoring does not mean he has retired from his calling.




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