What was the greatest revelation revealed in your marriage in 2009 and what will you do to build on that revelation in 2K10. Example, I discovered many expectations I had on my wife as "First Lady" was unfair. We have discontinued the use of that title and my wife functions as; "My wife" our children's mother, "a friend" to them members of the church and a "member" of the church.

This works for our marriage and church. What have you discovered for you marriage.

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I am trying to keep our marriage alive after 19 years. I am jobless, so that doesn't help. I am losing my sex drive for my wife and she lost hers for me after the first kid 17 years ago. We've talked about it, so I'm done talking. I feel like I have two options: stay married and not be that happy or leave her and the church, so I won't be a hypocrite. I plan to hang in there for the kids and she is a great mother. Maybe once I get a job and make 6-figures, somehow her sex drive will miraculously revive. I'm just tired. I wish she wanted me, but because she shows no passion, it saps my desire. Well, I gotta go now, so please pray for me and other young, black preachers who are afraid to talk about their boring marriage. Pray I have a desire to make our marriage better. God bless.


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