Just finished the study of the book of Revelation.  It is exciting again to renew my mind on the final events that will take place on the earth at the end of this age.  This is truly a revelation of Jesus Christ and how he will bring all things to a close... He alone is worthy to open the seals.  I like what Paul says about Jesus, "He is before all things, and by him all things consist".  It all comes back to Jesus the Alpha and Omega.. beginning and the end.  Let's not stop teaching and preaching Jesus Christ.  All other preaching is irrelevant!  He is the central message.  Paul said, "I know nothing among you but Jesus Christ and him crucified"!  I listen to messages over the radio and television and about many subjects... and to my amazement, many don't even mention Jesus Christ.  It's all about self-help, prosperity, psychology, our faith, man-made steps to our greatness.  I challenge everyone that reads this to consider keeping the message simple and powerful...ALL ABOUT JESUS.  He said "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me".  Today we have preachers drawing people to them.  They feel powerful, controlling, and self made.  God deliver us from this evil!  

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