This is Mr. Limbaugh job to be insensitive, hence the high ratings. I'm glad both parties blasted him for his statements. If President Obama in some way benefited from a earthquake than so did the American Red Cross, The United Nations foundation, the Mercy Corps, The Haiti Earthquake Humanitarian Emergency, the Homeland Security Secretary Mrs. JANET NAPOLITANO & many other Americans, corporations, foundations & people around the world, add me to the list because as soon as I donated money to Haiti I posted links where folks could go if they wanted to donate money to Haiti. I wasn't doing it to look compassionate and humanitarian, I did it because it's an "Emergency" Haiti needs immediately support & relief.

As far as the remark that President Obama lacks a "Negro dialect" we know where Mr. Limbaugh & others are going with this, President Obama appeal to different ethnic groups, a large group of middle class, below middle class & upper class people in America & people around the world, so if they can just get President obama down to appealing to mainly black folks by talking jive instead of his agenda than it's a victory for them, that's not going to happen. That was obvious.

The problem here is that Mr. Limbaugh is a very influential opinion leader. Mr. Limbaugh only concern is high ratings. I'm not concerned with discussions held behind closed doors & who agree with Mr. Limbaugh in privet, but I do understand Mr. Limbaugh will make statements to shock folks, hence the high ratings. High ratings mean bills are getting paid, high ratings mean Mr. Limbaugh will be chauffeured in a privet car to an over priced restaurant dining on a $70.00 steak dinner, high ratings mean Mr. Limbaugh will be arriving at the privet country club in a chauffeured car or limo spending his day around folks that will accept him because he can afford to be accepted. High ratings mean Mr. Limbaugh can afford a high price attorney & doctor. High ratings mean Mr. Limbaugh will arrive at his vacation beach front home in a privet jet. I don't think Mr. Limbaugh views on Haiti are the views of the majority Republican party, Mr. Limbaugh views on Haiti are only made because he can careless about anything else but high ratings. It's sad, but Mr. Limbaugh can afford to take the punishment of both parties as long as Mr. Limbaugh receive high ratings at the end of the quarter. I really don't think Mr. Limbaugh & others care a about anything, as long as their eating steak at a privet country club, flying in privet jets, living on a privet estate & have a high price attorney & doctor, they can careless.
Here is the story:
Conservative firebrand-radio host Rush Limbaugh joins televangelist Pat Robertson in being blasted by both the left and the right for comments made in the immediate aftermath of Haiti's deadly earthquake.

On his radio show Wednesday, Limbaugh said the earthquake benefits President Obama because it makes him look "compassionate" and "humanitarian"
while at the same time bolstering his standing in both the "light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country."

He added: "We've already donated to Haiti. It's called the U.S. income tax."

Limbaugh's comments about skin hue were, in part, a riff on Sen. Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) much publicized remark in a new book that Obama was able to win the election because he is "light-skinned" and lacks a "Negro dialect."
But regardless of the intended context, Limbaugh's comments have been widely panned.

"They are deeply insensitive," said conservative commentator Pat Buchanan on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "The president speaks for the country when he says we're going to go in there. You want your whole nation, and it's very positive. And I think Rush's comments were cynical."

Sitting next to Buchanan on set, Republican host Joe Scarborough called Limbaugh's comments "deplorable. …The insensitivity is stunning."

As previously reported, Robertson claimed that Haiti got hit by an earthquake because it is "cursed."

A statement from Robertson's spokesman Chris Roslan has since tried to downplay the "cursed" remark.

"Dr. Robertson never stated that the earthquake was God's wrath," the statement read. "If you watch the entire video segment, Dr. Robertson's compassion for the people of Haiti is clear. He called for prayer for them.
His humanitarian arm has been working to help thousands of people in Haiti over the last year, and they are currently launching a major relief and recovery effort to help the victims of this disaster."

Yours truly,
Anthony Smith

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Rush gets my goat.
You know when Pat Bucanan has something negative to say about Limbaugh's comments - he must have went too far for the wicked right wing hate baiters.
I agree, the majority of the Republican party didn't agree with the statement Mr. limbaugh made.
I know President Bush didn't agree with Mr. Limbaugh, President Bush said, "SEND CASH, NOT BLANKETS"
President Bush, President Clinton & President Obama launched a aid for Haiti aid heres that story.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama, flanked by his predecessors George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, on Saturday said the two former presidents would lead a national drive to raise money for Haiti's earthquake survivors. "By coming together in this way, these two leaders send an unmistakable message to the people of Haiti and to the people of the world. In these difficult hours, America stands united. We stand united with the people of Haiti," Obama said.

Haitian authorities believe as many as 200,000 died in Tuesday's earthquake that devastated the Caribbean nation, prompting a worldwide humanitarian response as rescuers race against time to save people still trapped in the rubble.

Obama, who has pledged an initial $100 million in quake relief, enlisted the help of Bill Clinton, a Democrat who is the United Nations' special envoy for Haiti, and former President George W. Bush, the Republican who proceeded him the White House, to spearhead private sector fund-raising efforts.
Obama said they had launched the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and directed Americans to visit the website at and give money, because Haiti faced a lengthy road back to recovery.
"We also know that our longer term effort will not be measured in days or weeks, it will be measured in months and even years. And that is why it is so important to enlist and sustain the support of the American people," he said.

Bush, who spoke next after Obama, said that both he and former First Lady Laura Bush had been deeply saddened by the scenes of horror and death from Haiti. "The most effective way for Americans to help the people of Haiti is to contribute money ... I know a lot of people want to send blankets or water. Just send your cash," he said. "One of the things President Clinton and I will make sure is your money is spent wisely."
The public has already responded to Haiti's plight.

Hollywood star George Clooney will host a telethon on MTV next week, the music network said, while Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have donated $1 million from their foundation to Doctors Without Borders.
A texting campaign that First Lady Michelle Obama made a public appeal for had raised almost $6 million by Thursday.

"Right now, all we need to do is get food and medicine and water and a secure place for them to be. But when we start the rebuilding effort ... we want to be a place where people can know their money will be well spent," Clinton said. The website was already up and running, with a link for visitors to make donations from $25 upward. "What we do right now determines how many lives we can save. Together, we can help communities get back on their feet," the site said. It was Bush's first visit to the White House since leaving office almost exactly a year ago to return home to Texas.

Since then he has kept a low public profile, but accepted Obama's request to join a bipartisan effort which echoed the mission he asked Clinton and his own father, former President George H. W. Bush, to perform after a massive earthquake in 2004 caused a huge tsunami in South Asia and killed 226,000.
Obama's high profile efforts to stay on top of the Haitian crisis may reflect a determination to counter criticism of his own initial reaction to a foiled Christmas Day bomb attack on a Detroit-bound plane, as well as from Bush's own experience. Bush was slammed for what critics said was a slow and half-hearted response after Hurricane Katrina deluged New Orleans in 2005, stranding thousands of the city's mainly African American residents and providing the world with a graphic view of festering inner-city U.S. poverty.

Yours truly,
Anthony Smith
I know this ant no laughing matter, but I think secretly Mr. Limbaugh donated money to Haiti other than what he paid on his taxes. If not, he will.

Yours truly,
Anthony Smith
Why do you think he did it secretly? You mean you HOPE he did.
And if he did do it secretly - big deal - he has the power to sway folks with his remarks about this devistation.
He had such an opportunity but instead, he swayed untold thousands of his ditto-heads to NOT do anything for these people.
Do you know crazy Michael Savage was giving out names of organizations to donate to because of this tragedy? We are talking about MICHAEL SAVAGE.

Limbaugh's day is coming and I dont know if I will have the strength to muster up any compassion for him...(which I should not be proud of).

How could someone be so hard hearted in the face of this:

The more attention folks give to Mr. Limbaugh, is just another good year for him. By calling into his show is just playing into his hands & boosting his ratings. Folks can call into Mr. Limbaugh show all day long blasting him, at the end of the day Mr. Rush will thank them for the points on his ratings.
I said this once I will say it twice, Mr. Limbaugh only concern is high ratings. High ratings mean bills are getting paid, high ratings mean Mr. Limbaugh will be chauffeured in a privet car or limo to an over priced restaurant dining on a $70.00 steak dinner. High ratings mean Mr. Limbaugh will be arriving at a privet country club in a chauffeured car or limo spending his day around folks that will accept him because he can afford to be accepted. High ratings mean Mr. Limbaugh can afford a high price attorney & doctor. High ratings mean Mr. Limbaugh will arrive at his vacation beach front home in a privet jet. Mr. Limbaugh may sound up-set, but he's not it's just to keep calls coming in to keep the debate going so folks will tune in. At the end of the day Mr. limbaugh will be go to his privet estate & shut out the rest of the world. Everybody is blasting Mr. Limbaugh, but I heard for worse from other conservative folks, Mr. Limbaugh supporters have already agreed with him by stating that folks are not listing to him, that if you listen to him what Mr. Limbaugh was saying was to donate through organizations like the Red Cross and The Salvation Army not the government website.


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