I want to start a conversation about hatred of other races in the body of Christ...are we one or is there two churches in the earth? is there a black church and a white church or is the word of God true in that there's just "ONE" body and therefore one church?

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1) Well that is true, but I still know where I am able to worship comfortably and where I will not be comfortable.

2)Well....its true.
1) Like I said, comfort has little to do with it. What happens when GOD calls you out of your comfort zone (and I promise you that HE WILL!!)?

2) Does it have to stay that way though?
1)There are many places in life where you will be pulled out of your comfort zone...How and who you worship with shouldnt be one of those places sir.

2)Depends on who you ask. In a perfect world the answer would be no....but this world is far from perfect.
Both of your answers were cynical. You have a negative aspect on the world, and a negative aspect on the calling of GOD.

1) who you worship with IS apart of it if you are not willing to become comfortable with the brothers/sisters in the faith from other places. It WILL be the place that you will be challenged if that is the place that you are weakest in.

2) The world isn't perfect yet, but GOD is perfect. Therefore if you are really a citizen of the Kingdom of GOD, you are a citizen of a perfect world. Christians have this false theology that we are all going to float away to Heaven, when in fact the LORD commanded us to bring Heaven to Earth. Act accordingly.......
I do not see what is cynical about me being more comfortable around people who share a common culture with myself. That is basic nature of all beings.

All people are most comfortable in their own culture. What if a muslim tried to come and force you to convert to islam...you would not be happy with that because you are a christian(and that is part of your culture). How keen would you be on going to a church where people did things totally different than how you felt things should be done? You would not like it very much because how you worship is also a huge part of the culture of a christian.
please read and try to understand the word of God on the subject of love...your words are not words of love...check out 1st John 4:20,21
When we get to heaven, all of the "hatred, cultural differences, etc.," will not even matter. Somehow, I don't think any of these thoughts or feelings will come to surface because we will either be on our knees or laying prostrate in the presence of our Lord.
Yeah...I'd prefer they didnt exist up there because if they did I would still hold my bias and prefer to be around africans
But Zozo,

They are God's children too - just like you are.
And surely you know if they make it to heaven - there won't be any part of them that is not loveable.
The thing is - you've got to love on them before they get up there. Do they deserve it? not all of them.
But I have met some white saints that you would literally find it worth laying your life down for.
And that's because they have the same Christ living in them as I am sure you do.

I hope you meet some white saints so that you will look back and be sad that it took you so long to move out of your comfort zone.
It will happen.
We'll see sir
If you wait till then, then it will be too late.


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