Saints, please be sober minded & discerning, pray for the nations, and return to unity and the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul. Also, be not ignorant of the coming persecution “intense persecution” in the U.S upon all those who stand for morals and values, who are against laws that condone immorality and abomination (the very things that are contrary to biblical precepts and mandates). What the world is calling “the new normal” has never been pleasing in God’s sight and never will be (God does not change and there is no variable or darkness in Him). We are living in an age just like Daniel where laws are passing and will pass to make the people of God look as though we are law breakers or even strange, or haters, but Hold on saints and walk right, talk right, look right in the midst of darkness, under pressure and persecution. In the midst of it all God is sending “refreshing times” that come from His very presence-- to get all the spots and wrinkles out of His Church, it is in the “refreshing times” that enable us to endure, renew ourselves, and be able to minister effectively, especially deliverance and healing in this great time of demonic infiltration. It is in the “Refreshing Times” where God sends what we need AND IS SENDING: healing and deliverance in our own lives, correction, etc. because when we have been healed, when we have repented and returned to God with all our heart, mind, and soul, when we have been restored, renewed, revived, THEN we can STAND in the gap and for GOD effectively.

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