Hello saints, my name is Minister(prophet) J. Stubbs. The Lord has shown me thing that are on their way to this is n we betta be READY!!! I knw err1 sayn that this is a year of open doors, and the blessings of God,Thats all well n God but i bed to differ. This is the year of the outpour and unleashing of Godz judgement n the earth. These uncertain times arent going to get any better and the lives that we live r goin to get tougher. I saw plain crashes,buildings fallings, and floods. Im so ashamed how the church is preaching these get rich schemes and propsperity messages,when thatz not the word for this hour. I cum 2 send warning to the body of Christ. I knw that these words that r being written arent popular but im willing to go out on the limb, bcuz this is what God has given me. Im here to let every young person knw that you too have to answer to the Lord, no matter how young you are n who ur parents r God iz sending his judgement in the earth.. Saints, WAKE UP, WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! THIS IS A WARNIMG FROMT THE LORD!!! I knw im only 16yrs old but i pray that u take heed to these wods.. Concerning the presidential election this year, trouble awaits around the corner. For the bible decrees that "Woe unto the nations the issues grieveous decrees", n america especially n that category. Look @ these laws saying its ok to have abortion, its ok for same sex mariages to be together..bt no so!! God is coming after his people,the lord has shown me how the church has allowed homosexuals to preach,direct choirs, sing, and ect n HIS HOUSE!!! And to you fornicator,adulterer, liar, and thift turn back to the Lord, for on this hour God is exposing n this is your warning b4 the lord brings distruction to ypu and ur household.. People of God i admonish you to stay n prayer and n fasting. No matta what the world is doing KEEP THE FAITH HOLD ON!!!

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Amen brother Prophet, been saying that for years for God gave me and my wife the same vision of God's coming wrath and destruction being visited in America. You said it right, we have eyes but can't see, ears but can't hear. Watch the signs, do the math look toward Jerusalem as our weather watch for the observance of how all this will ultimately bring the second coming of our Lord. Remember even the elect will be deceived in the last days. And the last days was not postponed due to the fact that Obama is now our president. Be wise and sober my brother and be wise like a serpent and gentle like a dove. And beware of the chief priests, as they are leading many astray. And for God's sake get your passport ready, He will give those who are the elect of Christ a way of escape, if were not caught up. Because your correct being complicit in the murdering of God's children as they are sacrificed for the god of convenience in the mothers sacred womb is a total offense to the Lord. And the gays will move closer under Obama's reign as king of this land to be married, which the enemy is mimicking the light as if he's an angel. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing. Be not deceived and your age is insignificant where the truth's of God's Word has illuminated you to be part of God's mighty instrument to warn us to make our crooked roads straight. It is still a terrible thing to come under the wrath of a living God.

God Bless



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