Salvation is it eternal regardless of the circumstances or not come on lets get everyone’s opinion

But what is your take on what would have happened if the prodigal son or anyone who had received salvation backslides by rejecting the Father, His Son, the Holy Ghost and totally turned away from the faith and DIED without having repented or had the opportunity to return to the fold. Would that person be heading for hell or heaven? This is a conversation that came up with a couple of my work colleague when we were in an after discussion on Luke 15:11-32 so I would be interested in having a discussion and receiving everyone's point of view.

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Yes that is all great and stuff. I don't really have a problem with that, but really it is supposed to be about love one for the other? 

I mean Yeshua sorta made it clear when He said, "they will know they are mine by your love one for the other," not by how well you can teach or preach or even raise people from the dead, which is fairly impressive. 

Now back to salvation and knowing who is His, it is more about love than all of the other stuff added up. It was love on our Fathers part, His Heart or Spirit and more love than I can comprehend on Yesua's part.

Why we have a better covenant is a couple of reasons where in the OT only kings, prophets and priest could have the anointing and in the New covenant we not only can have a mantel, but the infilling which is all about salvation. 

There were two trees in the Garden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life and even though good knowledge sounds good, it allows one to be able to judge others by what they know or what they think others should know. You honestly assume in huge error that I do not understand Rabbinic teaching. I am from the House of Aaron by blood and put that aside not going over all of that, but by going by the blood of Yeshua and if we are like Him then we lay down our lives and will for the will of the Father who not only sent Him, but sends us. 

This really is my understanding of what salvation is.

Now honestly I am not trying to offend here, but for example the words you use show you have a lot of pride in the knowledge you have. For example your boasting you have 60 years of rabbinic teaching compared to me being a young lady. So what. The point is talking plain so everyone can understand and not talking or attempting to talk over peoples head. Love is being plan and not trying to make people feel bad for what they do not know. 

Jesus or Yeshua did not come here and say, hey ya all I am the Son of God and you better act like it. He was able to talk over everyone's head, but no He talked plain. WE are supposed to do that as well and as I said that was not meant to be offensive, but it is offensive to have people talk down to you or in this case me. Make sense? 

I am not even sure why your bringing up fear as fear was not even in the conversation except that you did bring it up? If our words have power and they do, not because of us but because of Him who is in us, then each word needs to be watched as they are a prayer and have a target that can either bring life or kill and most certainly if one is talking down to others, then those words to not bring life. 

Okay this is both to Sarah and Shekinah you are straying off the topic please reframe from straying the topic on hand is salvation it is not about race.  As believers each of us must learn amongst other things disciline. Please no not coment further on subject matter that is not to do with salvation. It really would be a shame if I have to delete 2 and a half worth of discussion because two people do not know how to discipline themselves

It is Not a cause of Discipline is a cause for Righteousness and Torah Observance which your Rabbi of choice administered for you to follow .
See Mattisyahu 5:v17-19

Simply, The children of perdition fail to follow their Rabbis stay on the path he taught...
I have already stated It is not about Race or Romes Misconstruction of the Facts
You shall know the Torah and the Torah (The Enlightenment of G-d) will set you free"

If the Children knew the real reality of How the Master Was able to Kill all the First Born even those behind the shed" that led up to the Exodus from Mitzerim...they would not be fighting at such a trival issue...they would actually go and study how these Laws and Regulations came to be known to those who actually follow Torah and Mitzvot..that is Salvation 101

Shekinahlife I have asked for you to stick to the subject of Salvation, please comply with this request

I did///your fear is missing the connections
I said and YOU disagreed~that is Salvation 101


I keep trying to bring you to clarity however your Mayor within and sectarian indoctrination...keeps the Truth of what your Rabbi taught- from entering in...therefore the Scriptures state you are Unteachable ..unreachable.

 WE are done with this..trying to revive your Dead blog was a waste of time...You should know that it was G-d himself that wanted you to see clearly...past the quagmire of misconstruction...

Shinahlife I am sorry my dear if the teachng of your Rabinal study taught you to become arguementative and abusive when you do not get your own way.  I am afraid you have not sold me on that one I opt to stick with the Holy bible which teaches us to love not war.

Well most rabbis do not teach that Yeshua was or is the Messiah? So paying attention to that rabbis is probably the wrong rabbis to listen to, but your saying that the children of perdition will foll their rabbis advice or teachings. 

So what you teach is that salvation is found through the law and not the law of love and liberty which would make Yeshua a false teacher or prophet? That is sorta interesting? Back to being plain? 

I might add: that if the Prodigal Son story was actually taught right'...historically linguistically and culturally~there would be a mass deflection from what now is errant teaching...leading the sheeple you might already know.
Really is is way past time for the Testament of the man known as Jesus./Yeshua/Joshua to be taught with the integrity that the man walked...Mattisyahu 5:17~19 where Yeshua stated setting aside the Hellenism doctrine of Shaul as a separate teaching altogether...that he himself came to Fulfill the Walk of a Torah observant benevolent man of G-d'.
~Simply he was on the Derech, the way, the Path of Torah light and receiving the fullness of what was intended for one and all -equally the same...Freely given Freely received..all WE need to do is unlock the door..and the wisdom will enter in.
Shalom Aleichem~ Peace be upon you'

Really I think both of you Ramon and Shekinahlife ought to take your own advice and study the Scriptures because I distinctly remember reading that we should judge not and also the Scripture telling us God is the judge so when did you two become God.

Anyway as you both lack understanding on what I stated I will try and simplify it for you. I believe in the Almighty God, I Believe in His Son who He sent to die for us, I believe his Son came down not just to die for us but also as an example for us to follow and to that end I took a vow to follow Him. I did not take my vow lightly, I took it fully knowing and understanding what it means to follow Him who came to save us so when I took my vow it was not lip service it was a vow to follow him till death not till the next day , not till the next week months and certainly not until it got too much but my vow was to follow Him for life until death because I believe every word every deed and every action that mean I vow to walk in obedience, I vow to believe , to follow His example so when I say nothing will separate me from Him I mean it because my dear brothers in Christ I have become strengthen, I have become bold and I have become determine that there is no temptation that will come my way that I will not overcome in order to remain attached to my Saviour who already shew us when He was tempted that there is no temptation that cannot be overcome. My Saviour die so that I can be the master over sin, I am no longer slave to sin so I am able to say no sin get thee hence behind me. 

Now I hope I have clarified my position. And you will both consider your tongues or your pens before you let out what you have inside of you in future. It does not hurt to ask for clarification if there is a lack of understanding instead of becoming judgemental my brothers

Dear Sister,

So you are NOT saying that a person that believes in Jesus and has had his sins washed away by the blood but backslides and lives like the devil will be saved after all.

Is that what you are saying?

Newview I will leave you to study the discussion from the point that I created the discussion topic from the beginning to the end and after that you can tell me what I am saying because you will find after going through that my thoughts, my belief is very open and clear


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