Salvation is it eternal regardless of the circumstances or not come on lets get everyone’s opinion

But what is your take on what would have happened if the prodigal son or anyone who had received salvation backslides by rejecting the Father, His Son, the Holy Ghost and totally turned away from the faith and DIED without having repented or had the opportunity to return to the fold. Would that person be heading for hell or heaven? This is a conversation that came up with a couple of my work colleague when we were in an after discussion on Luke 15:11-32 so I would be interested in having a discussion and receiving everyone's point of view.

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God bless you for your words of sheer wisdom

Lashon Hara will not help:
I have not forgotten your was Shabbat
.................the day your rabbi of choice Set apart and the Christians trample under foot.or disregard as valuable.
My desire was to help your understanding I believe for you that Dr. Laitman is too high a level of Wisdom of Kabbalah for some folks>
I asked my study team and they suggest Rabbi David Aaron for you...

I will suggest to you that you best turn to Jesus, who alone can help you because neither Dr Laitman or Rabbi David Aaron has the answer or the way.

Absolutely no one can ever help you the way Jesus can because He love you so much that He laid down His life for you something I am pretty sure Dr Laitman or Rabbi David Aaron wold never be prepared to do for you.

Yeshua was a simple Rabbi that DIED..alone...and the merits are fabricated from Rome...Remember things like  Constantine leading the CHURCH doctrine or did you not study???
The fabrication of the Virgin Birth (dogma) in 647 CE and the final cannon of that Doctrine in the year 967 CE:( a whole generation) way past the time of the Fabricated Birth Story~ IMHO.
I deal in facts, gleaned from tens of thousands of hours of historical study..and some folks deal in stories and fables....What my dear lady do you do..other than be contentious with the Elders'

My G-d is the G-d of the Living" ..the G-d of Abraham the G-d of Issac and the G-d of Yaakob...which is the ONE Elohim that your Rabbi of choice Prayed to and taught his Talmidim(disciples)  to pray too.
So what gives .do you want to lead astray or do you want to learn and stop being fleeced by your denomination.
Seriously you asked the questions and when it does not fit your SECTARIAN VIEW>>>Crucify the stranger who comes in truth>
Your replacement theology is way after the facts...
Shema Israel is about One G-d the Christian religion is not.
Who you follow is a 1700 year Very easy to to discover religion that has major issues and can be learned  from the archives of Rome: Ecole Biblique (The historical archives) in J-lem has your truths.

You shall know the Torah and the Torah will set you free...Amazing what a little word like Torah does for wisdom, knowledge and finally real understanding.

"Torah does for wisdom, knowledge and finally real understanding."


Ok as a referee, in one corner we have testimony to what people have experienced in which that allows them to "testify" and in the other corner we have books and you quoting books? 


You keep talking about religion? Who cares? Talk about what God has done for you. That is the important stuff. What He has done for you is something you can "testify" to. The rest of it is a book. A book is not a testimony and frankly if the words are not lived they are useless or next to useless.


Who I follow and have no doubt Angelia follows is our Father and our Brother His Son and the Holy Spirit, which is the very heart of God. Not speaking for her, but I will speak for myself, none of that is religion, it is however a personal relationship, that we share with others, because of what He has done for us. Doesn't sell many books or write a lot of wonderful speeches or things of that nature.

Real understanding cannot come from a book> it comes through experience which is one's testimony.  

Dr. Sarah Carol writes:"

You keep talking about religion? Who cares? Talk about what God has done for you. That is the important stuff. What He has done for you is something you can "testify" to.

ANS: I am but a worm. raised up a greater understanding through wisdom handed down from one teacher and then from another ...

As I know recollect it was a  trip up the mountain (1989) with the Ruach (HS)  showing me the times to come and His mercies to one and all equally the same...That changed my Perceptions forever..I Know that I know who is My Master..for as I have His breath I say ~" there is none other but He'
WE have yet to see...these times and terrors... However Humanity can try by Torah and mitzvot ( Deep bible study and deeds,..from one to another creating community) - for within the books of Wisdom~ is a lost key to life and that more abundantly.
As it is written:"HaShem straightens all the bent and straightens all those who seek,...He opens His hand and satisfies the desires of all who seek... He is exceedingly Lauded and to His greatness I will relate...HaShem is good to all and greatness is His name..He has given me favor with Men and through me fed the hungry clothed the naked and liberated many a captive of bondage by a word in time and in kind, May others find His Ahavah as they seek the face of ha'Shem as they seek the life of Ein ~Sof the here and now and like the revered Melech Doveed /King David... learn of the Great intimate love and then rescue others in the strength of the L-rd.

Yes, May HaShem have mercy against those who  go Aha Aha liberate others ,..Regardless.

Let all come to the Mountain as the Seventy with a clean heart.
  Let all see the paradigm shift back into His glorious life of Torah and mitzvot..the light of reformation is within..the Life more abundantly is within The kingdom of g-d is within you and I, equally the same.



Solid teaching is something humanity needs to get a hold of..._
Then perhaps EGOism may be curtailed into more constructive venues for generations to come.
just a thought'...other than that read my books of Ahavah to the One and only.
I owe no allegiance to another but the King of Kings of kings...why you ask...because the Master Creator made Himself very real...gave the authority to raise the dead to life by His life breath alone..that is to this day a Living miracle.
HaShem has given me a Quiver of Children all of them Not forsaken or begging for bread all that is to the glory of ha'Shem and the Torah which is alive in my heart and alive in my life.

HaShem will give wisdom as We require it ...Yes in an Instant a healing occurs and there is no way to know but by Intimacy under the wings" of the Master Creator...that it their time of visitation..

By Ha'Shems guidance,.. I have fed the multitudes  clothed the naked provided work and help to hundreds from our little charity (Tzedakah) box over time and over life.
But as it is written Not by Might Nor by strength"Not by my strength or direction But by my Obedience to the Voice of the one who makes Himself available to one and all who seek with sincerity.

HaShem always hears the heart cry of a woman for the Woman Chavah was the mother to all humanity and He heard Eve's prayer and her cries..
Yet I am a worm,. removed from My Israel which is within my heart and never leaves -even for a moment are His wonders or thoughts too far from Me In Fact they are very near and they are in my heart.
I am a Tzaddik and son of it is written Are ye not all the Son's of Elohim?
When WE all realize WE are all one humanity from the one Creator..perhaps the WARmongering within our members may subside to more lofty ideals...that may bring the Moshiach, go figure that?
Who knows that may bring restoration to all humanity...By the breath of His nostrils may the Light of His Torah Life,... the ShekinahLife find His wisdom within one and all and unlock the timeless wisdom of the Ancients to a sick and dying humanity soon and in our time.
~Baruch Ha'Shem<>

You know Shekinah, you state that Jesus was simply a rabbi who died alone, well my son you err he did not died alone there were untold people around when he died untold people who witness the final discourse , the thunderings and the final renting of the vail.  So just know and recognise he did not died alone because even the enemy witness His death that is the reason why is ressurection is such a great feat and achievment, that is very is name carry such power and the blood victory. 

Now I wonder why if you think my Saviour is just a simply Rabbi why you came on with a pretence to believe in Him and try to protray yourself as one of his followers, did you really thing believers of Christ so frickle that they would not be able to use the foresight gain from my Saviour to recognise a tare.

You see don't you that satan deception is not a patch on the power and victory that we have in our Saviour. 

thank you this is very encouraging to know someone knows truth

Rabbi Akivah had 24,000 Disciples when the Romans Tore the Skin off his the age of 100+ ...and His teachings are still relevant today. Still considered One of the foremost Kabbalist  in our times.

So what is your point???

The man that paul called a MAN and that the 'Angels called a what to you??? AHA a Savior. LOL

Ok Judaism 101 states : for the most part -You must save yourself through Adhesion with the Divine Creator (Whatever your perception of that maybe) Buddah Yeshua Yeshu.etc...
  However a point to be made for clarity is this: A man called by Roman theology as Jesus and that the Historian Josephus calls Yeshua is rather puzzling -would you agree...
So Josephus was CLOSER to the FACTS than you are,... so was the mans name the Name ROME gave him or...Question: Is the story of ROME tainted a bit???

This is what is said:

"The overwhelming majority of modern scholars consider the reference in Book 20, Chapter 9, 1 of the Antiquities to "the brother of Jesus, who was called Christ, whose name was James"( Yaakov)  to be authentic and to have the highest level of authenticity among the references of Josephus to Christianity"

Oneness to ONE G-d...or as WE say,.. that is Shema Israel a teaching your Rabbi of choice preferred as he stated clearly in the text at Mattisyahu/ Matthew 5 :V17-19 ~"I came to Walk out the Torah"...
You should too.for a greater live and that more abundantly...
Also another value to our community globally is this "Klal Israel Arevim Zeh Bezah = ALL Israel is responsible for one another" ( Shavout Talmud 39 a) WE are one from the One ...

Interesting about that Vail torn thingy..Several years ago I took a team of Historians..looking for ANY-thing relating to the Torn Vail of the christian ANY other historical documents...)...Outside the Fabrication of Roman theology on the Planet.
Study is a good thing time to refute the Lies and fabrications of Rome.

Rome one ruled with the sword now they do with Religion....That is why I am a Kabbalist, Simply because it is the Science to the meaning of lifeand that trumps all the contention and illiteracy..found among those who choose not to study historical facts.

As to Satan the Chapter of your Book Galatians 5:V17-20 tells the story of the Yetzer Harah the Evil inclination within YOU and I all the same.... NOTICE: NO mention of a Demon a Devil or a fallen whatever...ONLY The FLESH of mankind is listed...Now if you are mentioning the Celestial Ha Satan..then see the story of Job for clarity.he is used of G-d..and is limited.

There is however no law above the teaching of the Seifirot which it points to Love Peace Mercy (Hesed) etc...

Ten Commandments

Shekinah, one of our greatest weapon us as a believer must possess because without it there is no hope of pleasing God is the sheild of Faith and it is one of the thing that I so dearly possess why you my friend is having such a hard job of shaking me from my solid ground.  You see you my friend think in the flesh and while you do there will be many things of Christ that will escape you because they are only available to them who believe.

















































Mr. Shekinah quoted me, but without understanding. While I agree that a man's acknowledgement and appreciation for his eternal soul and indwelling spirit is important, I do not see him "awakening" as Mr. Shekinah so eloquently put it, apart from knowing Christ. As I stated, It's about relationship. Mr. Shek said,
"Now the question is how will you achieve this so great and mighty degree of wisdom?" There is no wisdom that man can attain to that will bring salvation to his soul except it comes from God. If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth liberally and upbraideth not. There is my friend, a wisdom and a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death. How can you know the true nature of your soul except you come to know the creator of the soul, even the Father of it, who God is? Mr. Shekinah, you are only half right. There is an essence that inhabits the body of all men. This essence comes from God, but is not God. This essence is the soul and the spirit of man. We must however, ask for and receive the essence of God (who I will call the Holy Spirit) to come into our bodies also. Upon His entrance into our hearts, our souls are "awakened" to know spiritual things (things of a divine nature). This is how we have the mind of Christ. It is because of the indwelling Spirit of Christ communing with our souls. It is not God's intention that we become self-absorbed, but rather that we become Spirit-filled. Mr. Shekinah said, the very essence of all Creation is within each and every one -all the same. If this is true, then I am no more than the bird, or the beetle? Jesus said, How much more are you than the bird? We are more than the bird, more than a pebble, more than a bubble on the water. I do see your logic sir, but it is in need of fine tuning. You are not far from the truth, but you have not yet arrived. Missing by an inch, is all the same as missing by a mile. I can see that you study, and this is good. But what does it profit to study the wrong material? No man knows all things, but he can know what is revealed. For there are mysteries, hidden things that belongs only unto the LORD, but the things that are revealed belongs to you and your children forever. What is hidden to one is hidden to all, and what is revealed to one is revealed to all. Don't go thinking you're all special. If I see what you don't see, it does not mean that the thing is revealed unto me and that the thing is hidden from you, it only means I can see it and you are blind._Selah.

Enjoy your journey:)


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