Salvation is it eternal regardless of the circumstances or not come on lets get everyone’s opinion

But what is your take on what would have happened if the prodigal son or anyone who had received salvation backslides by rejecting the Father, His Son, the Holy Ghost and totally turned away from the faith and DIED without having repented or had the opportunity to return to the fold. Would that person be heading for hell or heaven? This is a conversation that came up with a couple of my work colleague when we were in an after discussion on Luke 15:11-32 so I would be interested in having a discussion and receiving everyone's point of view.

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Kevin would you believe the amount of people who come on here and say that is why we are not God. Guys come on we are on a Christian site so everyone will be aware that we are not God. Now there is a discussion going on where if people have something to contribute that will help us in our walk then please contribute if one has not ot a clue then either say so or say nothing because it is not helpful reminding us we are not God when none of us says we are. I think you guys seem to forget that we are to study to show ourselves approved a workman rightly dividing the word of God.  So guys look upon these discussion as a form of studying. And please don't say the other that you get people say we are not to have discussion otr debate on the word of God please go back and read your Bible and see what the first thing Jesus was doing when His parents found Him missing.

Now finally your question Kevin on whether or not the person fall into sin or total reject God I suggest you read the passage quoted and make up yopur mind as the Scripture has been given Luke 15:11-32 once you have familarise yourself with the story please make your contribution if you have one to make. Thank you






     Blessed be Yahueh, God and Abba(Father) of all who abide in Y'shua. This is a daily occurrence for many are hearing but not heeding the call of Yahueh. If you hear the voice of Elohim harden not your heart. Except you become as  little children you shall no wise enter into the kingdom. The Bridegroom send his servants to inform those invited that the table is spread and the Feast of Adonai is going on. They each began to make excuse. The bridegroom replies that they shall in no wise eat of His Dinner. It is a dangerous thing to flaunt an invitation from the MOST HIGH. You will lose your place at the table. I have omitted the references as it is prudent for the seeker to be as the Bereans and search the scriptures to confirm if these things are so. Children are humble and hear their parents voice; he or she who would be saved must desire to hear Yahueh voice  by His word; and an invitation refused is damnation confirmed.


They going to hell if they don't repent of there sins, according to 2chronicles if my people which are called by my name will humble them self and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ness, and he'll forgive their sins and heal there. Land 2chronicles 7:14

I like it the message is clear.

To me at least what has not really been defined is "what salvation really is?" 

People have opinions on what salvation is, but one thing is we have not exactly apparently heard from God on what salvation is and that probably is the best source? 

Is salvation being a son of God? Is it being born again? 

The answer of the question of how eternal salvation is might very well be dependent on what salvation really is to determine how eternal it is? 

If salvation is "those that are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God," then salvation is one thing not really preached very well or very often, which is really scary, but then again lets add one other component, which is "blessed are the peacemakers as they are the children of God," is yet another qualifier of salvation? 

Do we debate the question of salvation because we tend to send our children off to wars to fight? Could be? 

Salvation in the OT used to be knowing God's plan and then walking in it, but then since the arrival of Jesus we have a new definition where it says all we have to do is "believe" in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, then we have "and thy house," so obviously there is a little more to it than just believing? 

Then again we have two types today, we have one type that thinks having a lot of Bible studies is the way to salvation as they seem to do a lot of them? 

Then again we have Messianic Jews that tend to believe that Yeshua is Torah and there is a lot of understanding that needs to be done to follow Torah and all the holidays and rules that seem to go along with understanding Torah? 

Yet we are told salvation is so simple a child can figure it out, yet it seems adults seem to have a problem with what salvation is, yet everyone seems to have an opinion about whether one can loose something that no one is really sure that one had? 

I don't want to forget the part where we are saved by Grace through faith, but no one really wants to say what faith really is? Like faith in what or whom or faith to go do something? 

Also in the OT we have a picture where Israel was the most powerful nation on earth. They had the Ark of the Covenant, and today we are a part of the Ark of the Covenant and if that is true, which I believe it is, then why are we not moving in what we have been given to fix what is needed to be fixed, such as ending starvation or deal with homelessness or deal with the sick or those in prison? How deep is our faith when we allow some 13,000 people PER DAY starve to death and we still call that salvation?

I mean lets be honest if we can, what type of church or minister or minister is not working to end starvation of which we all should agree that starvation is not the will of God? 

I am sorry to put it that way, but I am sure God would love to see us out of love end one thing such as starvation? 

I mean it does say in scripture that "they will know that you are mine by your love one for the other, but it is ok to allow people to starve to death? I mean, it does say that whatever we do even to the least of these, and if one has ever witnessed people starve to death, they probably would be considered the least of these? Maybe it is a part of salvation to care about the things God cares about and we all do know that He has a heart for those that are starving? 

OK it is true that starvation is a big thing for everyone to work on and fix by themselves? Ok how about if everyone that called themselves a Christian or even a believer would give $1 per month to end starvation, there would be enough to not only end starvation, but take a small dent out of homelessness. 

I mean can we give it an effort. How about the good news that God really cares for people through us His people that are saved?

Those who have truly repented and placed their faith in Christ will persevere to the end...not without ups and downs, but they will be known for not walking in sin(ie. lifestyle, enjoying the sin), and bearing fruit.

We continually sin daily-without even realizing it-but are cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. 

All soul are chosen before the foundation of the world Judas was born to do exactly what he had done this is the potter and the clay some vessels for dishonor and some for honor. We don't choose Christ, Christ chooses us no man or woman come to Christ unless the spirit draws them. God must put a spirit that is acceptable to Him for his worship to even be Honor it is not on us to say who is saved or not this is strictly a matter for God.Jacob was a subplanter, Samson was a whoremonger, David was a murderer and an adulterer, God judges the hearts of men out of your heart proceeds your judgement not the outward appearance that is judged by man. that which is done on earth is all ordained by God, even that which is done by your hand has been preordain for your path in life all things work for the good

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we are all eternal one thing is for sure but were you spend that eternity is up to God he is the Potter we are the clay some vessels are made for honor others for dishonor, hell was made before Adam so it is purposed for everything on earth God is the director of all our paths we don't choose God ,God chooses us and many have still not figured it out yet.the author of hebrews said in the 6th chapter lets move on to more mature things in Christ. Rev.2:17 find this hidden manna, notice all the letters to the church were to be written to the angel of the church in rev. in all your getting get understanding. seek ye first the kingdom of God and when you find it your eye shall be open to all things John 14:26 believe it.

Paul I truly think a study of the Scriptures would be a good idea for the Scriptures state we should study to show ourselves approve unto God a workman that needeth not be afraid of its tool.  

Whoa to those who continue to follow the spirit of blindness which crept into  the church unnoticed,which has the blind leading the blind and using people for revenue and merchandise,addressing issues that has nothing to do with the freeing of the children of God. Giving sermons from your own mind and not directed by the Holy Spirit, I suggest that many of you get on your knees and ask God to forgive you for that which you do in darkness,the time of judgement which begins at the church is now at hand for time is very short and at the critical point. Repent and be baptised,Repent and be Baptised,Repent and be Baptised!!!!!


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