Salvation is it eternal regardless of the circumstances or not come on lets get everyone’s opinion

But what is your take on what would have happened if the prodigal son or anyone who had received salvation backslides by rejecting the Father, His Son, the Holy Ghost and totally turned away from the faith and DIED without having repented or had the opportunity to return to the fold. Would that person be heading for hell or heaven? This is a conversation that came up with a couple of my work colleague when we were in an after discussion on Luke 15:11-32 so I would be interested in having a discussion and receiving everyone's point of view.

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It is simply a matter of what is Revealed to a person of proper intellect and what is Hidden from them. All things come from G-d.
Once the Reforming Light or the Shekinah light of the Creator penetrates the Hard Ice in the heart of man through the intense study daily of Kabbalah, with other men.of like heart.
Truly I say to you, breaks the Barrier of the Corporeal world, and allows entrance into the world of Ein Sof ~ a higher revealing of what WE mean to one another. Otherwise Religion will continue to defeat its intended purpose..that Israel bring Shalom to the world for one and all equally the same.

That is the Vestibule of heaven that some Talmidim (students of the Master) get the opportunity to achieve
IMHO, with 3-score worth of following the Master and the Shekinah light of G-d into all truths.Trust me when I say;  HaShem does not allow Slackers to carry His awesome authority over the absolutes....The Healing the sick and raising the dead power only arrived by child like intimacy...and Mature like Emunah

And Yeshua said to Nicodemus -if you do not understand the Bar Mitzvot and Brit Milah Then my dear student may it be so However,.. How may I introduce you to the more lofty things of the universe and multi-verse revealed within the higher wisdom of Kabbalah as our Fathers Abraham taught.

" Inanimate Vegetative Animate Human - Shekinah~Life
~There are four levels to Creation; the inanimate or still, the vegetative, the animate and the speaking levels

EVERYTHING" comes from G-d / HaShem /The Creator and if someone -God Forbid ~stated that is not true,... that is a grave transgression to deny Shekinah,..that is simply that is in christian terms_Anti-christ and blasphemy against the Ruach Ha'kodesh  ( Kodesh means Holy "~~ Ha means The',...  and Ruach means in layman's terms the Holy Spirit.

If the children used the modern conveniences like Google to SEARCH a thing out...then the world would be a better place.....well perhaps less violation of Isaiah 58:v9 

No, That would only Enhance the EGOism if not for the Inherent correction that comes with deep calleth unto deep ~study. ..
When a Son' is ready The Master' always calls them up higher' Sadly, others do not hear the call for correction in their lives and so there you have it, Destruction is right before them~   and that soul is destined to repeat this dimension....

  • That is the meaning of 'The ground opened up for Korah"

SEE Pirkei Avos ~Ethics of the Fathers" 


As a 'pastor' seeking wisdom to add to your theology, you might find this an interesting study.

As always dear student of G-d~YH"VH,...Enjoy your journey:)

well said Pastor King

Shalom Angela Loundes;

I don't know if this topic is being discussed today or not, which was posted in January of 2010.  But, my point of view is this .. The book of Luke 15:11-32 is a PARABLE that YAHSHUA [JESUS CHRIST] was telling it to the Gentiles & the lost nation of Israel, the Hebrew Israelite.

A similitude and to the point is in the book of Romans 11:11-32, please read.

It is very easy for anyone to pick up and read these verses of Luke and think that this is what needed toward SALVATION, but I will say ... NO! But it is good toward family, friends or mankind on Earth. Yet and by no means do I claim to be higher than a man of dust.

How many would really want to know the way toward SALVATION?

I wrote a book, and it has been out since 7/2011 ..."THE WORLD WITHOUT END" myself, Prince Yosef II.

This book is so real and true that it has so many in this country and abroad trying hard to put a stop in marketing it.

If you are able to read it, then you'll be able to see, base upon the Scriptures, that many were and are being deceive concerning SALVATION.

Also, my web-site ... ... will enlighten you as well.

To give PRAISES to the MOST HIGH


Prince Yosef II

Shalom to Prince Yosef II
Interesting site Nothing new revealed however...
The print is a little large to read. you might tell your Web developer...
~Your site is a little too EGOistic...for me with that BIG Headliner promotion...and thereby distracting a bit from your message..IMHO~
On another note;

This young Jewish Rabbi may explain your concepts a little more in detail.

Shalom Alechim

Yosef, why on earth would you think that I would be any more interested in your book. Has satan sent you to test me.  Have I not made it clear to one and all that I am grounded firm and sure in Jesus Christ the Son of the living God Him who was the word of God by whom the world was frame and who was with God being thus with God from before the beginning and Him who left the throne to be born of a woman remaining fully God yet fully man living amongst men who shunned Him and Him who being made shamed, abused and scorched yet still willing laid down His life and pick it up again to bring the world  an opportunity to reconnect to the Father.

Yosef, know ye that you cannot serve two masters, why do you persist, have we not already dealt with this issue of faith in 2010 during the following discussion link:

I see you still carry the title that you hold so highly that was handed to you by that satanic group call the order of the mason.  If you want me to take anything seriously that you have to give then first dispel with the honour that you place with such high regard then dispel your allegiance to the mason order and confess Jesus Christ as your Saviour until then I have no regard for that which you seek to share. 

You see salvation real salvation which comes through the shedding of the blood of the Son of God is free and available to one and all but not to satanic forces, you must freely shed yourself of all allegience to satan because satan will not be allowed to reside in the kingdom, you cannot be a follower of satan and claim to be a follower of Christ come on.

Salvation is personal we to work it out with fear and trembling.  We are not to judge, if you judge you will get judged.  One would only wonder why a safe haven would block any one from God.  Freely have he give unto you freely give it back.  When we backslide it is easy to have a desire to want to block people from a forgiving God, but can you?  Who are we if we look at the outer to judge people who are hurting.  God will look at the heart.  When we are chosen we are nothing like what we will become.  Trials come to make us strong.  How many are born anointed?  Those who are are a bit restricted from hands-on-experience.  When you live a thing you will find the power to master it.  Power that only God will give.  Ultimately, who can judge?

Be blezzed

Ronnetta the question is not whether or not salvation is personal but whether or not one can lose it through our action.. Neither is the question about who is judge I think you can safley assume that we all know God is judge . You have offered your opinion that has nothing to do with the topic. It would be nice to hear your opinion on the topic because as our brothers keeper we all have a responsibility to each other to help each other to walk in a way acceptable to God which also mean helping each other to avoid the pitfalls. That is brotherley love.

I replied to that discussion and I had a comment on your page what happen to it.

You response is there about about salvation is personal and judging but that is not what this topic of conversation is about no one is judging and noone is saying it is not personal what the question is about is whether or not it is possible to lose ones' salvation

Personally, I don't believe in the move of "once saved always saved".  A person that had once known the Father, confessed and repented of his sins and believed that Jesus had died on the cross for our sins, will go to hell if he changes from that frame of mind, commits sin, and dies in it.  No sin shall enter in heaven! If God turned His back on Jesus when He was on the cross, He definitely will turn his back on any other sinner and say, "I know you not".




LUKE 1:8  HALLELU*JAH* TO *JESUS*. Heb 9:14 forgive us afresh Our Gracious *FATHER*...

this iswhy we are not God . God know the heart of men. GOD will judge all of us ACCORDING to are everthing we have done.but we are saves by grace through faith. was this person one who fail into sin aredid he total rejected Jesus?.


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