Salvation is it eternal regardless of the circumstances or not come on lets get everyone’s opinion

But what is your take on what would have happened if the prodigal son or anyone who had received salvation backslides by rejecting the Father, His Son, the Holy Ghost and totally turned away from the faith and DIED without having repented or had the opportunity to return to the fold. Would that person be heading for hell or heaven? This is a conversation that came up with a couple of my work colleague when we were in an after discussion on Luke 15:11-32 so I would be interested in having a discussion and receiving everyone's point of view.

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Judgement begin at the church but it also belongs to God and we need to take heed of Paul's concern of not preaching others in and preaching ourselves out because it is so easy for we ourselves to take on the role of the judge condemning everyone and judging everyone. Be blessed my dear brother, love, peace and happiness let it be your portion this day

I see you have not seeked for the Kingdom of God and only live to enter it,you can not enter into a place you have no knowledge of, in which you were told to seek first. You will find when you find the Kingdom all the questions about God and the scriptures will be answered and Jesus parables will not sound so foriegn to you.there is a lot you don't know about the word,but didn't Jesus say the comforter will teach you all things or in your teachings that doesn't mean to be litteral

Paul my dear sir without love none of us will be getting anywhere please remember the fruits of the spirit. 

My love for you is superior and unconditional,and I desire to not let you be decieved and help in the understanding that the message of Jesus is so important that those who crept in the church unnoticed will be exposed. I refuse to be one who engages in unfruitful conversations that don't uplift the actual meanings of scriptures.

Paul I am aware of those that have crept in the church unaware that my friend is why I choose to ignore you and ask for you to stick to the topic on discussion and not try to twist people up in things that has no baring on the subject we are discusion salvation not the black history if you wish to discus that topic begin another thread but do not come in with it through the back door, back door is for the evil one.

Shalom to all toward this discussion concerning ... Luke 15:11-32.  This is not toward the Everlasting Salvation, instead, the recover of a lost nation or people of the MOST HIGH.  The same is spoken in the book of Romans 11:11-32. 

If there is anyone that would like further explanation concerning this, please fill free to respond ... or, better still, my book ... THE WORLD WITHOUT END by Prince Yosef II.

Thank you,


Whom Do You Serve? What is HIS Name and What is HIS Son's Name? Surely you know! (Joshua 25:14, Pro 30:4; Ps 68:4)


     Be it known to all; there is only ONE who saves, Yahueh ha'Elyon (the Most High). Y'shua, whom many call Jesus, lived a life submitted to the Father's Will. The Messiah's whole existence was to do the will of YAHUEH, may HIS name be exalted. He would never have set aside HIS Father's will and nor should we try. YAHUEH is the name of the Most HIGH. He sacrificed HIS ONLY Begotten Son (the Lamb of Elohim) slain before the foundations of the World. He loved mankind so much, that HE saw our error before HE created us, you and me. HE saw our error and decided that Y'shua had to die in our place. What manner of love is this? That our Creator would give all for us.

     Y'shua created us. And yes, He followed HIS Father's instructions. Y'shua, is (God) but He tells us He is not the MOST HIGH. My Father is “GREATER THAN I”. Greater and Equal are not the same thing. (My Dad and I are of the same substance but He, being the one from whom I am from, will always be greater than I.) This is no less true of the Son of Yahueh, same substance - not equal. Even before crucifixion; Y'shua says “not my will but thy will be done.” Even in the resurrection, Y'shua still kept the Father's Will because He rose again after the Sabbath was complete. How many more ways does Y'shua have to show those who claim to follow Him that His Father's WILL is Life Eternal?

     Y'shua says "My doctrine (teachings) are not my own. I speak what I have been taught. I do what My Father does. I do always those things which please my FATHER." What more does Y'shua, whom many call Jesus, have to do or say to let those who would follow Him know that It is about His FATHER. Yes, it is about Y'shua; but all Y’shua was ever about was HIS FATHER.

     We have been invited to worship and serve the Father. You can't get to the Father except through Y'shua); and you can't come to Y'shua except the Yahueh draws you. Do not be deceived the Life, Death and Resurrection of the Messiah are all about the Father’s will to wash, justify and sanctify HIM a people, a nation of kings and priest, to worship and serve HIM in spirit and in truth. We serve, if so be that we serve HIM, a very present Yahueh!! Yahueh and Y'shua are the same yesterday, today and forever. Choose you this day who you will serve? As for me, I choose Yahueh!

May the rewards of Yahueh abide upon all those who diligently seek HIM, in the name Y'shua Messiah. Amen


Shalom ... Shalom my Brother,

I truly concur as you have written, and so it is, period.

Many are circumventing the chosen Nation of the MOST HIGH, the Hebrew Israelite.  Yet in still, this is why our Savior YAHSHUA (JESUS CHRIST) came into this doomed World.

How can anyone even say that they are saved or even know about GOD (ELOHIM) if they don't know about HIS People, even the Principle of YAHSHUA after the Order of MELCHIZEDEK?

More in my web-site & book .... the world without

Shalom, & Peace to all

Talking about the people of God the tride of Judah is the blacks in america and other various countries during slavery. This is why it is important for the country to not allow us to know exactly who we are and where we came from,this is part of a decree by Ceasar to make the tribe of Judah disappear,and spread out that in time we would nolonger remember who we once where. Written in one of the withheld books by the Roman & Greek theologians who gave 66 books to the people of the church and organized religion such as in the tower of Babylon people. The Gospel of  Nicodemus is and authentic writting but it explains too much of who the blacks in america are,and reveals the real reason why Pilate turned Jesus over to be Cux.The religious leaders of that time proved that Jesus should not be living because of Herods killing of children and the age of Jesus and where he was born,they also made note that Jesus was the one Herod was looking for this justified Pilates actions. Study to show thy self approved unto God, in all things get understanding

Paul Brian Wilkins - What has this got to do with the topic fr discussion, please stick to the discussion topic. Thank you

You are another one that will speak on anything other that that which will open the eyes of the truth of Gods word in the freeing of his people,how sad blindness and sleep is good for you and continue playing church and when the Lord says I knew you not don't say you have not been warned NETANYA!!!!!!

Paul, I suggest in your getting you get understanding and leearn what the word of God state about judging. With all that said please stick to the subject at hand. Thank you


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