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Here is another link to some videos that I think you'll find interesting. It is rather lengthy - 50 individual videos of 8-10 minutes each.

The Arrivals is a series of short videos that are aimed to show us all the religious signs that prove the foundation of all requirements for the existence of the Anti-Christ, Al Mahdi and the second coming of the Christ. Each episode proves a point. The series concentrates on the very basis of Muslim-Jew divide and goes to the olden times of Jesus Christ. The movie takes the help mostly from Holy Qu'ran, as well as the Bible and the Torah. Each claim is well supported by documented facts that are well explained in the series. The series also brings many conspiracy theories to light which are prevalent these days. It analyzes the advent of the new world order and the motives of the group that want it to be put into practice. The series doesn’t only address the Muslims but it is a invitation to truth to all humankind. The authors will tell you that the series is not to propagate the Muslim point of view about things rather it supports its claims from the holy books shared by the Jews and the Christians. However, I have found that by the time you get to Episode 38 and beyond, it really does focus and encourage the Muslim faith. Nevertheless, the information about the New World Order is worth viewing. If you are strong in your Christian or Jewish faith, then you should not be swayed by the promotion of the Muslim faith throughout this series. When you log on to this site, you will see commercial videos at first, just scroll down and you will see the actual video to be viewed - these videos were purposely placed behind the commercial videos.
Thanx for the videos.
You're welcome.

It's a lot of info to take in all at once; so I will probably revisit the website and view the videos again and take notes along the way.
lol, Chaplain, how sly, sending him awaaaaaaaaaaaaay lol to study
Actually Evang. Fugett,

I was just sharing some information because Bro. Hezekiah and I had previously shared similar information; so I thought he would want to add this info to his collection. Nothing sinister behind my motive.

Shalom in Jesus
ROFL, please forgive me, both you and Bro. Hezekiah, lol
No offense taken Evang. Fugett . . .
I also support and am spreading the word about this series, The Arrivals. The creator is a Muslim but isn't sunni or shia. It is mainly focused on the workings of evil but it preaches tolerance between Christians, Jews, and Muslims. I didn't really see it as promoting Islam as much as it was trying to show what Islam is really about. It is hard to argue that Islam has no place in end-time prophecy. All you have to do is look at a map to know it is involved and look at who the media is telling you to hate so that you will support warring against the enemies of America. But are the enemies of America the enemies of YHWH/ALLAH/G-D? This country has pulled the wool over our eyes. It wasn't founded by Christian pilgrims and it isn't run today by Christians either. This is simply what it makes it self look like on the surface. And it does it long enough and hard enough to maintain Christian support. But in actuality it is an empire controlled by satanists. Did a Christian design the street layout of Washington D.C. in pentagram? Why is the pentagon built into this shape? You would think that anything so involved in the government you, as a voter, would have a right to have explained to you and yet the masons take oaths not to reveal masonic secrets. Hmmmm..... why is that? What are they hiding?

Summer, 1967 at Owls Nest Camp with two future U.S. presidents: Ronald Reagan, Harvey Hancock (standing), Richard Nixon and Glenn Seaborg[3]

What is the significance of the owl, of the grove?

The truth is that they worship Molech/Ba'al, the sun god and the one who sees in the darkness, the mysteries. I hope one day you will all see the level of infiltration. And I hope that in that day it will not be too late.

WOW THIS IS DEEEEP go to my website and learn the truth on MASONRY! This is very DEEP!!!!
Bro. Mullino,

I tried entering your website and received an error message: Angel Fire Error 404
Try this one chaplain

i forgot to put the slash at the end
This is scripture right before your eyes, and you lay it no mind, and wonder why there is going to be gnashing of teeth..


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