The Sabbath is one of the most talk about controversial topics, however the 7th day according to scripture is the Sabbath, as many are compelled to instruct many theory’s, claims or doctrines on how the Sabbath should be observed.

In Judaism according to Judaic law, Saturday is the 7th day Sabbath. Which on a large scale the 7th day Adventist and many Hebrew Israelites would agree.

It is knowned historical fact, that the origin of Saturday was named after a Roman god called “Dies Saturni

It is also a scriptural fact that the Biblical Israelites observed a Hebrew Lunar calendar, which they have used to calculated the Sabbaths and holy feast days. New Moon in the Hebrew lunar calendar is the beginning of the month.

The calendar that we use in modern society today (Roman Christian calendar) is no where mentioned in scripture, nor was it ever used by the Biblical Israelites. Upon comparing the Hebrew Lunar biblical calendar vs the Roman Christian calendar (Gregorian), It is evident that the weekly cycle upon both calendars (Hebrew & Roman) are not identical.

The Julian/Gregorian which is a calendar that is inspired by Satan does not constitute the New moon as the beginning of the month, as being that this was done on purpose.

The Sabbath law was given a few months after the Exodus period, during that particular time the Roman Christians calendars did not exist, neither did the word Saturday or Dies Saturni. So upon knowing this fact, you would ask yourself. What calendar should the 7th day Sabbath should be calculated upon ? Should I calculate the 7th day Sabbath upon the Biblical Hebrew lunar calendar or the Roman Christian calendar that was inspired by Satan.

In this website,
it will explain in full detail on the origins of Saturday and the Biblical Lunar Hebraic calendar.

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Do you have a copy of the Rabbinic calender?
Shalom Brother

No I do not have an actual Rabbinic calendar, I only have a copy of the New Moon / Sabbath dates for 2010 & 2011 which is in the "sabbath calculation" section within the website.
Shalom Aleichem,

Ohh ok. Are you saying that keeping Shabbat on the Roman Calendar is wrong? If so, what day exactly would Shabbat fall on in equality to the biblical calendar?
Yes keeping Shabbat on the Roman Calendar is wrong, also there is no scripture that shows anyone calculating any sabbaths or any holy feast day on a Roman christian calendar that was inspired by Satan.

As throughout the scriptures the Shabbat, New moon and Feast days went according to the Hebraic lunar calendar, that constituted the New Moon as the beginning of the month.

In regards to calculating the Shabbat, you will have to do the research on how to calculate. The information is available for you to see in the "sabbath calculation" in the . In the last section "sabbath calculation" it will show you step by step on how to calculate. The calendar is combined with the lunar phases and the Gregorian calendar.

For example...... This Saturday evening coming up 1/16 is first appearance of the New Moon, which marks the beginning of the 11 Hebraic month called sebat. By confirming the New moon, you can to the horizon, 1 hour after sunset to see the New Moon to confirm by visual sight to confirm as it was done in Ancient Israel. The lunar phases calendar in the website is accurate, but seeing something visual is of course more accurate than anything.

From Calculating the shabbat from the New moon, please keep mind on not New moon as a day. The new moon is a Neutral day (not part of the 6 day work week) according to Ezekiel 46:1-3 & Amos 8:5.

The New Shabbat upon the 11th Hebrew Month called Sebat that is equivalent to the Gregorian Calendar is every Sunday till the next New moon. The visual chart reflects this information in the "sabbath calculation" section.
Shalom brother,

Forgive me, but what day are we to keep the Sabbath? In other words, which day on God's calendar would equal a day on the Gregorian calander to keep the Sabbath?
Sabbath varies per each month, as it goes according to the New Moon. For this Hebrew Month that were in which is the 10 Month, sabbath falls every Thursday even and all day Friday.

For the 11th Hebrew Month that starts this Saturday evening, the sabbath is every Saturday evening all day Sunday.

The weekly cycle on the Hebrew calendar is not identical to the Roman christian calendar, that is why the sabbath is on different days upon the Gregorian calendar per month.
I had to bump this tread up. Good Thread.
God's sabbath is NOT dependant on the moon. It is every 7 days. Fot those that use a Gregorian calender, God's Sabbath starts on Fri. evening and ends Sat. evening.

And this is how you can prove it with the word of God;

[15] And ye shall count unto you from the morrow after the sabbath, from the day that ye brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven sabbaths shall be complete:
[16] Even unto the morrow after the seventh sabbath shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the LORD.

This feast being described is the Feast of Pentacost. And this feast day ALWAYS falls on the day AFTER the 7th Sabbath, which for us is Sunday.

Now if God's sabbath were determined by the moon, the day of Pentacost would fall on a different day all of the time......but it does not. It is always on the day after the 7th Sabbath; SUNDAY!


You said:
God's sabbath is NOT dependant on the moon. It is every 7 days. Fot those that use a Gregorian calender, God's Sabbath starts on Fri. evening and ends Sat. evening.

And this is how you can prove it with the word of God; and you provided Lev.23

Your statement is nothing but an opinion that cannot be supported through scripture, however In my first initial post, I clearly explained when the Torah(Tenak) was written,including the book of Leviticus, the Roman empire was no where in existence, neither was the roman christian solar calendar that we use today, which is called the (Gregorian / Julian) calendar that is inspired by Satan. The calendar that was used by Ancient Israel is a lunar calendar that institutes New Moon as new moon is scriptural. The calendar we use today IS STRICTLY solar One does not have to be highly intelligent to know the difference.

PLEASE READncarefully the initial post that includes the historical / scriptural facts that proves that DIES-Saturni (Saturn-day) or Dies sol (Sun-day) is not the 7th day sabbath. Here is the link again... which provide factual info..

Yah is the auther of confusion...... Here are three questions, that you or anyone can answer....As scripture will provide the answers to our questions, (if the answer is found in scripture)

Question #1 - Show me one scripture that says Saturday or SATURN-day or Dies-Saturni is the 7th sabbath. Note: Dies Saturni is Saturn-day "The roman god of agriculture"

Question #2 - Show me that shows the ancient Israel calculating sabbath, New Moon and the holy feast days upon a Roman christian calendar (Julian / Gregorian calendar) ?

Question #3 - Show me one scripture that says the weekly cycle upon the biblical lunar calendar is identical to the weekly cycle upon the Roman christian calendar..... Note: The
biblical calendar constitutes New moon as the beginning of the month, as the Roman christian calendar this is inspired by Satan DOES NOTconstitute New moon as the beginning of the month.

There are over a billion people on this planet and opinions or statements without Yah's word means nothing... So in this topic, let the ancient writings (scriptures) speak for themselves.
Let's get some reality threads back on this site.
I thank God that there are others in this world not blinded to the truth. When discussing the Sabbath with others, they insist it is on Saturday every week and I try to point out to them that it is impossible based on the fact that the Gregorian calendar does not coincide with the Hebrew Lunar Calendar. If the new month begins on a new crescent then there is almost always going going to be a Sabbath falling on a different day on the Gregorian calendar. It always falls on the Hebrew 7th day, but it is not always Saturday. People that fallow the Gregorian Saturday are unwittingly giving worship to satan whether they no it or not. It is one of the evil ones greatest deceptions and includes the majority of Jews also. God set the sun and the moon for signs and times for Sabbaths and Holy days and all need to spend the effort to watch for the New Moon and worship and rest on the days set by Our God and Savior


PS replies appreciated.
Shalom Brother Douglas

The majority of Hebrews mix their walk with Christianity or Judaism. I call them Hebrews in christian clothing or Hebrews in Jew-ish clothing. Many people have no idea of the importance of New moon, as many have never been tought or took time to do the research. New moon is mentioned so many times in scripture, so you would figure that this day is important, however New moon day is mentioned in Ezekiel 46:1 and cannot find New moon day on a solar Gregorian calendar. Also in Isaiah 66:23 says New moon and Sabbath, both days are inseparable. A person who keeps Sabbath cannot deny New moon, it's either accept Sabbath and New moon or deny both, there is no third alternative.

Ecclesiasticus 43:6-7 (Apocrypha)
6 He made the moon also to serve in her season for a declaration of times, and a sign of the world.
7 From the moon is the sign of feasts, a light that decreaseth in her perfection.


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