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I'm studying for my Master's degree in Theology, and I'm one of those strange little children of God, who likes to dig deep into the Word, and dig out hidden truths, and those gems that some people don't see as being important....So having said that....I have a question I would like each of you to study and pray on and submit your response:

In Mark 4:36, scripture says "And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other little ships."

My question is this: What was the significance of the phrase " ALSO WITH HIM ,OTHER LITTLE SHIPS?"

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First and Foremost I want to commend and encourage you. In your quest and thirst for the love of God's word, will, and way .
In this text that you speak of [Also with him,other little ships] lies a hidden parable about God will take care of you. { walk with me please]. They were in a lake area that was known for bad storms. They [disciples] were mostly fisherman and they knew of the danger. That's why they hurriedly put him {Christ] in a boat. In the area were many other small boats ,after all this was a fishing area, Many of the boats were for fishing and some had brought many of the multitude. when the storm arose all of boats including the disciples. They also were caught in the storm and in perail. I feel safe in saying because it was a small lake and many ships in the area. It's a great chance that this miracle were seen by others. They along with the disciples and God caught in a strom. They saw Christ awake from sleep come out and demanded that winds obey. They seeing this act of God were more sure than ever. That this trully was / is the Christ.
I agree with your analysis of this scripture verse, and want you to read what another man of God sent in:

consider what it meant for an individual or individuals to come to a decision to follow someone who was following Christ in a small boat in the midst of a large ocean? WOW! The very idea of this is extremely bold and would certainly require a great deal of faith/trust in the one that they themselves were going to see and that person was Christ. I believe the other little ships represented big faith. I am sure that the little ships also shared in the distress and danger which came about during their voyage. I am also sure those who were in the little ships desired to go because they wanted to go along with Christ and because of this I believe that because of their big faith, they to weathered the storm so that in the end, all could be a testimony of the Lords power. Little ships, big faith : )
Minister Ted Jordan

Also, here is my thought on it:
I receive your response as a true revelation; and it is profound.

How often do we as children of God desire to do a great work for God, and we look and see the 'spiritual big shots' of the church going here and there, being used and going forth to do great works; but us 'little people' are on the side lines with enough faith to move their mountains AND ours; but we are hardly ever seen, barely noticed by man, but GOD sees our faith, he sees us ministering to that neighbor, that co-worker, that backslider; he sees us in our prayer closet interceding...and when the blessings and the favor shower down in the ministry,, we receive ours just like the 'spiritual big shots!!". Thank you for this revelation. Stay blessed man of God!!


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