SEX or Abstinence Message In the Church...Need More Abstinence Programs in the Church

Greetings Pastors, Youth Pastors, Parents and Single Adults,
Rodrick Glover enjoyed speaking with you.   We are interested in coming to your church to speak to your teens, single adults, and parents about making healthy life choices and Abstinence.  We stand behind 1 Corinthians 6:18-20.
We as Christians must educate our young people with what GOD's word says about sex and abstinence and develop more abstinence messages monthly in the church. We can choose to take a back seat and let the world teach them, but believe me its going to be at a high cost.  It might cost them their lives.
Even though 87% of youth up to ages 15 are not sexually active,  funding for Community Based Abstinence Programs Nationwide has been eliminated and those funds have been diverted to more liberal and often inappropriate "comprehensive sex" education programs.   This new term, "comprehensive sex" education includes teaching our teens how to have sex, including sodomy, oral sex and even promoting masturbation.   Comprehensive sex is being taught in public schools across the country.  Abstinence training is not included in these programs.
Rodrick Glover and Motivations Drama Group (with singing or Gospel rap) would love to assist your ministry in teaching teens, parents and single adults how to make healthier choices.  Please contact National Speaker  Rodrick Glover (Biography) directly at (615) 360-6291, if you have any questions. 
GOD Bless and Be Great,    
Booking Assistant

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Are you really STRAIGHT with Jesus Christ? GOD is looking at all. Read your Bible Flee Sexual Immorality.....I Cor. 6:1-20. If you are having sex outside of marriage you are not are riding with the devil not Jesus. When GOD look at your sins, He's not comparing you to someone else He's focusing on wether or not you are having sex outside of Marriage. It's time to stop looking at everyone else and look at your self. Are You lining Up with GOD's Word? The Question that you need to answer is " Are you really STRAIGHT with Jesus Christ?" Read that I COR. 6: 1-20....and then let's talk.

GOD Bless and Be Great!


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