Sex ( Why are Christians afraid to have honest discussions about it?)

Sex, historically has been a bad word in the body of Christ, I mean from the stand point of having real, honest and open conversation about it from a biblical, emotional, sensual and natural point of view. However, christians, including pastors seemingly have more problems with sex than those who practice sin as a lifestyle. We who are called to uphold a standard for the world have just as many if not more problems around sexual issues than the world.

We MUST have deeper, wiser and more real discussion, teaching and preaching concerning this issue so that people will be well informed so that each of us can make decisions that help us to marry partners that have the same sexual desires, appetite and inclination as long as they remain within a frame that God can honor. God does not want us to have frigid sexual relationships with a spouse but He also doesn't want an anything goes sexual relationships. He wants us to have balance yet more freedoms than the church has been willing to discuss. Hopefully this will decrease the number of divorces in the church.
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Sister I have. No kidding, I have.
Yes. When I was married, I did.
I remember I was crying because God was revealing some things to me about our marriage and his marriage to the church. The holyghost came on me and really enlightened my understanding of how much he loves us (his church) and how much my husband loves me.

Jesus died for his church, he comforts us, he fills us up with his spirit and we bring forth fruit as a result. As the Lord began to show me things, I began to see how he wants his bride to be. He gave his life for his bride. What greater love can you have than that?
My experience was similiar, but a different revelation. I was shown how it was SUPPOSED to be as well as the fact that the man I married was NOT my husband. We will need a separate blog for THAT one.
AHHHHHHHHH Im speechless..........
So very true. It's sad, but true, last week I was in one of the neighborhoods where I witness and mentor kids and I heard a FIVE year old little boy make a sexual statement that blew me OUT of the water. He said "I need some ***** (fill in the blanks). Now, WHAT on earth does he know about sex other than what he's seen or over heard? That tore my heart up! What did I do. Chastise? NOPE. Why? Kids do what they see and hear, not what they're told. So, instead of Chastising him, I chastised the Mother. That's another issue. These young mothers with boys are allowing male after male into their home interacting with their boys. Not EVERY male is a MAN and a role model. The same goes for women Not ever female is a WOMAN. We can't allow our children to be exposed to any and everybody or any and everything! Some TV Programs should NEVER be seen by kids. EXAMPLE: BET, VH1, MTV...all you see is sex in the SINFUL nature of the word.
A lot of what children learn is in the public school setting as well. One sister told me that her granddaughter learned about the gay lifestyle at school. Her girls basketball coach turned her out and she is now bi-sexual.

My little sister just confessed to me a few months ago that she was raped in elementary school by a 12 year old boy. She said for years she kept it in and wanted to kill herself. She also told me that in high school some other awful things happened to her. These are some of our main reasons for homeschooling amongst others.
I am really sorry to hear this,,,I am very upset,,someone had taken there fustrations out on someone else..hurting people will hurt other people..

If we don't talk about sex just like Pastor Bell said someone else will and where does that leave our children. More importantly it should be discussed in the church a lot of questions i hear is why can't we have sex while saved I love God and he made sex so why can't we do it all the time? There is so much misinformation about Sex going on in the church it's like if you bring it up at bible study everybody eyes is on Judging you then you see the Pastor get that look like ok one of those people and then you feel bad for asking about it. I say this because I saw this happen one to may times to other people. Where is the classes? where is the support love and encouragement to help those that want to be sexually filled in there Marriages? Sex is not dirty and it's not a dirty word but something that can be enjoyed with the right husband or wife God has for you.


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