having been called on by those exposed , those doing the exposing, finally those who were hurt,destroyed,almost destroyed/affected by this issue, to war through prayer , sound ,compassionate wisdom,understanding,and relentless adherence to scripture through the HOLY GHOST on the matter of deliverance,healing,and restoration, should they be restored to office? what about the mess in the wake ( p.s. i wasn't called on until after the fact. sometimes months,some instances years .)CHRIST is so soon to come and that these things still have to be dealt with is @ times "mind boggling"

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I feel if they have Spiritually been restored then Yes,,Be mindful that they still have a Ministry and it must go forth,,Now if they have a history of recycling sin then we are dealing with a stronhold and it needs to be cast down or out!! And in that process he or she should not be allowed to practice in the Ministry... Because that Spirit will fall on the congregation
Bro.Eric ,for discussion sake :Spiritually restored? Is open confession invovled? How is deliverance proven ?
Anyone can be restored back to Christ after falling with full repentance. However, when a shepherd over a flock has such a fall it usually has a trickle down effect. Having such a lewd expose involving any type of sexual misconduct, whether it is of a homosexual nature, adultery or a tryst with a prostitute, can have a lasting, damaging effect on members.

God holds those in leadership to a much higher standard which is why he said woe unto you Pastors which scatter my sheep. When I was a youngster, our pastor raped, molested and sodomized women and children. He even fathered several children by some of the female members. Those of us that were in the dark were devastated when it all came out. Some of the women and young girls victimized by this pastor had not yet recovered all these years later. Most of them have completely backsliden and have no faith in any person claiming to be a Christian.

The damage done to the flock is what needs to be considered and not this man's ministry. If he gets involved in something like this as a leader he needs to step down. I believe too many are concerned with these Pastors and have not considered the lasting effects of those that have been weakened by these actions.

His ministry must not have been all that important to him if he or she are having sexual tryst with gay or lesbian lovers on the side. Everyone wants to blame it on a moment of weakness , but lets face it these are usually not one time actions and they only express sorrow when caught.

Let the church say amen.
I do believe if a person repents and then takes time to work through the bondage and truly gets delivered, Yes they should be allowed to Preach again. Everything does take time and an honest person would take that time to truly recover so they can be the Man or Woman God called them to be. Only God can expose and say when a person is ready to Pastor again. Our job as a church is not to kick them while down but help love them through it no SIN is greater then the other SIN is SIN we must remember that.
Bless GOD for your loving response. Just discussing now, it seems "no sin is greater than the other sin" begin to come into play and stay, around the time the "church "began to compromise to the point of what's the difference?as a "voice crying in the wilderness" its surprising how much i hear that from those who don't want to repent (turn,change their mind,) just throw an i'm sorry @ GOD ,then, carry on as usual.
Having said all that, i'm soooooooooo thankful , grateful, happy, elated ,alive, (you get my drift? smile) that i have been forgiven of my sins ,,i die daily , i present myself a living sacrifice,holy, and acceptable unto GOD,it's just my reasonabl3e service
May i ask why are you still @ this church? not in judgement,just curious .
oops, reread your response ,,you answered my question
A youth once asked his leader, "How can you teach us about marriage when you have been married and divorced sooo many times?" The youth went on, "You can teach me other things, but don't tell me about marriage."

The youth leader responded, "I understand how you feel. I guess I would feel the same way. Maybe I can't teach you how to keep a marriage together, but I most definitely can warn you about not doing the things that will tear it apart. In doing so, maybe, just maybe you will be able to keep your marriage together whenever you get married."

Next scenario...

A ministry leader who was over the church finances was caught stealing thousands of dollars from the church's account. Over a period of 5 years, he had stolen over $60,000 dollars! The Pastor and church leaders pressed charges. The ministry leader went to jail, did his time and came out a new man. Renewed in mind and in spirit. He was truy on fire for the Lord. The pastor approached the former ministry leader about rejoining the ministry team with one exception, he woud not be allowed over the finances again. The man understood and accepted. The ministry leader flourished in his restored faith and became a mentor.

Now inspite of the above testimonies that I just wrote.....

Just because you fall in an area, and have repented and are forgiven does not mean you need to be restored to that position again to be completely forgiven. You can be restored to the family and to fellowship but you do not have to be restored to the position.

God gives several examples of leaders who fall before the congregation and still must experience the repercussions of their sins. Moses was NOT allowed into the promised land. The sword NEVER left David's house. But we believe that "love" means forgive, forget and come on back to the place where you left. This is not and should not be the case all the time. You can do more harm than good by restoring a person back to their place of leadership because you could send the message to the "people" that they can get away with anything without having repercussions.
Minister Busby,
You took the words right out of my Mouth. Moses and David were the best examples of this particular post and their issue had nothing to do with a homosexual tryst. For something must lighter God cast his Judgment.

A good way of looking at this would be to use a scenario involving a Youth Pastor:

Case in point

If a youth pastor is a convicted Child molester and he repents and appears to be delivered from his sins, should he be restored to his position as a youth leader. No. I certainly would not want this delivered person dealing with my children. This is not to say he wouldn't be forgiven or loved as a brother but sometimes Christians must let go of our own feelings and discern situations for what they are.

When dealing with sexual sins that involve lewdness (child molesters, homo-sexual activities), adultery (a hurt spouse), fornication (sin against the temple of God), you cast a gray shadow over your leadership office. As a brother or sister, you can be restored to fellowship but actually being the watcher of other men's souls becomes a whole other situation.
EW Ministries,

For some reason, there are many in the Body of Christ who believe that when you don't restore a person to their former position that you are not truly forgiving them and not loving them.

This is why I always go back to God's word for His example of how He dealt with leaders, the nation, sinners, His people (the Body of Believers both OT and NT)

Restoring the person to the family is VERY important. But restoring them to their former position is not of equal importance.

They can still be a witness to God's grace and mercy and the love we Believers have for one another without being back in leadership.

However, I often find that those who have strong opinions for a person being restored to their former position are actually MINISTRY LEADERS themselves. I guess, either they have been in a similar situation or know someone who has or are afraid that if they fall that no one will "cover" them and completely restore them.

It would be like getting fired from a job that you absolutely LOVE!!! *sigh*.

We use the term "love" so ... mushy.. for lack of a better word. It's not all ooey gooey feelings. It is also disciplines. For whom the Lord LOVES He CHASTENS. But we want to say that only God should do such a thing.

If we really believed that with our super spiritual selves, then we would aslo be against punishments for crimes committed in our cities, our nations, our world. We would also be against impeaching a President. We would also be against removing teachers and public officials for inappropriate behavior.

We live by such double standards sometimes. Our super stars can live hellified lives and we still will support their participation in the spectator sport or their movie or music.

I don't quite understand it. Grace and Mercy, ... come from the same place that punishment and chastisement originate... LOVE.
Amen Minister Tracy,
Wisdom must be applied as you have done here. Your explanation of Love needs to be understood better by Church Folk because The Lord said that he chastises those whom he love and the Last time I checked, chastisement usually hurts, but it is for our good.

We need to stop misunderstanding what the Lord has meant in the past and what he means now. If he spared not the original branches (Israel) we being grafted in need to be careful lest he spare not us. To much arrogance in our pulpits and churches equals an angry God. oooohh.
EW... oooo weee.. you are about to open a can of worms up in here.

I have seen people read things that I write and think that I am anti-church leadership or on some witch hunt for them or something.

That is sooo contrary to who I am in Christ. If that were the case, I'd have to hunt myself down because I hold a leadership position as well. Been in leadership positions for over15 years now LOL.

The reason I'm so hard on leaders is because to whom much is given much will be required. Yes, we are "human" just like everyone else but again, there are certain things you do not want the president of your nation doing either publicly or in private that may cause shame on your nation. He represents YOU to the world. His ambassadors represent HIM to the world. We ministry leaders represents God's leadership to the congregation or the gathering of Believers under whatever roof. Even if your gathering is a social community online, you must still "represent" as we say in our urban culture.

And then as regular John Doe Believers we are ambassadors of Christ. So, there is NO excuse for any of us... none whatsoever.

My sister got in my face about something not too long ago. I mean she was HOT. But it was because she didnt have all of the information. At first, I was angry with her confronting me... but later I understood why. It was because I am a leader, I must be sure that I do EVERYTHING to represent God in the best way possible. I'm not saying leaders should disclose all of their private business to their congregants, but they must be aware that what they do in what they call "pivacy" may still affect the flock.

Perception is a heck of a thing!!!

Walk on eggshells ... no! But just be aware of those around you lest they stumble and fall while watching you.

I've seen waaayyyy tooo much behind the scenes of Church leadership, church politics, church "cover ups", etc. We criticize the Roman Catholic church for covering up the sins of their priests but I be doggone if we (Protestants -- who got that name from protesting...) don't do that same type of cover ups and try to say, what happens at "home (your church)" stays at home.

The world is watching. They are not ignorant. They are not blind.

I've seen sooooooooooo many congregants hurt because the person that was in leadership at their church fell... and I mean fell big time. It attests to them maybe putting that person on a pedastal but also to the island mentality of some ministry leaders that whatever they do is their business and won't affect their flock.

I've been at the church where I am for over 10 years now. And I STILL visit other churches regularly. Some Pastors are so controlling of their leaders that you can't teach, preach or even visit another church without their permission. There can be loving protection without a controlling spirit... hmmm is it a fine line between the two. (uhm.. wait, I'm venting aren't I and have moved off topic - LOL)


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