Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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As we near these End -Times, the love of money has crept into Pulpits in the disguise of Salaries, Pastor Appreciations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. The more money some Pastors receive the less Word (we) the congregation receive. Because they have to run back and make sure the trustees or deacons aren't stealing from them...When it comes to that money, they don't trust the Trustee!
The Word of God is being turned and twisted for people to justify their own sins.
Not only are the Preachers/Pastors robbing their sheep, they are allowing outside wolves,
(Commonly Known As Pulpit Guests) to come in and rape the people as well.
Knowing these are crooks, is that really LOVE for the people....They ask, "Look here Doc when you come let me preach"?
If I see one more miracle line I'm going to Uhhhh! $50.00 if you believing for a house....$100.00 if you believing for a car....$500.00 to touch and agree for that job that you will be making more money than you ever have before.......And all of you believing God for a husband or wife need to line up over here, $1000.00 line!
Remember Rev. Ike? He was so right, people couldn't loose with the stuff he used., With all those Psych degrees, what he was using was the poor people's pitiful minds.
There wasn't a black woman I knew who didn't have a little red prayer cloth she carried in her boosom.
Pastors/Preachers are using that same identical thing today, the weak minds of people. To which I don't set blame totally on Preachers/Pastors. Folk aught to read and study the Word for themselves. Then they will know God has NO respect of persons. ALL Pastors, Preachers, Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets the same in the sight of God!. We only need faith in our loving Father who promise to supply All our needs. But Pastors/Preachers seemingly don't need faith, they know with a church's salary, their needs WILL be met! Pastor Kay above testimony blessed my soul when he said God supplies ALL His needs....He was at one church 17 years, at the current one since 2009 and doesn't receive a salary! A man after God's heart verses the people's money. Hat off to you Pastor Christopher Peter Kay! Men are actual going to school to become a Pastor/Preacher. I've even heard they now have a school to teach you how to speak in tongues. What's next!!!?...Getting paid to learn how to fly like angels? Lord help us. I know there are some real men of God out here that God does speak through, but they are one in a million! That's why so much defense on blogs such as these.
One would seemingly feel highly honored to have been given charge over God's most precious possession...
SOULS! It is a position you would think many would be running from instead of running too. Are they not forgotten they will have to give account for each one of those souls? But because it's such a lucrative and prestige position everybody wants to be a Preacher/Pastor. Please pray for our leaders...Looks to me a lot of Flesh when spelled backwards spells His 'Her (SELF)
Must be the money!.
Clarice writes:"Must be the money!.
I will defer back to my March 8th comment the Links would grow up any serious student..they would soon see the difference in Teaching...No jump and shout foolishness just good solid teaching from those who wrote the Book..and those who were Married to the King of kings of kings of kings at Has Sinai... Enjoy your journey.

If the Children really wanted to know the Bible,... They would turn from there superficial understanding and sit at the feet of the Sages of Israel.
~ Why? Because the Sages and Hasidim of Israel wrote the Bible WITH UNDERSTANDING and Really do know their Scrolls far more than the Gentile court has taught.

Sages and Rabbis Lay there lives down for the protection of Israel and that is TORAH INSTRUCTIONS plain and simple.
Above are ~Just some starter places for those wanting to come out of 'The Imperial Church of Rome's' Misconstructed dogma and embrace the real Halachah of Israel inclusive of all the days understandings.
The Torah, Prophets and writings and qabbalah(= received traditions / tree of life teachings) Tanya ( psychology of the Soul/heart) that Yeshua taught from.
Simply Yeshua was a product of his generation with all the trappings and persecution from Rome.

Trust me in that the teaching is like night and day and the revered KJV has some serious discrepancies which are the reason of the leading astray.

Simply if people want to know the Set in Stone rulings regarding Tithe or anything all they have to do is STUDY and OBEY the sages as Yeshua taught them to do...But Sadly they refuse to go back to there heritage and walk the walk.

This is a MUST listen to audio lecture from someone who found a greater teacher than the money grubbers....

May HaShem bless your study~

Shavua Tov.
Every Man has to support himself.
Greetings Everybody,

You know one of the main issues in the Body of Christ today is the laziness of the saints.

I notice a reocurring statement taking money from the congregation.

Churches are suppose to be industrious. Or own business'. You see if more churches
were set up the right way. Salary for the pastor and anyone else would not be an issue.
When a church owns business', its not just making money for the church but when
members cant find a job the church got one for you (its about ministry and doing good).

Its still about ministry. In todays times the church should be active in the employment
feild. But church folks are lazy. When the pastor wants to expand the church boarders,
the first thing that comes out of most church folks mouth is I aint doing that or we cant do
that. And it makes it hard for a pastor who truely loves Gods work to have 12 spies to
go scout the land and ten come back with a faithless report.

Board members should be people of faith, business savy and with good sense.
As the scripture says mighty men or women that can help the Pastor discern the times.

But hey, if church folks get behind the vision of their local churches. Then expansion
or as the Bible says trading or doing business, your local church would flourish.

But Church folk think it can be done because they limit God to their short sighted, limited
situation and the way they think. God is bigger than you think.

Like it or not, church is a business. If Ford or GM can expand and be industrious, why cant
the church. When a church start doing business in a Godly manner of course, salaries are
a non issue.

Churches are non-profit corporations with guidelines to be set up a certain way where
there should be no anxiety about money.

Oh there will be challenges but we walk by faith and not by sight.

Pastoring is not just a spiritual profession but it is a much needed earthly prfession as well.

In Christ
Pastor R. Phillips
Greetings Everyone,

Also let me add.

The work of God god is about saving souls and promoting the Gospel in the earth.
Absolutely no doubt about that. This is primary. A pastors motive should be here
We are vessels and tools in God's hand. Remember the story of the the Potter.

If you belong to a church and you are giving your money or tithe to a church where
the leadership is misusing the funds and you know it (not your asumption), why are
you still there.

If we get more active in our local churches, instead of being critical about things we
dont understand. The division in the body of Christ would decrease dramaticly.

I also see that a lot of people feel like if a pastor gets a salary or is seeking a salary
he is not in the will of God.

Pastors we cannot be araid of what people say or think. We are not called to be men
pleasers but to please God.

Every Pastor that is reading this post. Do not let the devil condemn about your salary
or your future salary.

I have seen pastors put out there house trying to please church folk.
(not because they were not working, they were trying to save the church)
I have seen pastors work two jobs as well as pastor because church folk wont give.
These type of stresses in a persons life will cause hurt and bitterness.

Men and Women of God (pastors)
you are worthy of your hire.

In Christ
Pastor R. Phillips
Well this is a great question and one to be considered. Currently I pastor a new and upcoming church in the Dallas Area of Texas, in the hood. I chose not to get paid since I work a full-time job, however that might change in the future. I believe a laborer is worthy of his hire, but that shouldn't be his focus.
The focus should be on souls being saved for the kingdom of God. I am paying others for there labor in the ministry and their devotion to the work of the ministry. I have considered other alternative, like writing a book or even selling cds or dvds to support future income. I'm devoted to the ministry being self-sufficient. The Lord instructed me to have the congregation to only pay for tithes and offering that's it. No multiple offering which drains the congregation. I am to teach and preach the Lord's way, the life of love and sacrifice. We are not to be in it for the money at all.
Pastot Donahue, Me and my Wife just celebrated our 4th year as Pastor and wife. It has been a blessing. I work a full time job as well and I do not take a salary from the church. God has sustained us financially. But what I has discovered and I,m sure you woud to is the TIME. I want to spend more time with my church family and helping His people. Just yesterday I had a church member that called me on my cell phone and he needed to talk to me about something he was going through. When I told him that I was at work and could not talk. I felt it in his spirit that he felt that I did not have time for him. And this have been a command problem that I face. When you are faithful the money will come but you will need time for your people and that is key. And I know that I have lost members because I could not find the time to visit with them or guide them through hard times. This have been my burden not the pay but the time. God gives a Pastor such a heart of love for His people that he wants to be there for God's people at all time. And it has been breaking my heart to miss Bible studies because of work. Even Some Sundays after I preach I have to run from the pulpit to the job. I struggle with this daily. Keep me in prayer. Please pick up my new book "To the young minister" Dealing with my experience as a young preacher. email me at
Greetings Pastor Edwards

I understand where you are coming from as well. Me and my wife both work.
I will be lifting you, your wife and your church in prayer.

God Bless You,

In Christ
Pastor R. Phillips
Dear Pastor Greetings in the name of Jesus , I want your friend, I want you to know that I am a pastor from West Africa Sierra Leone which I want you to parner together and I want you to hve a wonderful year 2010 you and your wife and children.

God bless you As I am looking forward to hear from you

pastor Emmanuel Bobor
God bless you Pastor Emmanuel Bobor,
I would love to Partner with you and your church family. I will be in prayer for you. Please send me any information on your church if you can. You can visit our website at

God Bless
If God expressly tells me to pastor for free then He sure has other ways to repay me for my labour in His vineyard. Is he engaged in some other forms of activities that give him income to keep himself and his family? If yes then he will obviously not mind the burden of ministering for 'free'.
But if there is no other source of income then he will soon get disenchanted with the work of ministry and fall out of ministry. How far can he go without food on his table? That's the big question.
I think is is another one of those questions that will linger on and on because no matter how much biblical backing you give their always going to be someone that disagrees. I just don't understand how you can say your a christian and go against what the word of God says?


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