Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Mrs Roberts writes:"To make it brief".
There is only two things held with Merit outside a Torah education...They are first and foremost Tzedakah ( Pious-benevolent-charity) from one to another ( Not an institution) And Two~ Teshuvah /T'shuva which is simply RETURN /or repent,... and then go and study the Torah, for it the Torah is Life.
Torah is the Tree of Life / Eitz Chayim.
{ Note~ The teaching of Yeshua for this was the Prodigal Son of Israel and what did he do????...He saw that he was undone and Returned" YHVH the Fathers house.
The Multi-verse is the ABBA's house and within it are many dimensions~~See Yochannon 14:1ff ~Mansions=dimensions]
The entire theme of Torah is a incessant Baal Teshuvah movement ( Repentance movement)with a global focus on Prayer / Daven ~and gathering the Tribes back home...much preparation is going on.

It is time for Aliyah for those who are ready.

Hillel the Elder said, "Be of the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving your fellow creatures and bringing them close to the Torah." (Pirkei Avot 1:12) -

How can we teach and preach faith and not walk in it. They tried (blessed their hearts) to bless me with a salary and I had to give it back to keep the church going. There are people who don't believe that tithe and offerings do work (smile). They will be faithful every Sunday and no matter the teaching they will hold on to what they fill they have worked hard for. Pastor a Church for free is a broad door. May I ask then who's paying the bills. Let me understand the big picture (smile). Hope this doesn't sound like debate just curious. Above all I need an understanding. Is there more to what you are asking. "Should a Pastor, Pastor a Church for free" "Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do?" I belive a man or woman of God should give of themselves freely without having to say. I will preach and teach for X amount of money however, if there is a genuine monetarial blessing for them receive it. (Smile).
Mrs Robert's writes"~Let me understand the big picture (smile).
Baruch HaShem... Perhaps this may help

Also this may help a little --Lawrence Kellerman~~ Flaws of christianity~~

it will depend om the environment that you are . I preached at a maternity home here in Accra, Ghana. I don't receive any thing for it because it is my work , sometimes I preach on the street i don't expect any thing from any body . I have to give other pastors who preaches in my church money for any cost they might have incurred .
I had asked a question kinda of on the same path as this but didn't get many replies...didn't know this was already a discussion on the same subject...Would love for you to reply to this subject on my page, as to your insight and how you feel about it. Pastor White
I have given it a thought and I will like to make a little contribution. Let me start by saying I can Pastor for free but is it really free? The answer is no. Why? Because I will take my time to teach them about sowing, tithing, offerings, sacrifice and taking care of their Pastors.

As a matter of fact no man can actually pay a Pastor the amount he/she is due. Let me also add that Pastors are supposed to be the wealthiest. Do you know why? From God's Word.

And let me ask you a question, how will he/she meet up with the day to day responsibility? I believe and I am in support that Pastors should be paid and brethren should learn to bless and sow financially, materially, and etc into the lives of Pastors.
Once again...LOL the church was never commanded to tithe..
Well,... actually the Gentile church can cater to whoredom all they is when people realize that we are all one from the ONE.

That they come out of HER!~~~ the global world church of the Elite" AKA The Imperial Church of Rome: aka Christianity~~

When they finally connect to who they really are as the Son of Adonai..[EG Yakkov ben Adonai ] As that ultimate one..then accept the Shema of Israel.. what else there but a lifetime of study and Tzedakah:charity from one to another as the Master directs (Not to an institution).
My bible says a workman is worth his pay. If Jesus with the 12 had a treasure, hmm the income came from some where. The problem is most think money in paper instead of money in revenue. Wisdom is the principal thing, Vision being able to see what no one else can see, Resources, Relationships I could go on but as I seek and learn God will supply your need so it is never free the only thing free is salvation and it still came at a price. I guess this depends on ones mind set and what thus said the Lord. All questions can find answers in the bible.
I agree with Bro. Ford. As a matter of fact nothing is free because somebody else is paying for it or had paid for it. Salvation is free but is it really free? No, salvation is not free because someone had paid for it.
Mr Godwin writes:" Salvation is free but is it really free? ~No, salvation is not free because someone had paid for it.
There is the LIE of Rome and the Misconstruction..Number 1~.There was NO word in the Aramaic or Hebrew dialect that indicates 'Salvation'..the only reference to the World to Come" is the Guelah-(Gue-lah) Means~the Redemption~~ Number two~~No Man dies for the Transgressions of another Not the Father for the Son nor the Son for the Father" that is the Torah Rome comes along with your book and states a the Masters decree...through His Navi's to Israel...

This might help...

Not a good thing to lie to people..
Rome will eventually be Judged for this...for their anti-Judaic stance.

Well in all reality,...I should defer to this simple truth~~~~~ If the Master Creator wanted you all to open your eyes and see the facade...HaShem would simply would take you all out...However It is not time it seems...

Enjoy your YOM KIPPUR~~~ Shalom Aleichem~
Mrs Ford writes:"I guess this depends on ones mind set and what thus said the Lord. ~~All questions can find answers in the bible.
Ok there you have it folks~~~Mind set as in the Mindset of a Sage of Israel as your Yeshua was supposed to be a leading Sage /Rabbi/ Scholar/teacher/ the story goes~right so far? That would be a man who started out at three years of age at the traditions..moving up to the Talmud from the Torah at about eight to ten years of age..and by the Bar-Mitzvot (misconstructed version is the born-again - dogma of xianity ) ~@ 13 years of age when the natural father as part of the ceremony give his Son over to YHVH for greater training...this is also the time that the young man decides to where he might travel to sit at the feet of a learned Rabbi for the next several part of the process...of the never ending journey of seeking out HaShem in everything or at least trying to bring heaven down to earth and repair this sick and dying humanity: And yes all questions can be answered in the Original Bible..Which in Hebrew is the might also get your self a copy of the Siddur ( from Artscroll ) Prayer book..and above all a copy of Perkei Avos The Ethics of the Fathers" ( available from Artscroll ).
Considering he fact that the Man Yeshua was a Judaic Sage wpuld it not be wise and prudent to go and study the same way and from the same Book as he did???

That would clearly hook you to who you really Are or were once before the AfriKan Diaspora when HaShem allowed your ancestors to be taken and dispersed around the world..imply HaShem did as Isaiah stated YHVH would do Scatter His seed to all the world.....However to be of any earthly good the Afrikan peoples Need to re-connect to who they really are...Sons and Daughters of Adonai..

Simply has nothing to do with Romes version of J-sus...It has everything to do with You growing up to the full stature of the Man..The Man in the Adam-Kadmon The Pure Blueprint for all is You who need to arise and shine for the Masters glorification it is you who need to arise and become a Moshiach to this generation by your daily Deeds of charity from one to another ...That my dear students is Ahavah~Love at it's finest ...from one to another as in the Love of one Human species as the Master Creator intended it to be...from one to another....However our inherant arrogance gets in the way or the Elite pit us against one another through Villainization and the incessant war-Programming of the Tell -a-lie..(turn it off).

Shalom to one and all It is the ~Eve of YOM KIPPUR~~The Highest of the Holy Days ... most of you have forgotten the significance...240m years of the Diaspora has a way of doing that ...

let me know if I can Help somebody "come out of Her"

James and Terry Lee Hamilton ~ Oregon City, Oregon ~ seek the ShekinahLife


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