Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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I agree with Bro. Ford. As a matter of fact nothing is free because somebody else is paying for it or had paid for it. Salvation is free but is it really free? No, salvation is not free because someone had paid for it.
Mr Godwin writes:" Salvation is free but is it really free? ~No, salvation is not free because someone had paid for it.
There is the LIE of Rome and the Misconstruction..Number 1~.There was NO word in the Aramaic or Hebrew dialect that indicates 'Salvation'..the only reference to the World to Come" is the Guelah-(Gue-lah) Means~the Redemption~~ Number two~~No Man dies for the Transgressions of another Not the Father for the Son nor the Son for the Father" that is the Torah Rome comes along with your book and states a the Masters decree...through His Navi's to Israel...

This might help...

Not a good thing to lie to people..
Rome will eventually be Judged for this...for their anti-Judaic stance.

Well in all reality,...I should defer to this simple truth~~~~~ If the Master Creator wanted you all to open your eyes and see the facade...HaShem would simply would take you all out...However It is not time it seems...

Enjoy your YOM KIPPUR~~~ Shalom Aleichem~
Mrs Ford writes:"I guess this depends on ones mind set and what thus said the Lord. ~~All questions can find answers in the bible.
Ok there you have it folks~~~Mind set as in the Mindset of a Sage of Israel as your Yeshua was supposed to be a leading Sage /Rabbi/ Scholar/teacher/ the story goes~right so far? That would be a man who started out at three years of age at the traditions..moving up to the Talmud from the Torah at about eight to ten years of age..and by the Bar-Mitzvot (misconstructed version is the born-again - dogma of xianity ) ~@ 13 years of age when the natural father as part of the ceremony give his Son over to YHVH for greater training...this is also the time that the young man decides to where he might travel to sit at the feet of a learned Rabbi for the next several part of the process...of the never ending journey of seeking out HaShem in everything or at least trying to bring heaven down to earth and repair this sick and dying humanity: And yes all questions can be answered in the Original Bible..Which in Hebrew is the might also get your self a copy of the Siddur ( from Artscroll ) Prayer book..and above all a copy of Perkei Avos The Ethics of the Fathers" ( available from Artscroll ).
Considering he fact that the Man Yeshua was a Judaic Sage wpuld it not be wise and prudent to go and study the same way and from the same Book as he did???

That would clearly hook you to who you really Are or were once before the AfriKan Diaspora when HaShem allowed your ancestors to be taken and dispersed around the world..imply HaShem did as Isaiah stated YHVH would do Scatter His seed to all the world.....However to be of any earthly good the Afrikan peoples Need to re-connect to who they really are...Sons and Daughters of Adonai..

Simply has nothing to do with Romes version of J-sus...It has everything to do with You growing up to the full stature of the Man..The Man in the Adam-Kadmon The Pure Blueprint for all is You who need to arise and shine for the Masters glorification it is you who need to arise and become a Moshiach to this generation by your daily Deeds of charity from one to another ...That my dear students is Ahavah~Love at it's finest ...from one to another as in the Love of one Human species as the Master Creator intended it to be...from one to another....However our inherant arrogance gets in the way or the Elite pit us against one another through Villainization and the incessant war-Programming of the Tell -a-lie..(turn it off).

Shalom to one and all It is the ~Eve of YOM KIPPUR~~The Highest of the Holy Days ... most of you have forgotten the significance...240m years of the Diaspora has a way of doing that ...

let me know if I can Help somebody "come out of Her"

James and Terry Lee Hamilton ~ Oregon City, Oregon ~ seek the ShekinahLife

I don't think we are debating tithing on this forum but any way I disagree with your view on tithing but I stay with my conviction.
But we are to be a cheerful giver and tithing rebukes the devour. I believe if the word is preached in Spirit and Truth one will want to give. The bible does talk about sowing seed, some folks have allowed the Spirit of GREED to over take them and they become selfish and some folks have a poverty struck mind and think in a little baby box. Yet we all know the promises of God; there is good success in the ministry and the wealth of winning souls is wise.
I would just like say to my brother in agreement with I am 100 percent woman. I am your sister not bro ford lol....but God bless you any way He see's fit to the highest of high.
It was an oversight. Stay bless
Clarification, I have Officially Pastored 4 churches but Pastored Five (1 Interim)
Will this subject ever end?
Never will it end Until the Students finally go and study...which is exactly what Yeshua told his disciples= (Talmidim). to do.

George Santayana Stated "those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it"

...Kids we are in a chemical holocaust...this is not just coming for the Jews It is coming for everybody if we do not Heal this land from all the arrogant harlotry of the heart" the Master is going to allow the continuing of the fall of AmeriKa.

Perhaps it is too late The Famine is soon to be here...prepare your family..prepare your heart ...
You know, this is all too confusing to me on just a simple statement asking about should a pastor, pastor a church for free. One saying no, another saying yes, then another saying something waaayy off the subject about we should know the deep truth. I mean can someone say something simple about the question at hand instead of going off into a deep answer. If I wasn't saved, santified, and filled with the Holy Spirit, I will just go back to living the world's rules of living.
I say change the subject. That is what is wrong with the body of Christ, some Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Lukewarm ect.... but not sticking to the matter at hand and that is winning souls. If your called to preach then preach, if your called to teach then teach, pastor pastor, prophecy don't prophet lie, Apostle don't lord just do what Jesus did he went out among them. That's why I thank God for Outreach I'd rather preach to a dead man watch him live again then the holy of holy folks who have gotten way off of just living saved; that is an action word, something you practice. I never thought coming to Christ would be like this. It is almost the same as when I was banging in the streets. Red, Blue what you gonna do that was divided, but my bible says a house that is divided will fall. What happen to equipping the saints to go out? What happen to LOVE. You know what is so sad, today's current events are lining up with the prophecy of the bible and folks are so busy trying teach a soft word that no longer cuts, no longer is transforming lives, water down gospel, scared they going lose a member who is faithful tithing to God, worried about who got the most members, worried about image and the real gospel isn't popular it makes folks mad and look at themselves and I have made a vow if I got to be on this page I am doing what I am called to do set order and the church is so far out of order I am disappointed in some of the leaders on this site I only been on for one day and this is what I came across. The system makes it seem like this site is good and the named it Black preaching, can you imagine how many folks from another mother come to this site and call us fools for we are so busy tearing one another down while the devil is building up his Kingdom, Ali is rising, Jehovah Witnesses is rising, Mormons rising what is wrong with my family? Stop and pay attention to your call, Get in order and use this site with wisdom one of the greatest revenues you can have for wisdom is principal. Relationships another revenue, then maybe so many folks won't have so many revivals for money, but revivals for restoration, salvation, come on this is crazy and I don't care if you don't like me I came to far to have to see, hear this madness over who got paid, if your doing your job God said I will provide it's HIS anyway wake up and look at the spirit of distraction that has crept in on a page that could be used to win souls to Christ and have praise parties with one another. I love you all and this is maddness.


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