Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Rev. Luckett you are correct in this. We must keep scripture in it's context.
Pastor Edwards:

When YOU first mentioned on Feb. 10, the text of Luke 10v4-7 Carry neither purse, nor script, nor shoes and salute no man by the way. "And in the same house remain eating and drinking such things as they give: for the laborer is worthy of his hire Go not from that house." Jesus is saying the PEOPLE that they are giving the word to are to take care of their needs"

it was to support your premise that a "preacher" deserved to be supported by the people of God.
Now you are changing this text to refer to witnessing. So if these men were preaching about the kingdom of God they were Preachers.

Interestingly you bring up the point of the "small churches". If the "church" is too small, they need to sell the building and meet somewhere they can afford, i.e., in somone's home, or find a more reasonable place that they could rent. Better yet, why not MERGE the small church into a larger on? There are far too many churches anyway, with pastor's salary, utilities, lawn upkeep etc. It makes no sense to have a church on every corner, in every strip mall and multiples in the different neighborhoods. And what are they accomplishing? They collect money every week, and many are barely keeping the doors open. And when they have meetings, they are constantly begging for money.

Did Jesus after his resurrection tell His apostles, to start a building fund collection so that they could build a church? No he did not. However, if they did, they would have had to have 12 churches since there were 12 disciples, since you don't believe in multiple pastors/elders...

The early church met in homes, therefore they didn't have the expense of supporting a building, with a mortgage, that is heated and cooled 24/7, that is empty more then 75% of the time......

Why do churches pay mortgages anyway? Do you realize that the Jehovah's Witnesses who everyone considers to be a cult, DO NOT PAY MORTGAGES? They buy property, and buy all of their building materials, and volunteers working for free, from other Assemblies, work on a 4 day weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, and have a simple, yet functional assembly for their people to meet. (They never pay the Bank any mortgage which causes a lot of money to go toward interest, rather than to fulfill the work of the church, evangelizing, aiding the poor and widows as was one of the first things the church in the book of acts undertook, making sure the widows were provided for.)

Also, more than one JW congregation uses each assembly hall. Their halls are busy almost every day of the week?

Why can't the Christians who typically criticize them, live and worship together with more than one congregation in a building, in this wonderful spirit of brotherly love as the Witnesses do? Since we are to "owe no man anything" but love, why is the church violating this Biblical principle by getting into Mortgage debt?

I sincerely believe that the reason that many pastors of small churches don't merge their smaller churches with a larger one is for selfish personal monetary reasons. If they merge with another church, they have to either give up their "take" on the offering plate, and that ain't happenin'! Rather than to deal with that, they keep the people under their personal "governance" in small ineffective churches, with church overheads that many are barely able to pay, especially now in this economic recession.

Now regarding the Levite, and his genetic descendants, this law does not apply to preachers today, unless you can prove your Levitical lineage and then your function is in the Temple in Jerusalem. There you would be teaching God's laws, and people would tithe to you, the tithe was agricultural crops and livestock not money. If you check out Malachi 3, where God says "that there would be "MEAT" in my house, the Hebrew word for "MEAT" is "FOOD".
The word for Meat my sister is also Substance So you are saying that Bring ye all the Tithes into the storehouse, that there will be meat in my house. That God wanted FOOD.
He wants substance something that is going to substain the kingdom of God. We don't bring Tithes so there will be food. We bring Tithes so the church with have some substance to stand on.We rob God when the tenth is withheld from Him.
You are now on JW. How did they pay for all this in cash or how is it all paid for? Someone had to give some Money.You just don't walk in a building and it is all taken care of.
In the biblical days they built there homes, churches so forth. Today is not the same. You need building permits. You need to go to the city and make sure that you are in line with the building inspectors and the state laws.
It is a lot more to go with than just building a building.
And what do you mean what the churches are accomplishing?
They are getting souls saved they are preaching the word. Thank God there is a church on every corner. It is better to have a church than a liquor store or a gun shop or a drug dealer on the streets.
My sister this was never to argue the scripture. It is what it is.
And the disciples was out to witness and if they were not to take nothing the people who's home they were at was going to feed them.
And if that house did not receive them (what they were saying) they should shake the dust off their feet and go to the next house
And I never said I did not believe in tow pastors or Elders. I have a assistant pastor in my church. We discuss situations but by God putting me the head pastor I trust God and make the final decision.
I am not going to bring JW into this.
This is something you have to walk in.
And many of the pastors on here understand. All Iam doing is asking the people of God what they think. Not to argue.

Every preacher is not just asking for money when the doors open. I was not brought up in a church like that And I do not do that.
I was trying to get you to see that I know of some churches that just have one Pastor and I don't see a problem with that.
Paul left the church in the hands of young Timothy. And he left people to assist him.
Not to pastor with Him.

Paul said in 1Tim 5:17 "Elders who do their work well should be respected and paid well, especially those who work hard at both preaching and Teaching."(NLT)
The scripture is what it is. How can we argue this؟
The JWs don't have a paid clergy, the members to contribute funds and they sell literature at a nominal fee, to support their projects/ministries.

They don't overburden their people with building projects and apparently spread the costs of their building over the many congregations which meet in one building.
Pastor Edwards...since since you don't want to throw in the JW....I will.....first of all their business structure is set-up to take advantage of all of the taxing entites that are provided for religious organizations....they have partnered with other denominations such as the Southern Baptists that go and build churches in every state in this country,at reduced costs...these workers plan their vacations around a particular time of the year,so that they can facilitate getting it done....other than that...they are a CULT!!!!!any religion that discounts Jesus Christ is what I said it was..also the printing of their "bible"is way,way,way,behind a lot of the standard Bibles being used today...I'm not throwing them under the is what it is.....when they come to my door,I'll talk to em...and then send them on their way.
Some churches are not in a financial situation to pay the Pastor but I believe if they have the resources they ought to pay the man or woman of God. Pastoring is a full time job and oftentimes the Pastors are overworked and underpaid. Not to mention all the sacrifices that their spouses and children have to make by lending them to the congregation. The churches I have been involved with in the last 12 years the Pastors have been treated pretty good and I am proud of that. I try to make sure I am a part of taking care of the Pastor with my tithing and my offerings.
God Bless you brother Jordan. Continue to pay your tithes and offering. There is no other way to take care of the finances.
Many people forget. That the church have the same bills.if not more than the members have. Many times and I am a witness many Pastors have to pay out of their own pockets to keep the church going. When the members do not
Give. On my Pastors and Wife anniversary I had to pay for my own Progams for the church. Out of pocket. But Iam still at the same church believing God.
It good to hear what you had to say.
God Bless
I would, because if God said it ,this is what I would do. IF GOD SAID IT, Do IT!!! Blessings of God is to be obeident at all times...Can you survive, yes, Elijah was sustain by a bird, Job got double riches after suffering, the widow woman got blessed twice, meal never ran dry and her son got revived after dying, more and more, Jesus Christ got all power after dying on Calvary...IF God said do it, DO IT!!!
Why did Jesus have a treasure? Just because or did they have to have some money to travel?. Thank God for your in put Evangelist. It is interesting to know that most women will do it for free. But most men agree (well all men that have replied) that a Pastor should receive some income from the church. Very interesting the different thought of the man of God verses the women of God.
Sis Anna I would answer theses questions for you.
I'd like your response to the following:

When you visit a different city, do you go with another minister as the Lord commanded "two by two"? Yes. I take my assistant pastor and Deacons. If it is local I take the whole church. But very seldom do I travel alone.

Do you obey the Lord's words here in not carrying any money, even without a wallet without any extra clothes? I do not drive without a licences it is against the law. The Bibile says"Obey the laws of the land." So I carry my wallet. And I take extra cloths. In the past I did not but after being sick because I drove home with wet cloth. I started to bring extra clothing for my health.. The disciples did not preach in the setting like we do today. With hot Light. Some churches that I preach at dont even have air conditioning. So it gets pretty hot. And I preach hard. When I go out an witness like the dicsiples did in this verse. "I do not take extra cloths to witness."

Do you stay Exclusively in the homes of believers as the Lord directed, rather than staying in a Hotel or motel? When I am invited to speak. I usually take what is given to me. In the house of believers if they see fit. I do not make that choice who ever invtes me do that. I will sleep on the couch. I dont care. I am not some lavish preacher. That get all these pirks.

The phrase that the "laborer is worthy of his hire" was applied in vs 7 to the "food and drink" that they were given in the homes where they stayed:

Luke 10: 7 And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the labourer is worthy of his hire. Go not from house to house. Food and drink in some cases was a daily wage. When I am invited to go speak they usually would have something to eat but not always. I usually take the kids out after the service. If it is not to late. If it was late "drive thur." most time McDonalds. In some cases food and drink was a days wages.

Do you heal the sick when you got to different locations, Luke 10:9 Yes.

In context these verses are best applied to what we might call a traveling evangelist, the Lord does not even discuss a permanent ministry. When I go to churches I am a traveling Preacher / Teacher. . But I must attend to the flock that God has placed me over. Timothy was over a Church. Paul planted churches. Once the church was started he would place people over those churches. If not sister Anna. The word Pastor would not exist. It means shepard. How can you be a shepard if you have no flock?

To summarize, what the Lord here is discussing here is more like the "traveling evangelist".

He didn't tell them to go get a hotel room and have the believers there put them up. I do not go to a hotel room and have churches put me up.

They stayed in private homes. I will sleep in my car if I had to. To sleep in some one house will actually be a blessing to me. I usually do what they call a turn around. I would preach, lay hands on the sick. Bless the people with what God has blessed me with. And turn around get in my car and drive home. Sometimes for hours. Than on top of that Get up in the morning take the kids to school and go to work. for 10-12 hrs. And after that go to Bible College for 4 hours. I am at work now and on my way to school. Where I will be earning my Bachelors degree in June. And walk in the door at 11:00pm. Because my school is a hour away from where I live. And 1 hour 1/2 from where I work.
(Yes I work Full time)

Note He never told them to "take up a collection". I do not ask for a collection.
What the "ministers" were provided was what the Lord put on the hearts of the people with whom they stayed.
Where ever I go I take whatever they give. Most times that is zero. But if they happen to give I will except it. (Like the disciples did.). And when they come to me I return that blessing. When I was just starting out in the ministry I would not take an offering. Until I learned that I was stopping the blessings to those that wanted to bless the Man of God.

If you really believe what this verse says, I suggest that you also when you travel to minister in a different location, that you do just what the Lord told these ministers to do- Take no money, no clothes and let the Lord's people house and provide for you as they see fit.

In no way can you take these texts and reinterpret them to prove that a congregation is supposed to financially support a pastor and his wife and children in a separate domicile.

As you just read my Bio. I actually do what they did. Thank you for asking. You have enlighten me on how much I do. And I never preached at any church to take care of my wife and kids. The church that I Pastor for the past 5 years I recieve no salary. What the churches give me I could not take care of my Dog. (Maybe I should not say that but it is true)
I do that my self and through the Lords help. They was not driving cars in that day as you know. So I MUST take a wallet. (Or go to jail while driving Black). I must have Money to feed my kids and wife. The Bible says :that a man that dont take care of his family is worst than an infidile." So should I not feed my kids after a long service? Because they go where ever I go. Even on school nights. They have to eat Anna, The ones with Jesus did not TAKE KIDS with them and most of them was not married.

I hope I asked all of your questions for you. None of us can not do exactally what they did because times have changed. But we can give like they did.
I am not going to get on a boat to go to the next city. I am not going to ride on a Donkey to enter a city. I never even seen a real donkey. I do not walk around with a robe on daily. I have a suit and tie daily. And when I preach they get wet from sweating. It will not be smart to do a week revival with the same cloths on. After the 2nd night people will be leaving because of the smell. (I have to put some humor in this.) Because we all know that things are diffrent now. But giving never changes.

Thank you for the Interview.
Pastor Edwards , you have got me chucking with your great sense of humor!

You do seem to be more humble and dedicated than most pastors today, who would not think of working for such little for such a long time, and for that you should be commended.

There are a few things I would like to comment on which you wrote, but I will refrain. But you were the one who used Luke 10 as your proof text for the Pastor being supported by the people he ministers to, without considering and applying the points of the rest of the text as incumbent upon the preacher. (And you don't need a wallet to carry your driver's liscense. Just keep it in your glove compartment in your car.)

What Jesus was trying to get the "disciples" to do was to "trust God" for their provision. They were not to go out preaching, insisting or asking for support from those to whom they ministered, which was the example of Jesus and His Apostles.

Why doesn't anyone want to use Jesus Himself when setting the standard for how to collect money from those ministered to? Is it because He never asked anyone for money or took up a collection or asked people to tithe to Him, and pastors are afraid that they couldn't make it using Jesus as their example?

So in answer to the purpose of this blog, yes, as with Noah, Lot, Abraham, Moses, all the prophets, Jesus and all the apostles they preached for free, they depended on God for their provision.
Well now that you know my story you can see where I am coming from. I never said I was receiving a salary. I just wanted to see what others thought and if they been through the same situation. I was here seeking some insight.
Like pastor Sweet and some other Pastors that been there.
I do not get a salary. Most of my members think like you. So I preach. I teach. Hospital visits marriages jail visits you name it I done it. And yes it take away from my kids and wife. More than to much. The church come before my own home a lot of times. Not only I sacrife but my kids do to.
There was a time when some one was going to commit suicide and I had to run off my job to see about them. When I got to there place I had to get a razor blade out of there hand. After praying and laboring I had to go back to my job and explain why I had to leave.
I got your point of view and I respect that. Maybe you took me to be some plane flying, Cadillac driving, Rolex wearing preacher. I drive a 1998 Van. My father n Law gave me a 1992 Cadillac that is parked in the drive way. My wife I's a full time student. We have three kids and 1 income. We have our pastor aid program coming up and they are collecting $20 from the members. Preach for a whole year. $20. And I preaching for the $ okay right.
God said do it and Iam doing it.
When most Pastors are pulling up to churches in their nice cars I barely make it in the parking lot.
But Iam trusting and depending on God.
He will provide.
And really didn't want to put that out there but. Sis.Anna you pushed it out of me.
Now you and the ones on here know the real story. I preach where ever I can when I can for what ever I can.
And most times it is a pat on the back.
If I get that.
I have a brother that was a pastor. He just closed his church last month. You can not operate church with out the people giving. I know this I live this and I have witness this. Many things around the church come out of the pastor pocket. And it comes to a point where he will have to make a disc ion.
Programs bullitins. I make them for the church. That's right. My wife is helping me. We do them and we pay for them
I can go on and on Sis. Anna when you do this the people will sit there and watch. They have to be active in the up keep of the church. There is no other way to take care of the church but through the people. God is not sending Ravens to pay bills it come from the faith of the people (members)


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