Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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What, goats and bread? Paul got money if he needed money for his ministry and travels. Provision is not just a loaf of bread or a sheep to eat, and a place to stay. Favor is more valuable than money, true, but the Bible clearly says "money answers all things", and if GOD calls for money to be your answer, then whats the problem?

Today's times needs today's provisions. GOD is the GOD of ever generation, and therefore HE knows what the specific provision of this generation is. A slave was not always 30 pieces of silver you know, just ask Joseph. The price of a slave was paid, but it was not at the literal same payment. Try handing a goat to the bank. Try giving bread to the bill collector. You speak for your needs, Moreh, but I speak this to all the ministers that need to hear this: "My GOD shall supply all your needs according to HIS riches in glory by Christ JESUS", that INCLUDES money when it is needed.
I never mentioned a boat or plane. Thats the immaturity that you are showing! In your foolish zeal, you are actually mentioning what I've been trying to say all this time:

"The pastor as in the early assembly should spend his time in the word to teach the sheep that Yah has given him....all the jets, boats cars should not be part of His pay...if he has a salary should not be above and beyond the means of the ministry...if he can't afford a particular kind of car...OH WELL...the assembly should not be buying no expansive car..."

Sadly, you are RIGHT, but have been fighting me on that very point all this time. I totally agree with you on that. I'm sure that you heard about the Pastor that got $600k a year even before his first day as senior Pastor. Its a crying shame!

I am against robbing the flock, but not against a Pastor getting a salary. You think I am all for the mega-church money? NO!! The ONLY reason why you think that about me is simple: YOU WOULD TAKE TIME OUT TO ANALYZE MY WORDS.
Why would you think that a Pastor cannot get a salary, biblically speaking?
Thank you. My pastor before he passed away had three jobs; and he did a wonderful job pastoring. He retired and lived off his pensions.
Hey Moreh if you havent gone on break yet I guess this is the out of hand stuff you were alluding to?
A pastor shouldn't spend most of his time preaching and teaching. That is why you have the congregation design supporting ministries so they can function as one to accomplish the main goals of the church. A church should have at least three ministers, multiple deacons of ministries and volunteers. If a pastor is trying to be a one man show, he is not following the example of Jesus. Did Jesus not have disciples, helping him spread the word?

I administer to 5th & 6th graders at my church, and the payment I get, is being a conduit for God to deliver his word. Thats my payment, to have the honor to do things in the Lord's name. My payment and treasure is in his promise, as long as I continue to follow in footsteps of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Besides, every penny I have isn't mine anyway... its God's.
The pastor "work and toil" in the vineyard and has the same needs as the laymembers such as shelter, food and transporation and lets not forget "bills". Most often his job requires more that an 8 hour day with the most depravation suffered by his or her family. Therefore, compensation is more than deserved. On a second note, they also deserve the same benefits offered on secular jobs such as health, dental, disability and life insurance. Now what I don't agree with is the "hollywood method" of payment where a contract and rider is required on evengelistic engagements. Whatever happened to the church just doing the right thing by the man or woman of God? Where and why did that all come about?
It depends if the church can afford it. Yes, a lot of pastors put into the church and the body doesn't give anything back. That is why one must know for sure if God really called him or her to this position because this is part of the job. A pastor must make sure s(he) take care of God's sheep. In turn, God will take care of the Shepherd.
Bottom line is all wolves in sheeps clothing that are manipulating God's Word and turning His meaning to fit their desires and lust at the expense of the flock will get their rewards and you can count on that! Or should I say you can take that to the bank!!!
Woe unto them that scatter the sheep.... its sad to say, but pastoring and preaching has become the biggest hustle in modern day living.... Most of these people prosper off of week-minded Christians that refuse to study the scripture and get their own understanding through revelation from God. one of the biggest money tricks is how pastors through themselves huge Anniversaries and allowing different preachers to come in and make money off of the flock, by prophetlying to the people telling them "THERE ARE 10 PEOPLE IN HER THAT LIVES ON HALSTED STREET, gOD SAID IF YOU WOULD GIVE 100 DOLLARS THAT A BLESSING IS COMING YOUR WAY!, bam, thats a thousand dollars right there. Come on people wake up!!!!! what they do is raise their own offering by lying to the people. a preacher know how much money he's gonna get by the number of the crowd and how many flips he turns, if there is 100 people, you get an wack message, if there is 1000 people, then he puts on the theatrics telling people that if they turn around three time then your coming out or tell your neighbor, God's got a blessing for you, and the just through sleeping with someone elses husband or wife..... well, if you're in sin you're not going anywhere and you have no blessings coming. i could go on and on..... but truly people its time open your eyes and see the deception in our pulpits!!!!!
Man im telling you, its the truth, i've been around some of the most well known pastors in Chicago and im telling you, its all a Hustle, if i was really out for the money, i could leave my job and do this thing full-time with no problem, its really that easy!!!
Tell them again!!!


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