Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Reply by FITZGERALD on May 10, 2009 at 1:31am

AMEN!!! That's how Paul said it and did it... God Bless
not true pual pastored the corinthian church free not the macedonian church he refused to pastor for free for personal reasons peter and the others did not do it for free check 1 corinthians chapter 9 paul was not the only apostle of christ so he cant be the only standard
Its an interesting fact to know that Chaplains earn up to $44,258 a year. Now if the world can provide for the spiritual guidance that they see necessary, why not the church who SHOULD value it even the more??? The question stands: how much do you value your ministers?
As stated previously I work for the first seven years of my pastorate. However I know several people who are in full time ministry that have only 20 or 30 people and are full time. It is very difficult to build a ministry if a small church has to support a pastor full time. Pastor should get paid an amount that the local church can afford.

I also believe motives should be checked as to the reason someone wants to be a pastor. There are far too many churches with 10 and 20 people who believe they are called but have no fruit. Fruit will always determine the call. Also pastors that are hired aren't necessarily hirelings. I know several pastors who love their congregation as much as I do but were hired by that local church.
I can agree with most of what you are saying. The funny thing is though, one of the only times I see people checking the motives of Pastors is when money is involved. Also, you can have 10 or 20 people in your church and go full time. Its called "a beginning". That is when you are able to train and mold those 10-20 into the ministers that GOD told you to mold them into. They then bring in others. If you can train them to bring in at least 5 future disciples each, thats 50-100 new disciples. Ministry works on the "pyramid scheme", only the top minister is the bottom piece. Ministry is commission based, and therefore, the more disciples the better for the ministry's expenses, including the expenses of the ministers themselves. You say commission-based to people and they say you're only thinking of money, but ITS TRUE! Its not a false statement, just a statement that most people are uncomfortable to say due to the thieves and their actions.
I am min. lamale williams. i am 13 and i say yes. you do the work of the lord, i hope, not for money but for the glory of him.
All to GOD's glory. The problem is money is one of the benefits that GOD gives, and people don't like to hear about it. Its "offensive" to them, as if someone getting paid is "stealing".
So what some of you are saying is that the job should be understanding when you have to take off an excessive amount of times during the year to attend to church business ie. court with members, hospital and hospice visits, bereavement visits. Leave out preaching.... There's more to pastoring than that. Matter of fact, why don't we call the electric company, water company, gas company, and telephone company and tell them that they aren't biblical so we are not going to pay them. Not that paying the pastor is against scripture. Too often you guys choke on gnats when the Bible deals with pertinent issues such as the ability of one to not be a novice to pastor.
Excellent points I don't think many employers would be understanding. Most try to manipulate schedules to make christians work when they should be in worship. That is the tendency I have seen. Like I said previously I think when money is the issue it brings out the passions people have around it. The people that think positively about money are prone to see it was a positive and thus be supportive of Pastor's getting paid. Those that are more cynical of money see getting paid as something negative.
Rev Henderson says:
Like I said previously I think when money is the issue it brings out the passions people have around it. Passions are the lusts feelings people have about it correct.

So if the Pastor get's paid then it's a posititve way of thinking about money but if those that feel a Pastor shouldn't get paid to preach then it's cynical and a negative way of thinking about money? That only makes sense if you feel one should be paid. It doesn't mean people are cynical because they feel those called to preach should do it for free nor does it make it negative. That is flesh talk. How does your spirit view it spiritually or biblically meaning what God says?
Micah'Yah 3 : 11.
Humbly brother I think he has to consult God on that question. He is worthy of his hire and if his congregation can support him pay him $1,000,000 a month. I just have an issue with small congregation being pressed to hard to pay the clergy.


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