Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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If you ask a Jew they will tell you the American Church has taken it way out of context.

If you make modern American Jewry the authority on the tithe, would you accept what is practiced in many Jewish communities? Some Jewish groups interpret the Torah as stipulating that a tenth of their monetary increase be devoted to charity (as opposed to their synagogues and religious schools). So, although those Jews disagree with the church's use of the tithe, they don't question tithing in money.

No one can show in the scripture where tithes was EVER MONEY. Tithes was always, crops, livestock, etc. and was taken for certain people during certain seasons. (Levites, Orphans, Poor people and Widows. The Levites also had to tithe a tenth of what was given to them to the priest)

Actually a famous instance of tithing, the tithing of booty by Abram in Genesis 14, was clearly not just in crops and livestock. While it is possible that some of the spoils of war may have been food supplies, we can assume weaponry, articles of clothing, perhaps even precious metals and gems were also in the possession of the opposing army. Abram's tithe was not according to the agricultural stipulations of the Mosaic Law... it was a tithe of his increase, whatever form his increase had taken.

Moreover, in claiming that under Mosaic law tithes were only paid in agricultural items, you overlook the laws regarding the redeeming of tithes [Leviticus 27:31]. At a cost of an additional 20% of the calculated value, the agricultural tithe could be bought back (presumably in shekels, or weights, of gold or silver). With this allowance, the ancient Jews could sometimes offer their equivalent of money to pay their tithes.

You will not find a new covenant scripture where tithes was meant to take care of Pastors. NO WHERE.

What do you make of Paul's comparison of the remuneration of the Levites in Hebrew religion and the remuneration of preachers of the gospel? After all, it is the apostle that wrote: "Do you not know that those who perform sacred services eat the food of the temple, and those who attend regularly to the altar have their share from the altar? So also the Lord directed those who proclaim the gospel to get their living from the gospel." [1 Cor. 9:13,14] Paul was willing to reason from the Levitical tithe that God expected the church to support the preachers. That isn't explicitly a command to support the pastor through tithes, but then Paul isn't otherwise specific about what mechanism of payment was to be used. What does "get their living from the gospel" mean to you? If not in tithes, then by what means were preachers to be paid?
Man of God, you said it all. In fact, we didn't give the pastor any of the tithing. Tithing was used for the store house (up keep of the ministry) not to take care of the pastor. I would say that we gave pounds (food) to the pastor once a month. The reason - a lot of the church members and friends would flock at the pastor's home and that was the decision of the church.

If we won't to go there, the question is - Do we really give a tenth of all?

OMG! I love this site. I am a young pastor and I am learning soooo much. I always wonder why churches put so much emphases on tithing is only MONEY.
I believe with all my heart that the Lord will provide everything you need beyond your expectation as you serve Him thru that church you are pastoring for servants of God, we don`t need to be paid by anybody because the Lord himself will surely provide all our needs using instrumentalities both within & outside the church to see to it that His Faithful servant not laboring for food but for souls and for His glory will not starve to death as He promised..."my God will supply all our needs" and this will only happen if we are faithfully serving Him inspite the church decides not to support their pastor...but it would be a embarrasing for that church not supporing their pastor? I wouyld suggest that church should decide not to take a pastor not ujnless they commit themselves to be God`s instrument in providing the physical needs of their pastor!

Lots of us wish to please God
But we really don’t know how.
His ways are higher than our ways
Because we’re wicked, week and foul.

God works according to His schedule
Which sometimes is a problem for man.
His love, grace, wisdom and understanding
Keep believers obedient to command.

We have no choice but to obey
Following His Holy Spirit and Word.
By living to conform to His righteous
Our passage to glory is assured.

We see God’s works in the lives of others
How exciting and fascinating it is.
God can do the same for us as well
As our purpose becomes the same as “His.”

By Conservative Poet
Tom Zart
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By Conservative Poet
Tom Zart
Most Published Poet
On The Web


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In andwer to this question, I say Yes, By all means he should get paid. He is working for God's Children, and yes, yes, yes he should, and anyone who says no? Then you needs to read your Bible. A Pastor is worth His wages.

If a Pastor is working 8 hours doing God's work, YES! He should be paid. If I was to preach in another Church? No! But if the church wants to give to the preacher they are to give what God purposed in their hearts.

They are to give to God 10% of their gross. That is to Pay the Pastor, and to fix the church, and pay for the help, and to help supply the needs of the flock....... That is the Purpose of the 10% I believe we can afford our 10%, and those who are well off should give 20 %., and to those who cannot pay the 10% are to give what God has purposed in their hearts.

If I am wrong, Let me know in this site Ok? Now I am curious!! hahahahah

In His Love
Rev. Carol Ann
This is a very touchy subject, we know what the bible says but, don't there comes a time in the early life of a church that's just starting out and there should be some consideration to the care and the well being to establishing God's house first. Maybe not to work totally for free but not taking a salary for the sake of the ministry and maybe as the ministry grows the church will catch up with what the owe the man of God. So I believe free is not free, yes we as pastors have need also and the church should take care of the man of God and the man of God should also be willing to take care of the church. To help it in it's infant stage. No two situation are the same, I expect a will establish church or a church who is financly able to pay a pastor not to expect a pastor to pastor for free. People do need to be taught how to provide for and take care the man of God.
My thought is this... That same pastor who spends most of his time preaching and teaching will find it very difficult to fully focus on preaching and teaching if he/she lacks the resources of sustaining their family. Many B-vocational pastors pastor without compensation, however, their availability to the service of their church is impacted by their need to earn a living outside of the church.
8-14 hr a day working a secular job will definitely impact your service to the ministry...

I pastor for free... But I welcome the day that the time I give to my secular employment, I will be able to render to the Body of Christ...

God have NEVER promised us money only comfort in the spirit and our needs.

What is our needs...? It's not a brand new Cadillac, a car but it has not to be new.... A place to call HOME but it doesn't need to be a new house with 8 bedrooms for a Pastor and his wife and their two kids...and so on

God have made me show me very much in USA what's going on behind the altar even if I was poor... because I wasn't any threat and I made people feel great because they drove around with a poor woman in their cars.

I was at a banquet with Pat Robertson and his best friends that he support with money their church so it is one of the biggest Church in USA.

I was one of the few on the banquet when this church had their 40 years as church.

And the member of the church had given the founder of the Church a big yacht and one Pastor in a another church had given the founder a rolex watch, another church gave $100000 to the founder....not the church

I couldn't listen to what they got, it was too much and made me go so angry when knowing their was people in the church that had no money at all and have to live on the street with their kids.

I know also that many Pastors get much gifts from people that send it to them and give them things for free. Some big resturangs in USA let Pastors and family eat for free.

Some Pastors are like teachers and then they should be paid as a teacher if they have the gift of could heal they should be paid as Doctor.

It shouldn't be that a Pastor can grab his hand full of money whenever he/she want it.... Pastor must also be responsible for their own lifes and not let people in their church pay for everything.

One of my Pastors friends got $10 000 per month in salery plus a big house + a new fancy car + free gas to the car.. of the church

That is too much, it was in year 2001

I think Pastor have to be responsible and not encourage people to open a Church only for the money, people see they get much money, that make wrong people to open Churches and Pastors that not help people to come to God.

Especial in the black churches I was in USA had the Pastor wifes and other high up women new dresses and hats every time they come to the church and it was special made for them so it was very expencive clothes and they wear them only one's a mockery/slap in peoples face for so many people that have hard to pay their bills and are in the church.
Eva, all I can say is Amen.
You are talking about men and women out in the WORLD. We are talking about men and women that have give their life to God.

You can't compare with people in the world because you don't know where they have got their money from.

It's a sin to look at other what they have and have lust for what the world have to offer. It's one of the biggest sin to be gready when wanting the best.

Telling the truth, am I scared of what will happen with the church when preacher in the church are thinking like you.

Was Jesus wealthy ? If he was wealthy had he never walked around, he had been on a camel or at least a donkey.

We should be like Jesus and not any Hollywood star...walking on the strip.

We all need to be humble and be thankful for to be allowed to preach the gospel because it's what's it's all about and not how much money you get to preach, it's only make people that am not from God to be a preacher for to be wealthy and not working for God.... but themself
I believe the workman is worthy of his hire and the pastor should get paid. But there are ministers especially if it is one God has allowed you to start that may not be able to pay and I believe we should still do has God as called us pay or no pay. Then the people should be taught to give and be a blessing to the man/woman of God. Even if it is a small amount weekly, gas money, robe cleaned.... something to show appreciation for the gift.
My Brother,
currently I am an associate minister at a church that i rarely get a chance to preach, however, I am riding the second chariot and i am being patient and humble, waiting on God to move me and give me the desire of my heart and that is to be a full time Pastor. I would Pastor a church for free, because i know God will provide the resources. When GOD put forth the call he make provision for the move. I love Preaching,Teaching and Loving the people of GOD. My desire is to see everyone of GOD's children Saved.


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