Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Never said anything was wrong, didn't split any hairs, may have a few split ends (smile), but just shared my point of view, that's okay isn't it? As I said about yours, each his/her own. Rich is relative to each person's need, desire, and want.
I'm rich in joy. I don't lack for food. I own a home, I'm not begging, I don't need a mansion, don't need the headache,  and I would have problems with my neighbors when I bring home a few rowdy thugs and thuggets. One thing is certain; can't take it with me,so I give, all the time as the spirit leads me. I think what you mentioned about is still our reasonable duty. I don't buy this above and beyond, because that means you have limits; God didn't put limits on giving to me, nor forgiving my hard headed rebellious butt when I wanted to do it my way. Nope, I me, I Regi, if that's okay, don't think about above and beyond, I'm one of those whatever it takes. I'm the one that someone may curse out with anger and I stand my ground and nicely dismissed them, but leave the door open for them to return, never mentioning the incident I forgave again. I certainly appreciate God's mercy on me.
I beleive children of the Kingdom should give back as much if not more of what we take. I still think that many are hungry, needy, and lack the basics, so there is never any left over. I often look at this small town doctor, who has given his home to prayer, drives a hybrid just because he likes to say it saves gas and he doesn't see the need to spend ridiculous money on some car you have to part sideways to keep off a scratch, and curse someone out about it the accidently bump it. It's a thing and the money they cost are stupid mad. But they look really nice I agree and if one can afford it, hecky yeah, you worked for it, you wanted get it. But don't be angry if another saint choses to buy 2 hybrid and blesses another saint to get back and forth with their family.
I watch this same doc pay his patient's mortgage, no strings, and no he does not have a lot of money. He just don't see the need to store it up and watch it grow bigger while it could feed someone. The word also speaks of how the saints sold everything they had to advance the kingdom of God. We are Him for his glory; at least that's what I believe. His needs are simple, and wealth is relative to him. I concur. Mine are simple as well, but I when I do get paid for my services the way I'm suppose to. I pay off some bills if I have them, and give to ministry, and and bless others. I put a little something away for a emergencies, but I'm not depending on it. Look at what happened to the stock market (wow).
I personally believes God smiles on us when we help one others. He speaks of the difficulties monies often bring in His word. It can easily become too important, we focus too much on it, and we find ourselves defending something we never needed to defend, or debating another person's choice when we are free do believe what we want. How many cars can one drive and what is the purpose of the car? How many clothes can one wear and how large of home does one need? Nothing goes in the grave with us, and you should see how people suffer and fight over the remains of the decease.
Above and beyond, again, what's above and beyond what?. Everything we do should be done with joy and in abundance as we desire, and everything we do, should be done with love and selflessness. I don't need much. I keep a very nice modest home. I have very nice neighbors. My students come over share a meal, spend the night and enjoy my home. We take a few meals out.  I come and go, I give, I minister in song, word and comdey to prisoners and in giving. I watch people that need and secretly give to them.
Don't get bothered by another person's choice or opinions. You and I, as much as we differ in opinion, I pray we are also alike, for if we both love the Lord, we can respect one another's differences. I don't claim anything of this world. I'm thankful for my salvation. I came from the slums of Memphis, Tennessee, and I had many sorrowful times. Suffered many abuses, but I wouldn't change a thing, for I love who God has made in me and whom he's still building. My family was large so we had a lot of love, worked hard, and found comfort in one another. We were happy a lot of times. I love His people and his creation and I weep when they hurt. I've buried 5 of my six brothers. Most of them were lost to the very streets we should be cleaning up and nursing back to health. In your gettiing, get understanding. The greatest commandment is for us to Love one another.

You know I use that same scripture, give and it shall be given unto you...because daily I receive when a soul comes to Christ, I am Jackie O then. My God gives me a joy unspeakable and a richness that puts the dollar to shame. Since the shoe does not fit you, don't fret. The message of material gluttony is real. It was real when Jesus cleaned out the money changers and it's real today. I see it everyday. I watch a young child gun down someone for a pair of shoes or 10 dollars, or get gun down daily. I watch ministries get larger locked inside their marble cathedrals, and I hear the pastor say they don't want anything. I say, try them. Even a crack head wants his next fix.

I minister or help minister in a small mission a friend of mine and her husband started. They don't have much, a nice home, a car to get around, some mad money, and money to sow back into the advancement of his kingdom. My bible tells me to store my treasures in heavens, so I do just that, but I have no problem with those that work and build wealth becasue they are business savvy, and smart and desire the finer things in life, as long as it's not from pimping or prostituting God's word, which Jesus gave His life for; the word is to fulfill its purpose on earth and it takes willing workers to advance it; even if there is no money.

We will be head and not the tail, but he didn't say we would be rich. I don't borrow, and I don't lend, I give. Rich according to God in my understanding has never meant money. He's not given me this take on His word. So if it is the real deal, He will reveal it to me, for He's been so faithful to reveal to me thus far how to minister and meet the needs of those he allows me to be blessed to witness to, I have no reason to doubt He will keep giving me the wisdom the gold of knowledge the pearls that no one can rob.

I'm still going to bank on His rewards. When you get rich, let me know; I know so very good places you can sow, that will give you even more riches in joy. I help a lot of struggling selfless people who are reaching out to help others amid their won loss; it really good ground to sow. I pray that God will richly bless you ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES! Regi
Hello brother;
Listen, you said exactly what I've said, and you've seen what I and many have seen, but I've seen some true Christians that are rich in wisdom, love, knowledge, and faith. I don't claim to be an authority on anything or anybody, I believe what I believe b/c of my personal experience with God. I don't knock any man's or woman's choice of beliefs b/c my God authored free will.

I watched my late brother who was considered a big time pimp, change his life completely, giving away thousands of ill gotten money to the poor and dedicated his life to Islam. Did I stop loving my brother after seeing him become a devout family man who worked to support his family and praise God? No, but I didn't stop being a Christian b/c God has allowed me to be a part of his family and it's an honor I don't take lightly..

I think that people are simply getting tired. With the economy the way it is now and the heart of man continuing to harden, it will only get worse. The great falling away that everyone keeps saying has happened, is still happening. Even those in church every Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday school, are falling away and perishing b/c of the watered down word being used to entertain rather than help change and build up the man.

I believe God is not happy with the current state of the church. This blog is evidence of that in my opinion. Of all the things going on in our society, and all the need, we debate money...that's sad. I never meant to get into this; I was just reading for the pleasure when I stumbled across this site, but I couldn't help but say something. I believe that the man or woman of God should be paid when possible if they are true full-time pastors servicing the church and the community.

I just left this senior citizen's home. She's 74 years old, she has a pace maker, she smokes, and she's sick with other illness, but she works at the church for 7.50 an hour cooking for the daycare. She was on my list of prospects when making my insurance calls. When, I saw her and reviewed the final expense policy she had, and saw her income, there was no way I was going to replace her policy. I was thankful she had the small burial policy she did have b/c the cost at her age if I could have written her would have been ridiculous.

She wanted me to write her 55 year son a policy. He and another older son lived on her. Neither of them worked, but they managed to find drug money. I refused, offering to meet w/her children and educate them about the policies. She also had a policy on her grandson, which her daughter should pay instead of her. I learned that some crook had taken her by refiancing her home. She had a home only worth at best $60,000 if she fixed it up, but she owed $150 thousand. Some one had called her again saying that God told her to call her b/c she needed some money, lloking to add more debt.

I knew the church she attended and paid tithes faithfully b/c I did the ground breaking broadcast when I was station mgr for a local gospel station--they have money. I even saw her tithes records. She called me to see if I could help her pay her utilities that had gotten behind after the church cut her hours. The church gave her part of the money for her utilities, but this lady has been member for over 30 years. She's given for over 30 years and they couldn't pay her utilities and they cut her hours?

She was upset that the church wanted her to give towards buying the pastor a big screen plasma TV when she had a small 19 inch in her house. She asked me with tears in her eyes, why? This is what bothers me. I see it everyday, everyday! I helped and begged her not to take the loan, but I think she did to pay off her car.

This is why I don't think any pastor who get his/her salary from church, should be rich from the church's offering when they have members 1 step from poverty. Rich? Yes, get it on your own, and prayerfully, give back to the flock. We don't know how to help others b/c we are busy looking down on people that need help, but a bad economy a crash in stock market and there goes anyone.

I'm just one of God's children that so happens to have a heart for the people and believe in advancing the kingdom. To debate is not my call, but, I can talk as you can see b/c Jesus is so in me and I love Him completely. I'm so open to His guidance. We can pray that God will open the eyes and hearts of those that are misusing His word, and pull them down and cause them to walk in truth or walk away.

Hello right back at you Rev Luckett. (Morning is gone now, sorry I didn't see b/4, smile)
Rev Luckett, thanks for the feedback, I can't see or read, I thought you wrote good morning. I'm laughing at myself so hard, I'm going to have to pick myself up off the floor.
Said it again Rev. Luckett (smile)! I'm just being silly b/c I'm in a playful mood after meeting with one of my prior students. She was visiting from NY and we had dinner to catch up. This girl has a long way to go, but I love her; she's straight and truthful with me. She's stopped selling drugs and doing drugs, but she still has that "I think I'm a man spirit." One fix at a time. I'm just happy she's not locked up or worse, dead. She always says her "Latino or Rican" blood boils and get's her in trouble, but she is soo-----------------, improved, and she keeps me on my toes and in stitches. Be Blessed Regi
See what I mean? It's late, SAY, SAY, it again.....LOL.......Say it again Rev Luckett! Thanks for the kind words, they were encouraging sincerely. Good night!
We are not responsible for what other people do, but we are responsible for what we do.
Some of these things are ashame to mention. PRAY!
Hello Evelyn Thomas, I almost wrote smiles. Nice smile. You are right, but I like to let them know we see you, so stop it! I'm praying, really, I pray about these when they happen, and daily as I pray for all men and women of God. They have a tough job not only b/c of forces of satan, and sin, and all the regular warfare, but people like this hurt the ministry. But God is bigger. Be Blessed.
Sis, you are absolutely correct, it's happening in our churches today and people are just walking away because the Word of God is used as a forefront to operate a business and there is absolutely no compassion or care for the people of God. All they want is the money....and anytime you hear a Pastor say, they will pay tithes until the Lord tell them otherwise, I've heard it all because as a Pastor, if you don't pay tithes then neither should the congregation. I'm just like you, I have a sincere heart for the people of God and when I look at the leaders, they could care less, they say the people have a welfare mentality, God said go in your savings bank account and give him that rainey day money and there's no scripture for none of this mess, but the people are constantly being ran out of the church by the Leader.
I sincerely believe God is calling out His remnant of true leaders. They will look different, talk different, walk differently, and the light of Jesus in them will attract (draw). They won't be religious fakes masking with what they think holy looks like. I've often wondered why we keep trying to put a dress type on holy...that's another story. These remnants won't be heroes in the world's since of the word, but they will be mighty and armed with the word of truth major-ly impacting the kingdom. People will trust them and want to be around them. They will be that peculiar people the bible speaks of, not peculiar looking in zook suits, fancy shoes, flashy jewelry, big cars, and really big giant hats and flowers (not that anything is wrong with another's dress choice - it just doesn't define holy.)

I get frustrated, but I remember how He called me out and how he places me in the right place at just the right time. As I watch crooks continue to entrap, trick, and use smoke and mirrors or scare tactics, I find myself talking to the Father saying, "look, see what I'm talking about Daddy?" And then I find myself smiling reminding myself that He said this would happen, why am I so surprised? He is still Lord!

Those truly called will stand out in a different way. I believe this, and I'm working on the one person I know I can change, me. I desire to be one of those remnants. And while I wait, I work, watch, and pray.

Where your heart is, there you will find your treasure. Where your focus is, you will find your desire. If your hand is closed tight holding on to what you got, then you won't be able to help your fellow man up when he falls. Open your hand and heart. God will (re) pay according to His riches. Thanks for sharing...Regi
Okay, I'm bitting. You've got to define Kayn, this is the second time I've seen you reply to a blog using this term or expression. I'm going to search it, but tell me please...Regi
thanks for defining.


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