Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Now thats what i am talking about ,,,Amen a true saint of God will not rob the church or the flock.
Mr. Huggins writes:"I've just finished a 4 night revivial..."
It is hard to Revive something that Never had life Now isn't it?
To take" anything for false hope and a misconstruction fabricated by the arrogance and deceptive wranglings of the N.Testament is only a superficial fix...Real Servants do not need to be Revived as such they have such a deep intimacy that even if Ha'Shem slay them,... Take all that He once gave them, They Still maintain the Divine Spark.

The Shekinah of Adonai' cannot be extinguished.
This is a whole other topic all together but i will say this much the revivial was for the Saints but for the sinner man and the backslider

would "Jesus" (Yeshua) have the Life-syle of TD and Dollars and Price?

IF the answer is an resounding NO, than other factors (unHoly) are involved.
I have pastored without salary for almost 3 years and God has provided for my every need and I have not went lacking in anything or anyway. There is a blessing to those that rely on His word. not some word but all of His words. He did say He would supply you add the rest.
Amen! and I have for 11 years and God has been SO! Good To Me! When you obey God's Word, Pay Your Tithe and Offering, treat people right , be honest and see about the needy, and have the Faith that God will never leave you or forsake you, your needs will be more than what you will ever could ask of think of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Praise God for your heart. But I'm slightly curious about something and would like to ask you a question. You said that you "see about the needy". Ok, if there was a family in your church that had given under compulsion and then was facing eviction and came to the church, asking for the money back, would you give it back?
G-d forbid that a saint give through compulsion! A greedy dog forces and wolf will not spare the flock. True pastors lead the flock and are not brutal. They don't fleece the flock of God and beat the sheep of HIS pasture!
The mean, greedy dogs should give those people back that blood money! Those poor people have been mislead and are wounded sheep that need a Pastor after the LORD'S heart. No offense intended. Compulsion indeed!
Praise God for you Pastor Swain.... Its a blessing to see that there are ministers of the Gospel that aren't afraid to TRULY trust in Our God. I have been pastoring going on 7 years and God has blessed me with 3 different locations without a salary. But I dont want nor lack anything. Our God WILL SUPPLY ALL OF OUR NEEDS if we do what He commands us preachers to do. ( JUST PREACH THE GOSPEL)
A preacher or pastor should freely preach the Word! He is not to be brought under the power of money! I assure you many preachers will have to answer to God. The holy Ghost and being in the will of God should be their main purpose. I am totally against salary preachers! Because if you have someone that pays you to preach your under their POWER. WHETHER THEY KNOW IT OR NOT. A preacher cannot have total liberty to preach what God gives them. God is faithful to His Word and will provide ALL his necessary NEEDS. Tithing is biblical. God Will take care of His People!
Hello, I just wanted to comment on "material blessing". I do not believe that any minister of the Gospel (whether Pastor, Rabbi, traveling Evangelist) should reap exorbitant amounts of material things (read: money, expensive cars, houses, clothing, jewelry, etc.) and have the sheep go without or live lifestyles less than the Minister does. Look at what Apostle Paul (Rabbi Shaul) about profitting from the Gospel. "For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ. 2Cor. 2:17 NKJV. Peddling by def: transitive verb to sell or offer from place to place: HAWK: broadly sell, to offer or promote as valuable. (Greek work used here is kapeleno meaning to retail or sell, to adulterate). Paul also, said that he preached the gospel without charge so that he would not abuse his authority in the gospel 1Cor. 9:18. Many, sadly in our present time still seek to profit off the word of God (Christian books, CDs, paid preaching engagements). Many of these ministers are also puffed up, greedy and are manipulating the word of God and commanding the body of Christ to give offerrings to them under compulsion rather than allowing people to give whatever they have decided within their own hearts (2Cor. 9:7) boasting that this is rightful for them to receive because they are ministers of the gospel (CEOs of the church) and these preachers pat each other on the back and give to each other and not to the body (but will tell those of the body who are in need we have a benevolence fund for some or to seek assistance outside the church in such places as the government or agencies) This is backwards and unscriptural. The believers of the 1st church were of one heart and mind and shared all their possessions and gave to anyone in need. And money was laid at the Apostles' feet to be distributed to anyone who had need NOT to the apostles for the apostles to get rich of off because they were apostles. Acts 2:44- 45, Acts 4:32-37
Now I do want to acknowledge that some have obtained finances and other material possesions via businesses, stocks, inheritance etc. I am not against that but we should always be mindful of the word of God. Paul urged Timothy to command the rich to do good and be rich in goods works, ready to give, willing to share.
I do know of one pastor who is financially rich but gives away all of his CDs, sermons for free and still has a successful ministry so it can be done. God Bless and may He be true and every man a liar.


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