For the past few days I have been in several "heated fellowships" surrounding this issue of rights for homosexuals vs. heterosexuals. My questions: should citizens of the United States who are homosexual have the same rights as citizens of the United States who are heterosexuals? Should Christian belief be forced upon an individual? Is it or should it be an issue of just basic civil liberties?...i.e. they have the right to marry simply because they too are citizens? What about the United States will change if same-sex marriages are legalized when there is so much other sin abounding in this great country of ours? Should it only be look upon from a christian viewpoint?

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"Have you spoke against this?"

Yes I have often spoke against it, but not much on this site as yet.
Rev. Luckett, don't get me wrong I would never vote for them to have the right to marry, and I would always speak the word in reference to that lifestyle. I'm just saying, we are to treat and respect them as humans, and we are to love them.

Brotha, Are you implying that God will not forgive adultery? If the adulterer has ask for forgiveness from God, what would you have to speak on it?
Altha where do you think civil unions will undoubtedly and ultimately affect to its real aim and purpose which is to marry? The gays have an agenda and they won't stop at just "civil unions". Give 'em a rope and they will want to be cowboys. Open up pandoras box and they will cease the moment and the next thing is that they will be teaching my children in schools that "two daddies and two mommies" is normal. They are using the "civil rights" that our people have fought and died for to piggy back on our coat tails of 400 years of suffering to be included in gaining acceptance of his perverted lifestyle which is an abomination with the help of Obama and Oprah who will see this take place in our lifetimes. Glad my family is leaving america and its debauchery and depravity since God has already left America up to its reprobate mind. Talk about cussing. Just wait for when God cusses, when He cusses, He CURSES!
"I would never vote for them to have the right to marry"

But would you vote against their right to marry?"

"Brotha, Are you implying that God will not forgive adultery?"

With repentance, God will forgive adultery. But repentance requires Christians to turn away from their sins. If divorced Christians remarry, how can they turn away from the sin of adultery while remaining in the new marriage?

"If the adulterer has ask for forgiveness from God, what would you have to speak on it?"

Are you saying that divorced Christians can remarry, and then ask God to forgive them and remain in that marriage? If this is so, then why can't the Gays marry, ask for forgiveness after the wedding, and remain in their sinful marriage as well?
I agree, and its biblical as well unless your wife had died, then it is ok to remarry. I have told my wife that if she died, God forbid; I will not remarry and focus the rest of my life in raising my children and being celibate. And after my children are grown I would devote the rest of my life in serving God in the utter most parts of the world. America would rarely see me. I will no longer share my life with another woman and with God cause as Paul said somewhere down the line the other would be sacrificed and most of the time it would be God.
Evangelist Fugett...reading your words seem as though I have wrote them...completely agree with you.
I will not vote for evil and put my name on something that God hates and despises, whether its abortion, gays wanting to be ONE with the same sex or dividing up Israel....
You are so on-point as far as I am concerned...I feel the exact same way...this is why I have had so many "heated fellowships." I can't believe that another christian woman feels the same way. I have been screaming your exact same words, but I get bashed for it...It's cool though..because I am so secure in my relationship with Christ..and I know the way to win a soul is to be that godly example..period.
My reply was towards what Evangelist Fugett was stating...
They can surely adopt them.....
Praying is our only defense? Aren't we called to engage, rebuke and confront as good soldiers as well? Did King David just pray the head off of Goliath? Did Jesus just pray within Himself the sermon on the mount? Or did He SPEAK it in the harvest outside the walls of the gates for His persecution? We are not monks but ambassadors who are charged to do the work of an evangelist.

The Sin of Adultery vs the Sin of Homosexuality

Adultery Homosexuality
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