Family, one of our members requested I post this question for her. She is a 1st Lady of a small church. She and her husband have 2 children ages 12 and 14. Basically, there household financial challenges dictate they close the church because the church is not self support and the tithes and offering are not strong enough to convince them to stay. As for souls being saved; the congregation is pretty much family members and no one has given their life to Christ under the ministry in 2 years. Her husband is determined to continue to be faithful, but as women know, she would like more security at home and more focus on home.

I will offer my thoughts and suggestions I offered after I hear from some of you.

Marriage Helper

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There are some serious problems in this assembly - but without additional information, a carefully thought out response is not forthcoming.

From the little shared so far, my first recommendation would be to move into a 'home church' setting - and/or find and combine with one or more small church groups.
Home church is an awesome undertaking for such a small assembly. I would also add to the ministry additional outreach of community service if you are not doing so. Serving the community will not only bring attention to your ministry, but most of all it will be fullfilling the great commission. It cuts expenses and reduces the pressures and demands on the finances. Best of all it puts a santuary in your home which I recommend for all homes.(not a church but a special place for meditation and prayer
I am forced to agree with the comments of my fellow brothers, Marriage Helper. I personally see to points that need to be addressed concerning this ministry:

-GOD's Decree: First and foremost, there has to be a high decree from the Front Office of Heaven in order for this Church to be legitimate. Did GOD actually say to open up a Church and be a Senior Pastor? If yes, was that plan for now, or later? If no, then what DID GOD say? This must be covered and handled first, thus giving way for the second to move forward....

-Evangelism: If the Church is small after two years, then what sort of Evangelistic effort is being put forth? The ONLY reason why the Church was added unto daily in the Book of Acts was the fact that the Apostles and Evangelists went out and preached the Gospel to the unbelievers, compelling them to join the fold. A REAL effort must be pushed out. The Church is not to be a private family business.
This level of wisdom from such a young vessel is admired. God be glorifed. I started a church many years ago and it was not the right timing neither was it the right location. I did realize I was called to be Senior Pastor however I launched out due to frustration in the assembly that I was a part of. I do believe many have done the same and similar and God did not bless my endeavors, however I turned that work over to someone else and and 2 years later started another work in a different location not carrying the baggage I carried when I started the first church. This work has been ordained, and blessed by God. I do believe many will have to look at their reasons for starting a church and determine if it was truely ordained by God or birth out of other personal reasons.
Thank you for your words.

Interestingly enough, you are right:

-Apostles Paul and Silas only became a team because Apostles Barnabas and Paul had a big fallout, never mending it enough to team up again.

-The Anglican Church was started all because a greedy, lustful King didn't want to adhere to the Roman Catholic Pope's high decree.

-Lutheranism, and just about all of the Protestant Church for that matter, started out of frustration of dealing with heresy from Pope Leo X and his Cardinals/thugs.
Sound advice from all. It sounds like the wife is frustrated from doing the samething and appearing to have little results. I tell my members sheep beget sheep. Evangelism/outreach is a vital part of Kingdom Building. Someone will have to take on the role and duties of organizing the evangelistic campaign and I do believe you will see a change in the membership and the excitment of the congregation as long as sound doctrine and truth is being taught


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