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As I reflect on the earthly ministry of Christ their are a few prevalent aspects of His ministry that continually stands out. One aspect is the dimension and demonstration of supernatural power. Healings, Deliverance and Miracles was such a common occurence in the life and ministry of Christ that it caused the foundations of religous order and ritual to be shaken and dismantled.


Question - Do you believe Signs, Miracles and Wonders are needed today? Why is there so little demonstration in today's Church?


Your thoughts and comments are most welcome.




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I think there's such a lack in the expression of Gods power because people have given up faith in Gods power for fear of no results.
Mr. Trent ll-writes~"I think there's such a lack in the expression of G-d's power because people have given up faith in G-d's power for fear of no results."~
YHVH is limitless,... there is all-possibilities and no-limitations to those with intimacy with HaShem.~~
Sadly a conscious determined decision to cause global chaos and wars and murders in the name of arrogance mostly through the criminal and treasonous leaders who -presently are running things at the house called white and U.N. level~Ha'Shem has decided to allow the chemical holocaust and arrogance to run it's course.~~We have a Muslim in the House called White and He is building a Mosque in NY~~He just endorsed it and You all could not see it coming..HaShem is taking it down and resetting the clock on humanity~~~ so there you go.~~~~' Every thing happens for a purpose,.... Arrogance always carry's the higher price: Simply Adonai is tired of the Debauchery of humanity ...Therefore if you want things right,...and I assume most students who have immersed them-selves into Torah study as a lifetime venture of Piety and benevolent nature going about doing good...would like some enlightenment. Those who have failed to re-connect themselves and families to who they were before the Controllers of north-afrika soold you into slavery to the Dutch and Portuguese traders Were simply deporting all the Jews...Or in reality doing what history repeats for the people of YHVH..They are always sold deported murdered and expelled to somewhere..The Final solution is a desire of Amalek .

First find out who you are/???~~ and what YHVH really demands for his Children Israel.
Those who have the heart of Amalek are a different story.

Time for Teshuvah and Tzedakah lack of Humility in the Children of the Master...The Mantle has been lifted to those who practice foolishness.

Yeshuua/J-sus was a Jew ...go study with the Sages and find out what you have lost.

Time for an Afrikaan Guelah back to historical ....linguistic and cultural understanding...I can help, a little
So true.

Jesus did more than teach and preach the Kingdom - He demonstrated the Kingdom. One expression of this demonstration was through Signs, Miracles and Wonders. I personally believe that the manifestation of power in the church is not a Request from the Sprit but a Requirement. In order to be the body that He wants we have to do what He did; heal the sick, cleans the leper, cast out demons and raise the dead.

Kingdom Emergence International
Mr. Watson writes"~I personally believe that the manifestation of power in the church is not a Request from the Sprit but a Requirement."
Think upon this 'Thought Manifestation'...What really is an Antichrist? Consider this for a moment~It is one who denies the manifestation of those opportunities of Refuah.= Health and Healing. Simply that denies the very motive for decades of study and intimate moments with the Divine that a real servant or Son of Ha'Shem is sent to do..Go out and in some way try to heal the world: Our very existence is to one another. to teach Tzedakah and Teshuvah = return to G-d ( The prodigal son redemption- story that is the Geulah)

To bring for a miracle when there is a need~
The Rebbe of Chabad~ stated it well: our mission is "to draw G-ds essence down into this Material world"...

My Lifestyle walk with that Master concurs this to be that true Intimacy is the key and you are prepared for decades before being released.

In deep Judaism we would call that person a Hidden Tzaddik, IE: a person with deep calleth unto deep study in the cave of higher learning with the Master where He /HaShem~Strips Rips and Trips you to your own cross[ if you will allow ] of self-nullification in order to be prepared for the High Calling... of Deep un-movable-Maturity.

See I was once one of those who preformed the Miracles,... but a lack of maturity and a lack of Piety can keep the real power from 'Manifesting" and I think I now under stand why.
Just a working model: It seems it is first and foremost a trust like a little child" of the un-seen. and then the journey begins...Years go by and slight little adjustments to your walk...but for the most part If born a gentile...you most likely fail the real walk daily...

But the Master is looking for a few good 'Mighty" men..many are called however very-few are chosen....and with that His Mercy is New and renewed every morning (good thing) however each and every day has a lesson-IF you have the ear to hear and the heart to discern..
Personally, since I see HaShem in everything,.. I am always looking for a reason to be there.
If you are a servant most likely you never leave your abode unless sent..in some way ...'for reasons unknown...We just obey..sometimes it is we just go..and the Miracle may be just a heart adjustment for a strung out woman..like what happened today.... Tomorrow, it may be a word of encouragement and paying for a loaf of bread for someone in need...

Those too are a Mitzvot,.. a Command to serve one another...Well if you are Jewish we are all one unit from the One..Master of all the Multi-verse.

Shema Israel Deut 6:v4-9]

However the church for the most part states we can move the hand of G-d with our Tithes and offerings..
Hmmmmmmmmmmm.,That is like selling snake oil-...

Deverim / Deuteronomy 10:v17 states it a little different"~ I' YHVH (Adonai) do not take a Bribe"

Why because it is all about G-d and nothing to do with religion and whatever flavor of .??-division led global church of Rome and her protestant daughters has to say:

Why follow foolishness,...they all are violating the very Torah first accepted. IMHO. But then what do I know>?

Simply Healing is this,.. first there is a need...The Master always hears the heart cry"...HaShem generally puts together the Servant as a 'Conduit for the Divine" to flow His ( I think to use the word 'Virtue" to the Child in need" and therein is the Miracle as we call it~and that my friends is when you are the vessel that YHVH works through...

I know a man who was taken on a journey when the Master called out 'Get ready for the Journey...as I remember he argued back Whjat is this an Abraham journey or something...Today he will tell you the training was a literal walk of the Torah in order to go higher and then~~'Bring Heaven down to a sick and dying humanity.

That is our job.

Decades later HaShem is now releasing him and others that allowed them-selves to be sent into the Cave of learning Much like Elijah..the time alone develops a sincere intimacy..
Just a few thoughts..hard to convey four plus decades of the pious benevolent walk from one to another" into a moment of typing.

Shalom upon your home.
James and Terry @ shekinahLife


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