Sin in American Churches is a very touchy subject..Why is that?

How should sin be addressed in our churches? With the new interfaith initiatives and the introduction of the inclusionary doctrines, many leaders feel muzzled to speak against sin in our churches. That being said, should we allow mainstream media to persuade our gospel teachings? Just looking for feedback.

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Noble Son, I am not Wonzo and would like to chime in, if I may. I see your argument; however, how many more women have to be abused before someone like Wonzo, stop at nothing to ensure other families are not destroyed. I agree that Wonzo has a method that is radical but God will at times stir up those who are radical enough to assist Him in protecting His precious sheep – when others are to blind and refuse to do so. It seems that Apostle Howell is still in pride and has not attempted to make things right with God for if he had why would God allow him and not others not to settle oughts’ with people he has - without a doubt wronged. There are over 100 ex-members on a private group that share this testimony of abuse by Apostle Howell which there are newer cases than the one you spoken of. I believe God has spoken in secret to personnel involved in this church that hurt and destroy marriages, families and the soul of God's people and when God is ignored than exposure is inevitable. I am not God and can’t rightfully say how He choose to expose- but He does expose mess and these posts are evidence of such. As a leader in your church, you are charged to ensure this type of behavior isn’t going on. What have you done about it? If the leaders were standing up to this Apostle Howell, Wanzo would have no need to create this site. Wonzo has his method and many others have theirs but the bottom line is - this False Prophet (Howell) is detrimental to the body of Christ and Paul often confronted such men calling them many unpleasant things such as dogs. If you are minister there I understand the manipulation for you only see the importance of being loyal to Apostle Howell, which over shadows the hurt he has imposed on others. You can only see clearly when you are out of the fog. You are no different from others who were blinded; however, you have these warnings when many others did not. I agree that the people Wanzo is mentioning are trying to be productive Christians; however, they are leaders that are aware of the abuse this man has imposed, and from what I can see have done nothing about it, but “protect the man of God” this is not scriptural within proper context. Again, Noble Son, if you are not Apostle Howell and are going along with his behavior, some of the blood of these sheep are on your hands as well – you have the proof you will be held accountable. Apostle Howell should not be allowed to hurt innocent people in the - like other Cult leaders like Jim Jones have done. Noble, there is no possible way over 100 people are wrong and one man is right. Don’t even mention that if he is wrong, God will deal with him – God has given the church many guidelines on how to deal with a False Prophet – you leave them alone!!!The leaders of this ministry are obliviously more concerned with not being (sat) than being the leaders God has commissioned them to be. Noble, Come on….something has to be done about this. The skill of a manipulator is to make everyone one else be the bad guy, while they remain spotless. I know the game and wish you all did as well. Again, if the leaders care more about their position in the church than standing up for what’s right, then maybe Wanzo would not have to do what you’ll should be doing even if you disagree with his methods. Remember, if you leaders were in your lanes there would be no room for Wonzo to be in it. Furthermore, Apostle Howell has sat Jesus down. If Jesus was allowed to minister in LCI love would abound and abuse would not exist.

So wanzo when are you going to give your testimony of why you left?  Any of you can leave it, whether it's C.C. or C.D. or A.W either one, or you can go get C.B., or even M.S.  We know who you are, we know what you've done.  We have yet to put you on blast like you do us.  It's funny you live on other people's testimonies but don't have one of your own.  Wanzo Brown isn't a Christian even though Wanzo Brown is a name being used by a number of fake Christians.  Tell me, christians would you attend a church where the leaders talk about wanting somebody to go to Jail and get assaulted.  The bible speaks of how the son of Noah's that exposed his nakedness was cursed.  It talks about how David wouldn't rebel against Saul.  It speaks of how countless men of God were obedient to people that were in Authoritative positions.  If they were sent to say something then they went to the Authority themselves instead of Hiding.  Wanzo Go tell Apostle yourself.  If God has called you to deliver a message to Apostle do you think God would have you hide behind a fake name or do you think he would have you not be such a coward and tell him face to face?  But you wouldn't do that because you're a COWARD.  All of you posting on here are COWARDS.  If you have a problem with Apostle tell him yourself.  COWARD.  Paul was bold enough to go preach in the synagogues.  Paul even was bold enough to take his case to Ceaser.   I know you liken yourselves to be some great spiritual people doing the work of God.  So stop being COWARDS and go speak to your mountain and tell him to be moved...

Go stick your tongue down Bonny Honey's mouth you MOLESTER!

So glad you continue to stick your big feet in your BIG MOUTH!


You don't know what you think you know.


It is you who likens himself HOWELL TO A GREAT SPIRITUAL PERSON.  You are a spiritual slob.


All of us are trying to WARN APOSTLE HOWELL and ALL OF US at one time or another have tried to talk to Howell and he just DENY, DENY, DENY and LIE!


No, we are going around K-town and posting Chas Gooden notes all over town - YOU KNOW - THE ONES YOU THOUGHT WERE DELETED WHEN CHAS TOOK DOWN HIS PAGE. 




Again stupid - you ain't David BUT YOU NEED SHRINK! 


Howell you are being EXPOSE after years of doing the nasty with the women in your church.  Just like all the other preachers out their and that foot ball coach who been molesting all those boys in the shower.  He thought that was gonna stay quiet but it did not.  GUESS WHAT PERVERT - PEOPLE STILL GOING TO COLLEGE THERE AND PEOPLE STILL ATTENDING LIFE CHANGERS INTERNATIONAL NEW HORIZON'S MINISTRY.


We dare you to come forward and tell your deceived members what you have done.  It is all around K-Town and sooner or later all the churches in town gonna know about it and so will those few members you still have left.


All of us attended LCI and listene to HOWELL put down other preacher, churches and eventually ALL OF US - YOU LYING DEVIL.


What happened to the Arobona's?


Happy Anniversay Baby - WE GOT YOU ON OUR MINDS!.


I am trying to see your point but I believe we all are using an alias which I believe is for good reason. I know Wanzo has suggested you to be someone mentioned in an earlier post but this this hasn't been confirmed or denied by you - this make you the coward you are calling us – let’s focus on the issue at hand – Howell the abuser of God’s sheep. Howell is frustrated at the fact that he can't control this situation as it pertains to the real names behind the aliases. It’s not the sheep he has slaughtered and is slaughtering he is concerned with but being in control. This is not normal for a Shepherd who has God’s heart – it’s perverted. This is a serious problem for many have left that ministry so bruised that they wanted nothing to do with God. I know that it isn’t the Pastor’s fault if someone backslides because they rather enjoy sin for season, however, if his abuse is the reason it has happened – he is wrong and a disgrace to the clergy for he should protect them from the lion and the bear!!!!!!!. The concern should not be if we are “ALL” cowards (including yourself) but how do we prevent God's people from being further abused. I am here only for that cause and that cause only. I will reveal myself when the time comes “believe me” it will happen.  If Howell was to repent and get things right with God and the 100 plus ex members that have oughts against him, from what I hear, I would disappear never to return; however we know that will not happen. From what I can see, he is in reprobate condition and has danced with the devil too long to turn back to that holy commandment. All things are possible with God and I my prayer is he genuinely gets things right with God for he is a brother who Christ has died for and God’s grace awaits him like anyone else.  My recommendation to Wanzo and everyone is to remain anonymous for if you don’t, Howell will spread poison about you to discredit the truth that is being revealed about him on this forum– that’s the way that spirit operates.   I don’t have an issue revealing myself for I see the coward Howell is, but I refuse to feed in to that manipulative spirit –if one person avoids this abuse than everything  in this forum will not be in vain. I can’t speak for no one but me, and my concern is to stand on the wall and sound the alarm when the enemy is coming – Howell in his condition, is open to the enemy and a warning must be given to those who are unaware that he’s coming. It’s not personnel but ministry.

How would you know whether or not Apostle Howell has repented of anything or not?  Does God talk to you about who repents to Him?  The bible says we all fall short of the Glory of God.  It says there is none good no  not one.  The bible says let God be true and every man a lie.  You come on here as if Apostle is the enemy, and attack his leaders.  That is wrong no matter how you slice it.  You Howell(repent) may or may not be somebody involved in the ministry but by you condoning what Wanzo is doing you're caught up in his sin.  We don't know if Apostle has done the things that are written on here.  Even our own legal system says that every man is innocent until "Proven" guilty.  Yet you agree with Wanzo coming on here with his accusations.  But Wanzo's accusations are heresay, he speaks of Apostle with one of our ministers but there is no proof of that, but Wanzo is hell bent on breaking that family up.  Everybody that backs him up are in danger of siding with a devil.  Wanzo has yet to show himself a christian.  Wanzo has just admitted to being many people.  Who does that sound like?  Legion...  Come on people you are quick to attack a man that hasn't had anything come out that says that he is guilty, period.  I don't care how many people come on here saying he's done what, if there's no proof other than hearsay then I don't believe it.  And if it is true and He's already repented to God then I don't give a damn what you say, his hands are clean of the blood of all men.  You guys have not Idea how God's forgiveness works.  I'm on here because it is my job to be on here.  I'm the voice of reason to the people who come on here and see nothing but accusers.  God is merciful, God is forgiving.  None of you have yet to show that.  Some of the people if not all of the one's that write under Wanzo's alias were leaders.  Not leaders that were so righteous that as soon as they saw something wrong they left.  But leaders who left because they did something against the very standards that they gave their word they would follow.  Nobody forced them to be leaders.  They're leaders that did things like leave the church to be with a man that they weren't married to because he left because he couldn't get his way.  Leaders that left because they were following other leaders that left.  Not because they were done wrong but because they were mad at what was said about somebody that they like that went against what they swore they would submit to.  If you commit to God and to be an Elder or Minister or Deacon in the church then you should know what you're getting into.  Now here they are bad mouthing a man because they couldn't get their way.  These are supposed to be Christian leaders, some of them didn't have the greatest attitude to begin with.  Some of these leaders made saints feel way more uncomfortable then they say Apostle did.  Bitter leaders are the worst thing to be following.  This church was a spirit led church until it they got mad, then it became a church led by the devil.  These are the people you would side with instead of not commenting any way or the other and let God sort things out. 


It’s a blessing to see we are pass the Coward thing. I see we come to the conclusion, on why we should remain anonymous - so let’s get to the matter at hand. You stated, “How would I know whether or not Apostle Howell has repented of anything or not?  Does God talk to me about who repents to Him? Noble, I owe you an answer to all your questions. First, let me say that after hearing sister Samms encounter and the few I had the chance to read “myself” from the Life after Life Changers group my heart just dropped, for I went into this whole thing unbiased but when the stories from over 100 people matched her story and Wonzo’s  accounts, what could I say? You are right I was never really affiliated with the Church; however, I am affiliated with God and know He is hurt by this whole ordeal. So to answer your question about  how did I know Howell repented to God – I don’t, but if anyone turns from walking in an ungodly direction to be reconciled with God, why wouldn’t they desire to make things right with the people (over 100 to be exact)they abused who were created in God’s very image. We can’t say we love God who we can’t see and don’t love our brother who we can  – we must also make it right with him especially if he has an ought against us and over 100 ex members have just that. Noble, I am assuming you haven’t read those posts to see the bigger picture but if you had we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation – I really want to believe this to be the case.  Secondly, God doesn’t talk to me about who repents but Jesus said the fruit will always tell the tale (paraphrased of course)  – I have seen un-believers more sorrowful for doing things of less a degree and come and make things right with those they have wronged. Shouldn’t we as Christians be the epitome if such behavior?  You stated we all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory and no one’s righteous type deal – I don’t call for Howell to be perfect but to love God’s people and not abuse them. We falling short of God’s Glory due to our condition have nothing to do with deliberately abusing people under our care. There are unbelievers who will continue to fall short of God’s Glory; however, most of them treat the people entrusted to them better than Howell. You said that Howell will have his day in court, but if he would listen court would not have to be an option. There is a possibility that an unbelieving judge will judge a Christian matter that should have never left the Church – you LCI leaders should whole him accountable or take off your minister’s collar. Paul said we will someday judge angels, therefore, we should handle matters such as this without the influence of secular court-room. Howell’s lack of wanting to be accountable (a fruit of pride) makes this impossible; however, if he refuses to listen to his leaders with backbone then you should leave. Again, humility allows a man to listen and realize the error of his way; therefore, he makes things right with those who have an ought with him, they squash it, and they both go on to do bigger and better things.  Pride says, it’s not you it’s over 100 other people – after all they did go on vacation instead of taking leave to work in your church for their vacation, they did marry who God said to marry-not who you wanted them to marry, they did put their family before the Church and the kicker is they put God before your church - so they did deserve your abuse. That  women definitely deserved to be violated, etc. Therefore,  we end up in court where an unbelieving judge tell God’s people how  to conduct themselves – this is just ludicrous and I know Paul is turning over in his grave. Like Paul said, God gave the wisdom and discernment to judge such matters and we don’t need to let an unbelieving Judge take the place of the Holy Spirit. I am unaware of the legal issues and believe its disgrace that it has gotten to this point, but I believe what 100 others and Wanzo is saying. You say I am in sin for believing Wanzo and 100 others who were abused, while you believe one twisted individual- come on…..look at what you are saying. Who is more than likely in the sin here?  I am attacking you all as leaders because you should know better and  are aware of what he has done these sheep and you are Ok with it.

So let's talk about fruit.  The bible does say that you can tell a tree by it's fruit.  So if fruit falls from a tree what is the end result to the fruit?  Fruit without being connected to the tree rots.  That's a natural principle as well as spiritual.  No fruit can remain good while disconnected.  If me, and growing christian are still apart of the tree, but wanzo and you others are  not then of course our words would be different because we are still connected an yours aren't.  And if the 100 people on life after life changers have so much to say that doesn't prove anything other than they still have yet to be "engrafted" into another tree.  Hebrews 12:27 says "and this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain"  Rotten fruit you will never find on the tree but on the ground.  Crying woe is me.  The problem with this is when Jesus goes to a tree looking for fruit he looks on the tree.  Not for the rotten fruit on the ground speaking bad things about the tree. 

These people are rotten fruit that have yet to find a new place to be latched on to.  If they had then their testimonies would be that of their new church.  How many of these people's pastors knows that they are here writing this stuff?  I wonder if Wanzo's pastor at City Missions would appreciate his church being brought into this?

You also speak of over 100 testimonies on LALC.  Is there indeed 100 people speaking bad about apostle?  Are they constantly coming on there speaking of what he has done?  None of those testimonies are old are they, none of them can be from 8-15 years ago can they?  If everybody on there has a testimony please let me know, but if not then it wouldn't be 100 people it would be less.  Just because the group has 100 people doesn't mean that they are all bad mouthing it. 

One more thing, this church has been around for 17 years.  Thousands upon thousands of families have come and gone.  This is after a military community.  People come here and people PCS.  100 people that are disgruntled about something doesn't prove anything.  Look at how many Jews accused Jesus, Look at how many of them accused Stephen and Paul.  The # speaking bad things about anyone is no proof. Ever.  Howell(repent) You are a good example of how people come against this church.  There are people like Wanzo who will say what somebody told them and go around spreading that until somebody like you comes along and listens to them and starts doing the same thing.  Has Apostle done anything to you directly?  If not then you shouldn't be on here.  Sticking up for somebody that you don't personally know is a foolish thing to do.  They could be drawing you into a trap or getting you to speak on something that you should be speaking on.  Are you going to give a false report eventually to prove your point?  Like so many have done in the past the likes of which are written in the bible?


Like always your question warrants an answer. Jesus is the True Vine not LCI or Howell. Believers, as a result of being connected to the True Vine, come together corporately in a Church setting for edification and to exhort one another (Heb 10:25). They bring Christ (as a result of being connected to the Vine) when they come to Church. A Church doesn’t make you a Christian –you go to Church because you are a Christian. Any Church that is connected to the True Vine will foster love, gentleness, meekness, goodness, peace, etc. You are correct, you and Growing Christian are connected to a tree but it’s a tree of a man (Howell). You may not be name dropping as you are accusing Wonzo of but you are excusing the sin of your leader - you must remove the plank from your eye before telling Wanzo about the speck in his. I truly believe what is happening is of God – He is tired of the mess that’s happening “supposedly” in His Name. I believe after numerous warnings from Samuel, Saul (Howell) has been rejected as king, and is only on his throne because David is still in the sheepfold being prepared. It’s just a matter of time. Jonathan (Saul’s son) remained with Saul, nonetheless, and died with him – if you are not Howell don’t be a Jonathan. If you are in the service don’t get out for Howell because one day when your eyes are open and see things for what they really are, you will be ostracized and in the category of the 100 ex-members who have gone before you. The spirit of manipulation (Jezebel) has no favorites – only enemies (the ones who stand up to it and not let it have its way). That’s how Nabal died – he refused to give his vineyard to Ahab and Jezebel –as long as you continue to give your vineyard to Howell you will remain ok with him, but what happens when you see things for what they are… for thought. Moreover, you are Ok with him now unitl your eyes are opened and the rest will be history.

You stated that the 100 people have not been engrafted into another tree and I believe I answered in detail above – most have found a Church but most of all they have learned how to have their own relationship with God and hear his voice louder than the man behind the pulpit – humbly speaking they are in a better position than you and I mean this with the utmost sincerity. They have been where you are and have protected Howell like you are doing but their eyes have been open – like one day yours will be. In other words, they have been there, done that, and have the T Shirt. As long as Howell has his way with with you (like having you do his dirty work - like now), Jezebel will not attack, but when she does you have a support group that will welcome and forgive you of the accusations you are accusing it of – my friend that is love and what should be flowing through the Vine that you speak of.
Noble, there are over 100 ex-members and I haven’t counted every single comment to see if they all have chimed in but know the majority seem to have done that. What you have to understand, there are many in that group that are still terrified of Howell. Jezebel made Elijah run, as a result of her empty threats, after he defeated over 400 of her prophets (imagine that) – that spirit is dominating in nature and has a tendency of doing that to people who don’t know how weak it really is. They still haven’t figured out how empty his threats really are, so they remain quiet but is just a matter of time. If they disagree and deem this leader you speak of to be spotless while the other 100 or so are wrong, why haven’t they left the group? Furthermore, I am not coming against the Church but a False Prophet who Paul in his day would have called a dog –he has abused God people and it’s not ok!!!! If Paul would had the attitude you recommend, there would be very few epistles in the Bible – he constantly attacked False Teachers and that’s all I will say about that. By the way, I am not sticking up for Wanzo, but for the victims who only wanted to serve God and were abused in the process – I am sticking up for you too rather you know it or not. One day you will know this to be a fact and we will have a Coke and laugh about all of this- by the way, you will see how liberating it really is to be able to fellowship with other saints outside your Church and not be Sat (fired). When I think of the word foolish, Jonathan comes to mind, for he knew Saul was rejected but still followed and lost his life as a result….Food for thought.

I have been reading these posts and the post on sin in american churches.  This makes me sad as an assistant pastor and as a christian.  The things you people are posting on here is downright evil.  I've seen Apostle Howell on the word network and I truly appreciate the word that he puts out there.  

I tried looking him up on the internet after watching Prophetess Williams this last weekend, and this is what I find.  At first I did side with you guys, but the more I read the more it became apparent that you people are being used by the devil.  God has no part in anything that you are saying.  I really want to have compassion with you that say that you have been hurt by this man but the way you go about it leads me to side with Apostle Howell.   Being in a position of leadership in a church I've seen good men lose everything because of what it is you guys are doing here.  Not because of them actually doing what they were accused of doing but because they hurt the people that spread the allegations and went to jail.  

You all are playing a dangerous game, where all parties involved even the accusers can end up losing.  No good will come of this.  You need to stop this, this is not of God.  You don't talk about people's children.  You shouldn't speak about what you had the power to change and did not.  The only person that gave any kind of testimony of the wrong that was done to them was Andrea and the problem with that is this is not the right forum to put that testimony on.  Andrea if you felt you were done wrong then you should have gone to the authorities along time ago.  I have yet to see you say anything that would be incriminating though.  

Noble Son and Lacie Monique whoever they are haven't done or said anything that is attacking you guys.  Some of you started out peacefully but then you side with Wanzo and the people that speak bad about people other than Apostle Howell.  It doesn't look like you only hate Apostle Howell, but it looks like you have a problem with everybody at the church.  If Apostle Howell is indeed doing anything illegal or is what you guys say he is then God will do His part as he always does.  

You guys must understand that it is hard being a shepherd.  We make mistakes but we have to think about the whole not always just a few.  If you feel he hurt you and you are getting healed at another church then maybe you were never meant to be at his church.  But one way or the other you need to stop this.  Not only for the sake of Apostle Howell's congregation and the people who may read this and not understand spirituality and be led astray by your comments, not just from Apostle Howell;s church but from God or the Salvation of Christ in general, but also for your sake's.  You reap what you sow.  You are sowing hatred on here, you are sowing hurt, you are sowing unforgivness.  Just because you say you have forgiven along time ago doesn't mean you have.  I hope for your sake's that you can move on from this.  I pray that you all will understand the errors of your way.  

I didn't come on here to condemn you but to let you know that this is wrong.  I posted this in both areas in case one gets deleted.  

Yes, sin is a very touchy subject in all the churches, and the reason is clearly stated in the bible:  men, love darkness.


Ronald D. Howell Sr, of Life Changers International New Horizons, is a prime example of a man masquerading as a apostle when in reality he is a wolf in sheeps clothing.


Howell is a womanizer.  He sends married women texts messages:  "I Love You."  Howell goes onto women's jobs for lunch dates, and offers them money.  By his own admission Howell buys the ladies gifts and clothing.  Howell is now under investigation for molesting women, and witnesses have come forward.  Howell collects money under false pretenses, and he beats children without the permission of their parents.  Howell is a single man, and says that single people should not allow members of the opposite sex to be in the house after certain hours, yet Howell allows single women, and one married woman to be in his house.  Howell is currently targeting his former wife, and several German women.  He is stalking them on the internet, using another woman to call their homes, and he is posting personal information about his former wife on the www. Howell actively seeks to avoid paying taxes, but he will soon be under another investigation about this matter as well. 


Howell makes his members be at LCI up to six days a week, becasue he does not care about families, and Howell publicly said that he did not want to hear anything about family time.  Howell runs a children's church otherwise known as "Camp Diease."  Howell orders his people to bring their children out to his cult even when they are sick.  Several children, and adults have becames ill as a result of this tactic.  The children's church is ladened with roaches, and other harmful bacteria.


Howell lives in luxury while many of his members live in much lessor conditions.  Howell does not have any outreach ministry, so members must seek help elsewhere.


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